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These releases come from other sources than the Grant County Beat. This category will include events in and news releases from Grant, Catron, Hidalgo and Luna counties.

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Silver City, in light recent events, wishes to reaffirm this Declaration of Conscience. The Fellowship would like to invite members of the Faith Community to join us in commitment to bringing about a just and compassionate society.

"At this extraordinary time in our nation's history, we are called to affirm our profound commitment to the fundamental principles of justice, equity and compassion, to truth and core values of American society.

In the face of looming threats to immigrants, Muslims, people of color, and the LGBTQ community and the rise of hate speech, harassment and hate crimes, we affirm our belief in the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

In opposition to any steps to undermine the right of every citizen to vote or to turn back advances in access to health care and reproductive rights, we affirm our commitment to justice and compassion in human relations.

And against actions to weaken or eliminate initiatives to address the threat of climate change – actions that would threaten not only our country but the entire planet – we affirm our unyielding commitment to protect the interdependent web of all existence.

We will oppose any and all unjust government actions to deport, register, discriminate, or despoil.

As people of conscience, we declare our commitment to translate our values into action as we stand on the side of love with the most vulnerable among us.

We welcome and invite all to join in this commitment for justice.

The time is now."

Aug 27 at 10 am, 3845 North Swan Street. "The Southwest Festival of the Written Word" - Mary Hotvedt was one of the original organizers of the 2013 festival and is co-chair for the 2017 festival. This year's Festival runs from September 29-October 1, and the theme is "Word Travels Fast." Mary will talk about why there is a literary festival in Silver City; and how they choose the authors and select activities. She will also touch on the role of inclusiveness in the festival organization, both in terms of the presentations, how the festival is put together and what makes the SWFWW unique among literary festivals. This Sunday will also include a Children's Program focusing on the Sixth Principle: Working for a peaceful, fair and free world. Children will also participate in the service rituals, such as ringing the bell to begin and lighting and extinguishing the Chalice. There will be coffee and conversation after the service and visitors are always welcome.

The American Legion Auxiliary Unit 18 meets the second Saturday of every month at 10 a.m. at the American Legion Hall on College Avenue. Veterans and their families are welcome.

Friday, Aug. 18

Unattended death
Homestead Road – Grant County
Caller just found her boyfriend’s 27-year-old son deceased from a drug overdose. Deputy advised to send OMI.

Unwanted subject
Rio de Arenas Road – Arenas Valley
Caller advised that a named male was evicted today by the sheriff’s department, and the male was not home at the time. Deputies advised to call if he shows up and caller advised he is now in the trailer park at his rental space. Deputy spoke to both parties and advised that the male is appealing the eviction so his eviction is not in effect until they come to court on the appeal.

Domestic disturbance
Tabor Drive
Caller advised someone is passing by and flashing their lights/caller then began to yell at someone to leave her house then disconnected the line/no answer upon callback. Deputy with one male en route to a D Street address.

Saturday, Aug. 19

Welfare check
Sunset Trail – Hachita
A female is seeing and hearing things and she is violent and has a history of narcotic use. Deputy made contact with female who advised she is fine and does not want any help.

Domestic disturbance
North Hurley Road
Open 911/female said it will all be broken by the time the cops got there/male and female arguing. Deputies attempting to make contact.

Gladys Place – Lake Roberts
Caller advised her registration has been stolen.

Chalcocite Court -- Tyrone
TV and other items taken.

Weapons fired
N. Swan Street @ water tanks
Caller heard several shots fired. Deputy out at a N. Swan Street address advising there is a range in the backyard and they were sighting in a .22. Caller called back advising they are still doing it and requested a call from the deputy.

Quail Canyon – Mangas Valley
Deputy advised no service.

Welfare check
Filaree Road
Caller advised that he was speaking with his brother last night on the phone and the brother advised he would call back and never did and caller can’t reach him/advised he is 76-years-old and lives alone. Deputy made contact with the brother and advised the subject will be . . .

Welfare check
Cottage San Road
Caller advised a male is throwing things around and yelling, “I will kill you.” Deputy on scene but subjects left prior to arrival.

