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Published: 03 December 2021 03 December 2021

The inconsistency of what we might call the 'woke' class or the progressives is so easy to see that I just cannot understand why some people still take them seriously. It seems to me that when we were young we were taught to think critically and if someone was a hypocrite in their words and actions, at the very least we learned not to trust them or anything they said. They would also lose the ability to influence people such as a boss who tells you to do one thing but he does another. And so it is with science or at least how these people want to use science.

We are told the science is settled on the efficacy of "vaccines" in the treatment of coronavirus and its several mutations. Natural immunity has no place in the equation and herd immunity is no longer attainable. Despite the science showing that the Omicron mutation is extremely weak when it infects the body, the United States is putting into place travel bans and considering more severe lockdowns.

Our experience with viruses tells us that they must have a host to survive. Thus as they mutate their energy or efforts are geared towards being more transmissible from one host to another. Almost without exception, viruses become weaker as they mutate and do not create as severe of a negative effect upon the human body as its predecessors. But, the politicians, the media, and the prescription drug companies all of whom make money off of creating fear ignore the science.

Contrast that with how the same group of people preach the discussion about biological men and women. for decades we have been told by the women's rights movement that we must recognize women and ensure they have equal opportunity. We were told that women can do things just as well as a man, yet we are never supposed to identify that person as a woman. We can't call someone an actress or a waitress because somehow that denigrates them yet when we look at the makeup of a company's board of directors or executive officers we have to count them as women and men.

These days we are told that we cannot assume someone's gender just by looking at them, even if they are naked. We must wait for that person to tell us how they identify and have apparently created several new genders to give them a wide variety from which to choose. Science tells us that, with some exceptions, that you are born biologically as male or female. Now we can't even allow a doctor or other medical professional who is trained in the sciences, to identify the gender of a newly born child. Even though it's obvious and science says, the same people who tell us not to question science when it comes to treatment of a politically motivated pandemic are telling us that we must ignore science when it comes to gender.

Since we have done that we have seen humans born as biological males begin competing in women's sports. Title nine tells us that we must have equal opportunities for women in the sports arena, so there I guess we follow the science in order to determine whether or not those opportunities for women are equal to that of men. Yet when it comes time to compete on the field, men are allowed to self identify as women and dominate every sport in which they have competed.

Science tells us that physiologically men and women are different. Men are generally bigger, stronger, and faster. Yes there are exceptions but when put on equal footing, whether that be competitors of high school, college, or professional ranks, women cannot compete with men. We have seen some of the best female athletes in history fail to compete with male counterparts that are around the same competitive level. So now young girls and women of all ages are wondering should they even try to compete?

We know the benefits of athletic competition and how it teaches young people to push themselves to be better, teaches them discipline and cooperation, and so many more lessons that will help them succeed in life. Now because we must be considerate of someone else's feelings many of these young girls will refuse to participate because they don't stand a chance of winning. Instead they are likely to be embarrassed but how poorly their performance compares to the male dominating their sport. I understand losing can be a lesson in and of itself but it was always tempered by the idea that if you worked hard, you just might someday beat the best in your sport. Now, it just isn't true.

What is true now is that science doesn't matter unless is can be manipulated to further the goal of the 'woke' political class. And if you provide scientific data and proof that how they are using their science is wrong, you are silenced. It used to be that we were ignored but now we have created a class of brown shirts who will report you to authorities and publicly shame you. These days you could be fired from your job and ostracized by a segment of society. Can camps be far behind?