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Published: 03 December 2021 03 December 2021

Monday, Nov. 29

Weapons fired
Bonita Avenue
Deputy advised will frequent patrol.

Loud music
Geronimo Street – North Hurley
Deputy advised she would turn it down.

Reckless driver
Snell Middle School – Bayard
Deputy advised vehicle driving recklessly/elderly female/deputy will be following the female home/following female to a Mahoney Street address/female stopped at N. Yucca and Mayo/advised they moved into the Mahoney Street address/they do not know the female.

Game and Fish
Highway 180 @ Madison Street
Motorcycle vs deer/can't tell if deer is dead. Deputy advised will be clear/deer was removed from the roadway.

Stolen motor vehicle
Camino Verde – Arenas Valley
Caller advised that her grey 2013 Ford F150 was taken from her backyard. Caller advised she received a call from the repo company saying they would be arriving shortly to take the pickup but it was gone already. Caller called back advising her husband had the vehicle and the repo company is meeting them at the house.

Domestic disturbance
Meadow Hawk Lane – Arenas Valley
Caller advised his sister was hitting him with her cane last night and broke his glasses. Caller advised she is asleep right now but is worried about the living conditions of the home. Deputy advised units will be clear/everything is okay/male did leave.

Welfare check
2069 Cottage San Road
Caller advised her brother who lives with their mother is verbally abusive toward her/brother turns off her phone and does not let her talk to their family. Deputy advised will be clear/did have contact with female/everything is okay/negative contact with caller.

Highway 180 – Arenas Valley
Caller advised a male and a female are arguing in his backyard. Deputy advised all units clear/possibly coming from a Burnham Street address/will frequent patrol the area.

Tuesday, Nov. 30

Suicide threat
Quail Canyon – Mangas Valley
No narrative.

Royal John Mine Road
Caller advised someone took a check from her mailbox and cashed it.

Suicide threat
Little Walnut and Owens roads
No narrative.

Domestic disturbance
Rustler's Trail – Tyrone
Caller advised her husband is highly intoxicated and became agitated and threw and slammed her around/the argument started because she refused to give him the car keys/he has been drinking since this morning/denied medical advising she was okay/he is just extremely angry.

Escobedo Lane – Arenas Valley
Caller advised she is being harassed by her ex-boyfriend/he is not supposed to have contact with her/he also has their kids and he is not supposed to have them. Deputy advised en route to an address on Sundown Trail to check on the kids.

Reckless driver
Highway 180 – MM 143 (1 mile north of the rest area)
Caller advised a white Ford Focus is unable to maintain lane. Bayard PD officer went traffic with vehicle at Bayard Cemetery/requested ambulance to station/male was spit on the face(?).

Welfare check
Highway 90 – Camino Tolteca
Male in dark hoodie walking in southbound lane. Deputy out with the male who refused a ride back into town.

Wednesday, Dec. 1

Ft Bayard Medical Center
Caller from Ft Bayard Security advised a named male is accusing him of stealing his camera. It seems caller was caught trespassing at the nurse's quarters on Sept, 15, 2021 and deputies transported him to his residence. The next day . . .

Game and Fish
Mountain View Drive
A wild pig is in the yard. No issues.

Unattended death
Stailey Road -- Gila
95-year-old female passed away/she is not breathing/no pulse/that was a few minutes ago/request Baca's Funeral Home to respond.

Lobo Drive -- Cliff
Caller advised a named male is at her house trying to steal her car/they're yelling at each other.

Thursday, Dec, 2

Silver City Golf Course
Advised someone broke into one of the sheds and damaged a cart. Deputy made contact with caller.

Y6 Ranch Road
No narrative.

Filaree Road
Caller advised someone is using her debit card/spent $1,000/they spent in Bayard and Deming/debit card is now closed.

11820 Highway 180 – Arenas Valley
Caller advised that a named male is harassing her and refusing to leave. Caller will not answer any questions/caller and male keep yelling at each other/caller advised the male is upset because caller won't sell him any tobacco/he does not have a valid ID. Phill Evatt was issued an indefinite CTW for Rio de Arenas.

Accident-property damage
11820 E. Highway 180 – 6:49 p.m.
Caller advised she struck a deer back eastbound on Highway 180 and she didn't feel safe pulling over in the dark so she pulled into the Snappy Mart/she possibly hit the deer outside of
Bayard near the cemetery.

Suicide threat
Chalcopyrite Court – Tyrone
No report.

Accident-property damage
Racetrack and Crum roads
Advised it appears someone had a crash/the fencing is down. A named male called back advising he would get the fencing fixed in the morning. Deputy advised he did get the fence up as best as possible/the cows should not get out.