Sunday, Aug. 20

Driving while intoxicated
Cherry Street – Arenas Valley
Caller advised that her fiance’s cousin just took off from their house and he is intoxicated. Deputy went traffic with vehicle on Hudson Plaza.

Welfare check
Arenas Valley Road
Caller advised she received a call from her 12-year-old son who is scared. Deputy made contact advising there is a valid contract with CYFD/kids are fed and fine/attempted contact with caller – negative.

Weapons fired
Camino Serna
Caller advised a named individual is shooting a weapon and poaching/this has happened before and nothing ever gets done. Deputy spoke with neighbors who advised they heard nothing. Deputy set up frequent patrol between 5 and 8 a.m.

Welfare check
W. Highway 180 @ Mangas Valley
A 91-year-old male who was expecting caller is not answering the door. Caller can hear his phone ring when she calls. Deputy attempted to call/had negative contact.

Welfare check
Arena Road – Cliff
Caller advised a 49-year-old male has been having problems with a neighbor threatening him/male emailed caller Thursday telling him about the issues and caller hasn’t heard from him since.

Friday, Aug. 18

DV order violation
Little Walnut Road
A named female went into his home and stole medical records for their son and did some other things while he was in the ER with his son. Officer made contact and advised it was a civil matter.

E. Pine Street and Kimberly Drive
Caller advised that as she was walking on Pine Street a “creepy” male began following her. Officer made contact with male and issued him a CTW for caller’s address.

Unwanted subject
1040 E. Highway 180
People in Room 238 are refusing to leave/these are the people that police were looking for last night. Officer advised male left prior to arrival.

Walk-in advised he was being threatened on line.

Welfare check
N. Swan Street and Silver Heights Blvd.
Caller advised they are in a blue Isuzu Trooper and a 68-year-old female is threatening to stop eating/they are having issues. Officer made contact and advised the female is having an anxiety attack but is breathing.

Domestic disturbance
N. Bennett Street
Male and female arguing in the roadway. Officers made contact and advised one of the males is going to leave for a little bit.

Injuring/tampering with motor vehicle
Market and Lyon streets
Tire is slashed and he is in a white KIA.

Valley Vista
Caller advised that her neighbor is intoxicated and was getting in her kids faces and threw keys at them. Caller advised that the neighbor left prior to arrival.

Domestic disturbance
Birch Street
Caller advised when she called her friend she could hear a male yelling at her/they have a history of domestics.

Criminal damage to property
W. Market Street
Caller advised that someone tried prying open her door but were not able to get in/this is the third time this has happened.

Welfare check
Bosworth Drive
Caller has called 911 3-4 times stating different things/that people are chasing him and that someone is going to Walmart to shoot it up and rob the cashiers and that he is going to his partner’s house to go and get her. Officer made contact with male near Rough Country.

Unwanted subject
Fry House
Caller advised that a named male is intoxicated, causing problems and they want him issued a CTW. Officer issued male an indefinite CTW for the Fry House and the male left upon request.

Pizza Hut – 9:30 p.m.
Two males were fighting, one of them the manager/a vehicle has left the area.

Pizza Hut – 9:50 p.m.
Caller advised that a named male beat him up/advised that he ran because he was scared/caller wants to pursue charges against the male and his wife.

Saturday, Aug. 19

Leslie Road
Caller requested an officer to go to this address and advise a named male to leave her alone/advised she would stab him if he came near her.

W. 7th Street
Caller advised her wallet was lost or stolen this week and now she has noticed charges on her account.

Criminal trespass warning
1304 N. Bennett Street
A named female tried to break into one of the buildings and was run off by someone/wants the female issued a CTW.

Criminal trespass warning
2441 E. Highway 180
A named male just walked in.

N. Silver Street
Caller advised that while he was sleeping last night a named male from another apartment came in through caller’s unlocked door and urinated all over his couch/they had a dispute earlier last night regarding loud music.

N. Gold Street
Caller advised that four small females are harassing her four-year-old daughter/one of the girls punched her daughter in the face and gave her a bloody nose.

Stolen motor vehicle
2005 E. Highway 180
Caller advised that a named male possibly took his 2000 silver Chevy Metro without permission about 20 minutes ago.

