Monday, May 9, 2022

Breaking and entering
1400 N. Hudson Street
Caller advised someone cut a lock last night and got into the business/he has it on video/alarm going off scared them off/nothing was taken.

Unattended death
Sunset Trail – Hachita
Caller advised her 62-year-old son just fainted/doesn't think he is breathing anymore. Hidalgo County advised they might not be able to respond due to only one EMT.

Mountain View Road
Made contact with caller who stated he received harassing messages from his wife's mother while he was in GCDC/she texted "Ha, ha" the day he was arrested/when he got released from GCDC . . .

Domestic disturbance
N. Swan Street – Roadrunner Trailer Park
Caller advised a tenant and her boyfriend are having an altercation/she is telling him she doesn't want him at her place/caller disconnected before getting names. Officers advised clear/altercation was verbal.

N. Juniper Street
Caller advised graffiti is going on in the area/on mailbox, trashcan.

Welfare check
N. Bennett Street
Caller advised two people she doesn't recognize are in her house/when she tries to look at their faces they turn their heads away. Caller called back advising they are back and took many of her items. Officer advised unable to make contact with caller. Caller called back advising two boys just went into her home/she does not know them/they're in her . . .

Accident -property damage
Jose Barrios School – 9:32 p.m.
Gray Dodge was at the air pump and hit a white car that was pulling in/the white car went after the truck/subjects are yelling. Officer on scene.

Accident-property damage
Rosedale Road – 9:32 p.m.
Advised some teenagers wrecked in front of her house/in a white sedan/five teenagers walking away/caller disconnected the line. GCSO deputy advised five males running south on Rosedale Road.

1414 Little Walnut Road
Caller advised someone threw a watermelon at his apartment door/it is possibly subjects who live above.

Tuesday, May 10

Welfare check
Gough Park – 8:24 a.m.
Male advising he is locked in the restrooms/has been there since 4 this morning. Officer advised will be clear/they're working on getting him out.

1506 N. Silver Heights Blvd.
Caller advised a female and a male were caught stealing Orajel/female wearing a black hoodie Officer made contact and issued Christopher Perez and Katrina Laguna/Clinton indefinite CTWs for Family Dollar.

Welfare check
W. 6th Street
Caller from Silver Health Care advised a named male called the clinic very upset and thinks he has overdosed on his meds/he isn't answering the phone now. Officers advised negative contact with male/he left prior to arrival/negative contact at the clinic or GRMC.

610 Silver Heights Blvd.
They have asked a female out front to leave multiple times and she refuses/they don't want a CTW issued. Officer advised they are in contact with a named male and a named female/Tiffany Taylor was issued an indefinite CTW for this property.

Domestic disturbance
N. Huff Street
Caller advised his sister and brother are fighting at his grandmother's home/it is physical at this time/believes his sister is under the influence. Officer advised to send EMS for 27-year-old female/possibly under the influence.

Game and Fish
Highway 90 – Hudson Bridge
Small dead deer in the median. Dead deer guy called and he will pick up. Deer was picked up.

Welfare check
116 S. Bullard Street
Caller advised a resident of his community has been consistently making donations to a named male and a named female for 10 years/his most recent check was returned. The resident last spoke with the male three months ago before the male went on a mission to San Carlos. Phone numbers caller has for the male go to voicemail. Officer advised will be clear/negative contact with anyone.

Lamina Loop
Caller advised a named male was throwing rocks at caller/male is leaving in a green Chevy Impala/he was threatening caller and his family/he has a beef with his family/ a 30-year-old female and a 16-year-old male were struck by rocks.

1313 E. 32nd Street
Caller from GRMC advised a minor tried to kill herself and mother is trying to force her daughter to leave the hospital. Officers on scene/advised the juvenile has been placed on a medical hold/she would not be allowed to leave the hospital until she was seen by a doctor virtually/mother was advised CYFD would be contacted if she attempted to take her daughter from the hospital.

207 S. Bullard Street
Caller advised she lives in an RV at the parking lot of Home Furniture and multiple subjects are outside harassing her.

Wednesday, May 11

Welfare check
315 N. Texas Street
Caller advised he feels really threatened today and thinks someone wants to kill him/caller had no specific names or descriptions. Officer out at apartment complex/units clear/negative contact with caller.

Welfare check
34th Street
Caller advised her grandson was reported as dirty and often left alone/her grandchildren live with their mother and uncle. Officer had contact with caller.

Injuring/tampering with motor vehicle
1414 Little Walnut Road – Silver Cliff Apartments
Caller advised someone scratched her grey Nissan Altima again.

