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Published: 29 November 2021 29 November 2021

Bayard Police Department

Friday, Nov. 26

Welfare check
Rosemary Street
Caller from Silver City Care Center advised an 80-year-old male lives across the street from the Food Basket in an abandoned building/he used to be a resident at SCCC but checked himself out against medical advice. Officer advised the male is okay and he will call the care center.

Unwanted subject
Runnels Drive
Advised that a named male is walking around the area and he knows he is not supposed to be in this area.

1001 Central Avenue
Caller advised a female is attempting to stop cars to get a ride. NMSP advised they have the female in investigative detention and will be taking her home.

Sunday, Nov. 28

Domestic disturbance
314 Tom Foy Blvd.
Red older model SUV/advised male and female arguing/can hear female yelling get off. Second caller advised male and female fighting in a white 4dr car. Officer went traffic at 4th and A streets but it was not the car/negative contact.

Cactus Street
Caller advised she was on vacation and she returned and found everything stolen and messed up/$400 was stolen and the alcohol.

Hurley Police Department

Friday, Nov. 26

Lea Drive – 12:35 a.m.
Caller called back advising "he" is yelling and is very upset at her. Caller is crying and saying earlier he put his hands on her. Caller stated she was going to the bathroom/advised she is walking through the house again/advised he gets very upset with her when she walks through the house.

Saturday, Nov. 27

Welfare check
Lea Drive – 1:48 p.m.
Caller advised he keeps yelling in a violent way and she wants officers to force him to go to the hospital to get evaluated.

Sunday, Nov. 28

Cortez Avenue
Caller advised his shop has been broken into and several tools are missing. Frequent patrol was set up for next two weeks.

Santa Clara Police Department

Saturday, Nov. 27

Suspicious vehicle
Bataan Park
Officer advised vehicle locked and secured/going to be on foot.

Weapons fired
Ft Bayard
Advising they heard two shots. Officer advised WCFD can't see vehicles but can hear people talking. Deputy advised in area ATL/in creek area/three vehicles possibly headed in his direction.