Welfare check
Hugh McKeen Drive
Caller advised that her neighbors are arguing and the female has been screaming for the past three hours/advised LE has been out there several times before. Officer made contact and advised a female has mental issues but is okay at this time/clear.

Loud music
N. Pinos Altos Street
Officer made contact and advised everything is okay/they did turn it down/they were having a birthday party.

Criminal trespass warning
1814 N. Swan Street
Caller advised that a named female is in the store and she’s supposed to have a CTW, Dispatch advised that the female does not have a CTW for that location. Caller advised they want one issued but the female has already left. Officer advised he would ATL.

Sunday, Aug. 20

N. Silver Street
Caller advised she was walking her dog and her neighbor threatened her with a long silver thing/advised there is an ongoing dispute. Officer made contact and issued the neighbor an indefinite CTW for the apartment.

Welfare check
N. Silver Street
Caller advised she received a call from her daughter who advised that a named male was hitting her then disconnected. Officer made contact advising the daughter advised that the phone had been slapped out of her hand to keep it away from the kiddo. Dispatch called caller to confirm and she did/officer advised everything is okay.

Western Hills
Shop was broken into.

Welfare check
1120 E. Highway 180
Caller can hear loud talking and some screaming from the back parking lot. Officer had negative contact with anyone, but the clerk advised everything was okay.

Welfare check
Newsham/Ram Gas Station
Male advised that the kids in the next trailer just threatened him then disconnected. Officer ATL but advised no kids in the area.

418 Silver Heights Blvd.
Caller advised that someone dumped an old TV and an old chair next to his business.

Stolen motor vehicle
Walnut Drive
Caller advised that a named male took her car last night without permission and also took all her money. Caller called back advising her boyfriend just brought the car back and the cash and debit card but does want to talk to an officer.

2501 E. Highway 180
Caller advised that a male left the store with an Xbox controller but wants an officer to ID the male on video.

Welfare check
Virginia Street
Caller advised that a named female left him a message to call her ASAP and now she will not answer the phone. Officer made contact and advised everything is okay with mother and child.

N. Gold Street
Caller advised that the neighbor is harassing her brother and his children/it is an ongoing issue/they throw rocks at the house and are constantly shining flashlights into the residence. Officer set up frequent patrol for the week.

Welfare check
Leslie Road
Caller advised that her best friend texted caller 45 minutes ago asking for caller to come for her but caller hasn’t heard anything from her since. Officer had negative contact.

October 13, 14, 15, 2017
Approximate time: 8:30 – 5:00 with lunch break

Hosted by:
Glen and Valerie Geesaman
52 Cow Trail
Arenas Valley, NM

Would you like your horse to have better manners? Is he disrespectful, pushy, spooky, hard-to-catch, or does he just walk off when you're trying to mount? If you'd like your horse to be easier to handle, responsive, calm, and respectful, then this clinic is for you! A horse with good manners is a safer horse.

Silver City, NM – Tim Armer, Executive Director of the North Central New Mexico Economic Development District and the Non-Metro Area Agency on Aging, a division of the New Mexico Aging & Long-Term Services Department, would like to take the opportunity to recognize Hidalgo Medical Services (HMS) for assuming the operations of the Grant County Senior Program.

The Non-Metro Area Agency on Aging has contracted with HMS for many years to provide senior services in Hidalgo County, and awarded a contract to HMS for senior services in Grant County beginning July 1, 2017. According to Armer, the Non-Metro Area Agency on Aging is confident that HMS will be able to enhance the program in Grant County, but recognizes that it will take time to accomplish the necessary improvements within the budget parameters. Grant County Manager, Charlene Webb, has echoed this same supportive sentiment. Webb stated, "I have full confidence that HMS will perform outstandingly, and will provide an excellent program for the seniors."

Monday, Aug. 14

Swarthmore Drive
Caller advised that their neighbor keeps harassing caller and her family. Officer made contact with caller and neighbor.

Unwanted subject
2370 E. Highway 180
Caller advised that a named female was just fired and is refusing to give the key back. Officer issued the female an indefinite CTW for World Finance.

Live from Silver City

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