Welfare check
22nd and Cactus streets
Caller from Silver High School advised that bus 7 has been beeping and running for over 10 minutes/the driver is in the bus. Officer advised bus is not running/no driver inside/Montoya Transport stated something shut down on the bus/another bus picked up . . .

Penny Park
Caller from Parks advised of graffiti/would like officer to take pictures.

Unwanted subject
1040 E. Highway 180 – 8:55 a.m.
A male is in the parking lot/line disconnected. Dispatch attempted callback x 3 but no answer. Officer advised male left the property upon request.

Welfare check
1040 E. Highway 180 – 9:20 a.m.
Male lying on the side of the highway near the entrance to Motel 6. Officer advised the male lay down as soon as LE left/everything is okay.

Vicky Place
Caller advised a female neighbor began yelling at caller today/neighbor left in a tan vehicle/she was previously living with caller/caller left her clothes outside and has had problems ever since. Officer advised everything is okay.

Canal Street
Caller advised her 25-year-old son just walked in saying the neighbor just beat him up/son is holding his arm and missing his glasses/no bleeding/says he doesn't need medical attention.

Injuring/tampering with motor vehicle
Silver High School
Walk-in advised her son's vehicle was damaged at school yesterday/school has video and the drawing has been removed. Officer made contact with walk-in.

Welfare check
2 Ridge Road
A male is in the store yelling and screaming, and crying that he lost his brother/he keeps saying his brother is dead/he is highly intoxicated/he has a warrant. Officer advised contact with the male at the gas station.

Unwanted subject
N. Alabama Street
Caller advised a named female just came by in a white pickup with a trailer to take caller's personal items. Officer en route to caller's address/respond to address of female with negative contact/put out ATL for Justine Mendez/if contact is made issue her an indefinite CTW for caller's address.

Welfare check
N. Silver and Maple streets
Caller advised a male is outside crying, asking for money, and saying he is in pain. Officer had negative contact with any subjects in the area.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

N. Hudson Street and E. Broadway
Caller advised a female appears intoxicated and is stumbling around the area. Officers out at the Visitor Center with one female.

206 N. Hudson Street
Caller advised a male wearing a black hoodie stole a pack of cigarettes and left running toward the motorcycle shop. Officers had negative contact with the male.

Welfare check
N. Texas and W. Spring streets
Advised a subject is wrapped in a blue blanket lying down at the intersection. Officer had negative contact with anyone.

N. Texas Street
Caller advised her license plate was stolen/unknown what the numerics were.

Unwanted subject
1508 Silver Heights Blvd.
Advised someone is sleeping outside on the side of the building closest to Power Sports/he has been there for 10 days and wants him removed. Out with a named male/clear/he is packing up his belongings

607 N. Hudson Street
Caller advised homeless people are building fires next to the building/they also tamper with the cameras/has video of a person knocking the camera off.

Unwanted subject
915 Silver Heights Blvd.
Female in a red car got her items and started causing issues with other people in the store/she is refusing to leave. Officer advised female left.

Welfare check
1956 E. Highway 180
Next to Arby's a woman is lying on the ground in the sun/caller advised she is struggling to get up. Officer wants the 56-year-old female checked out medically. Advised her husband is stating she is okay and does not need help. Officer advised female is okay/she is lying on the ground.

Unwanted subject
206 N. Hudson Street
Five subjects asking customers for money/one male has a CTW/wants the rest removed. Caller called back advising a few of the subjects got aggressive with a customer. Officer had contact with two males advising they are taking off.

Walnut Street
Caller advised someone broke into the house/items are missing/they used a crowbar and broke a window/this is his mother's house.

Welfare check
Pine Street
Caller advised a female is walking around with a machete in her hand/seems homeless. Officer advised to clear the call/she is just walking home/she is not brandishing it toward anyone.

Welfare check
Pinos Altos Road and E. 32nd Street
Advised a female is standing in the middle of the road.

Welfare check
N. Silver Street
Caller just got off the phone with the father and he is slurring his words and the 8-month-old child was crying a lot/baby is dirty as well. Mother is trying to get info on the child and he will not provide it. Caller wants a call back. Officer advised child is okay/he is with a named male's mother and father/called number x 3 with negative contact.

Unwanted subject
1313 E. 32nd Street
Caller from GRMC Security advised a female is refusing to leave the ER/she is arguing with staff and now arguing with security/she stated she did not want a rookie cop, she needed an officer to arrest her. Officer issued Rosalie Acosta an indefinite CTW to GRMC unless she is in need of medical assistance.

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