Tuesday, Apr. 30

Suspicious vehicle
2501 E. Highway 180
Deputy advised vehicle is leaving the area.

Suspicious vehicle
Arastra Head – Pinos Altos
Deputy had contact advising male was advised when the sun came up, he had to move on.

Cripple Creek Road
Caller advised that her ex-partner was released from jail and his mother keeps calling and harassing her.

North Hurley Road – 9:35 p.m.
Caller advised a named male is drunk or on drugs and yelling outside. He did take off on a 4-wheeler toward Hurley. Deputy had negative contact.

Wednesday, May 1

North Hurley Road – 12:47 a.m.
Caller advised the male across the street is outside causing problems and yelling in the street. Caller complained because he had not seen a response to the first call. Was advised deputies did respond but since caller didn’t want to speak to LE maybe that was the reason they didn’t see a response.

Game and Fish
Tabor Avenue and Lance Drive
Caller advised of an injured deer in the roadway. Deputy advised deer is still alive/will be putting it down.

Domestic disturbance
Top Hill Drive – Hurley
Male just attacked a female in the yard. Attempted to call back but someone picked up and disconnected right away. Deputies on scene.

Unattended death
Highway 15 – Cliff Dwellings
62-year-old female passed away in her sleep/has been ill. OMI requested.

Racetrack Road
No report.

Domestic disturbance
Cerro Street – Hanover
Caller just got into a fight with her boyfriend who has left/refused medical. Deputy had contact advising all verbal/everything is okay.

Welfare check
Burro Springs Road
Caller advised 9 and 10-year-old children are living in an RV with their mother and father, and the RV is filled with dog feces and trash with no working utilities. Deputy had negative contact with anyone at that house.

Thursday, May 2

Accident-property damage
Highway 356 – MM 2
Minivan vs deer/deer is in the roadway.

Welfare check
Ridge Road
Advised that a named male did not show up for work and is not answering his phone. Made contact with male/he overslept and will be calling the school.

Injuring/tampering with motor vehicle
Grant County Airport
Tires have been slashed on the vehicle/owner not present/manager noticed the damage.

Domestic disturbance
Highway 180 @ VFW
Male hitting a female in either a Honda or VW car that turned off onto Fort Bayard. Deputy spoke with race personnel who advised they saw a silver Malibu go through. Deputy went traffic with silver Honda two miles past.

Welfare check
Cochise Circle
Received over 60 phone calls from a named female who is harassing employees.