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Published: 21 February 2022 21 February 2022

SANTA FE — Senator Crystal Diamond (Doña Ana, Hidalgo, Luna, and Sierra) today released the following statement:

"I want to thank our County Clerks throughout the state for their tireless work on Senate Bill 6. With their leadership, Senate Democrats and Republicans came together to draft meaningful changes to our election code that would have strengthened voter rights and improved election security. Senate Bill 6 passed the Senate on a 39-0 vote—an uncommon result given the magnitude of the issue.

Sadly, a State Senator and a State Representative managed to highjack the process and derail the progress we made. Unlike those of us involved in the preparation of Senate Bill 6, these rogue legislators ignored the will of the County Clerks and did not even bother to consult with them before attempting to logroll a 165-page amendment into an unrelated 2-page bill. The outcome of their reckless actions were the death of the consensus bill, Senate Bill 6, and Senate Bill 144 which would have protected our election workers from unlawful threats. The fault for these failures belongs to those who put ego ahead of collegiality and politics ahead of progress.

When we return to Santa Fe next year, I look forward to picking up where we left off and passing the important election legislation we worked so hard to prepare. Thank you again to our County Clerks for their continued service and leadership in our state."