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Published: 13 May 2022 13 May 2022

Bayard Police Department

Monday, May 9

Criminal damage to property
1105 Tom Foy Blvd.
Caller advised damage was done to the front door.

Tuesday, May 10

Welfare check
400 Tom Foy Blvd. – Bayard Snappy
Officer received call of a small girl walking with no shoes with a dog/advised he is in the area/negative contact/instructed to call county to respond. Deputy advised ATL in area/made contact with female at the residence/will be calling CYFD/everything is okay/sister advised she was with her at the store/back out at Lusk Street with CYFD.

Vehicle burglary
Poplar Street
Caller advised signs of forced entry to her vehicle. Caller advised her 9 mm Sig-Sauer P250 semiauto blue steel . . .

Wednesday, May 11

Unwanted subject
Budge Drive – 11:07 a.m.
Caller advised two females are in her vehicle and she does not know who they are/they tried to break in to her vehicle last night but she chased them off/she did tell the females they needed to leave by 11 a.m. because that is the time she needed to leave. Caller advised when she was ready to leave both females asked if they could stay there/caller answered negative but she would give them a ride home. Deputy advised will be clear/females left prior to arrival.

Budge Drive – 9:53 p.m.
Caller advised her boyfriend called her and threatened to kill her and her family. Officer set up frequent patrol for two weeks.

Suspicious vehicle
Budge Drive – 10:47 p.m.
Caller advised she can hear a pickup outside/it is a black Ford pickup. Officer advised everything is okay/residents at a nearby residence are outside working on a vehicle.

Thursday, May 12

Suicide threat
Budge Drive – 2:26 a.m.
Report, no narrative.

Unwanted subject
Bayard Little League
Caller advised a named male juvenile is by the skate park/wants him to leave because he has been causing issues with other children/just last week he pulled a knife out and they made him leave. Officer made contact with the juvie/he was released to his grandmother.

1101 Tom Foy Blvd.
Two heavy-set males/male in a tan SUV left/male in side by side did not leave. Santa Clara PD officer advised had a tan SUV pass him/officer advised has contact with side x side.

Domestic disturbance
Main and Mayo streets
Advised daughter is fighting with someone who is sitting in a black car. Officer advised daughter was outside arguing with the kid's father ref he is taking the child/nothing physical/she said she was going to go to her room and stay there.

Hurley Police Department

Wednesday, May 11

Welfare check
Lea Drive
Caller advised his mother is saying he has to take his meds and he is refusing to take them. He disconnected the line and still refuses to take them. Officer advised units will be clear/male refused to talk to them.

Santa Clara Police Department

Monday, May 9

Domestic disturbance
Ft Bayard Street
Behind the Brown Derby. Officer advised out with a named male/one in unit enroute to near the golf course.

Oak Street
Caller advised her son is threatening to kill her/this happens all the time/she is in her room on oxygen/thinks he is under the influence/she just woke up and he started in on her/she has been sick.

Missing persons
W. Pine Street
Caller advised he lost his daughter/last contact about 20 minutes ago/she was riding a green dirt bike toward Arenas Valley/she is 14-years-old. Caller is currently driving around in a black Chevy truck searching for her.

Domestic disturbance
S. Prescott Street
Deputy arrived at the residence/negative contact with anybody.