CARNUEL — The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) is reviewing a Stage 1 Abatement Plan to investigate and define the extent of groundwater contamination caused by a gasoline tanker accident in Carnuel. 

On July 26, 2019, a fuel tanker owned by Acoma Business Enterprises crashed on the shoulder of NM 333 where it passes under I-40 in Carnuel, located in Bernalillo County. The tanker released approximately 7,000 gallons of gasoline and diesel. Emergency spill clean-up operations included excavation of impacted soil. Impacted groundwater was encountered at a depth of approximately 6 feet below ground surface. 

NMED required the Responsible Party (Acoma Business Enterprises) to submit a Stage 1 Abatement Plan to ensure the extent of groundwater contamination is fully defined.  

The Plan summarizes conditions at the site, including site history and previously conducted investigations, and proposes steps to identify the extent of the groundwater contamination. NMED will approve the Stage 1 Abatement Plan or give the Responsible Party a Notification of Deficiency within 60 days. Once the Responsible Party completes the site characterization and NMED approves the Responsible Party’s Final Site Characterization Report, NMED will require a Stage 2 Abatement Plan that outlines strategies to clean up the groundwater contamination.

View the abatement plan at For more information, contact Justin Ball, State Clean-up Program Team Leader, at 505-222-9522 or NMED is providing this notice of receipt of the Stage 1 Abatement Plan pursuant to (A) NMAC of the New Mexico Ground and Surface Water Protection Regulations (20.6.2 NMAC).