Friday, June 28

Welfare check
Mountain View Road
Caller from HMS advised a 71-year-old patient has been calling and asking for meds/patient sounded confused/has dementia/ is not answering upon callback. Deputy advised everything is okay.

Domestic disturbance
Racetrack Road -- Arenas Valley
Caller advised that a named couple in the trailer are arguing with each other.

Criminal damage to property
Santa Rita Shrine
Ramp and handrail were damaged.

Welfare check
11797 E. Highway 180
Subject left carrying a yucca stick/walking east on 180.

Welfare check
Pheasant Drive
Caller advised she returned home and found her mother in the home with a knife in her hand advising she “was ready to kill someone.” Caller advised that her mother is out of the residence in a camping trailer yelling and screaming and is upset.

Saturday, June 29

Suspicious vehicle
Redrock and Mangas Valley roads
Blue Nissan Murano/been there since last night. Deputy had contact with vehicle advising all windows and doors secured/it is not a traffic hazard/everything is okay/clear.

Injuring/tampering with motor vehicle
Mesa Road – Cliff
Advised that the grill of his vehicle has been damaged possibly by some dogs that run lose.

Criminal trespass warning
Racetrack Road – Arenas Valley
Caller advised a named male is back on the scene and should be issued a CTW for the trailer park. Deputy advised negative on the CTW/they are going to evict them/clear.

Sunday, June 30

Coye Drive – Arenas Valley
Caller believes someone has ‘popped’ his door and taken several items from his shop.

Oakwood Avenue
Caller believes her mother was scammed. Her mother advised on the 4th of June, two men entered her home saying they were with a television company. She gave them her bank card and allowed them to take picture of her SS number.

Welfare check
11072 W. Highway 180
Caller hasn’t had contact with a named male in years and if contact is made would like the male to call him. Deputy advised the male is deceased/will contact caller. (Redacted) is Mr. (redacted)’s power of attorney and wants to know what’s going on, he is still alive . . .

Sundown Trail – White Signal
Caller advised he was assaulted by a male who jumped into his vehicle when he showed up to pick up his child/wants a named male issued a CTW/he got upset because of a parenting disagreement.

Weapons fired
Spring Creek Road
Deputy in area/heard something/unknown if it’s a firearm or fireworks/had contact with caller/out at an Ethel address.

Welfare check
Alamo Street and E. Highway 180
Male trying to wave cars down on the eastbound side. Deputy had negative contact.

Unwanted subject
304 Ridge Road
Male being aggressive toward employees/he is upset because they have his vehicle in the yard at Silverback Towing. Deputy has one in investigative detention.

Ellis Road – Arenas Valley
Caller advised that a four-wheeler and some firearms were stolen from this address.