Undeniably Right

Mike Mustang

I believe what I say and believe I am right. Thus, the title of my column, Undeniably Right. Take it as you will, that I'm a conservative or I have a huge ego and believe I am always correct. Sometimes those things overlap, sometimes not.

Mike Rowse

A little over a year ago I bought a new truck. It's a really nice truck with lots of safety features that I like and a couple that I don't. One of the features will give me a warning if I stray out of my lane. The steering wheel will shake slightly. It's not a bad thing because sometimes you look down or maybe you lose attention and the feature can help you avoid an accident. Recently though, a warning message appeared on the instrument panel. The message said I appeared to be tired and should pull over. There was also a 'picture' of a cup of coffee.

I am still not sure exactly what I did while operating my vehicle that triggered the warning. I may have begun to sway out of the lane but that warning indicator was not activated or maybe I had slowed down then sped up. I'm just not sure. But I read an article recently that causes me great concern about this feature and how it will be used. You should be greatly concerned as well, unless you are a member of the Progressive Brown Shirts that like to control everyone's behavior and report us to authorities when we don't comply with your expectations.Former US Representative Bob Barr has been picking through the infrastructure bill trying to make people aware of how much pork, unrelated regulations, and government overreach is in the bill. One particular provision will require all automobile manufacturers to install a kill switch in every new vehicle they make. On the surface, as with many of these mandates, it might sound like a good idea. Police would have the ability to activate the kill switch causing a vehicle to stop if the officers are in pursuit and the vehicle driver refuses to stop. Especially if it is a high speed pursuit end innocent lives are being threatened. Who doesn't want to protect innocent people from being plowed by a drunk driver or criminal trying to avoid capture?

To hear Joe Biden and Kamala Harris tell the story of January 6th 2021, you would think this nation would be at war today. Comparing it to Pearl Harbor, the Civil War, or September 11th is one of the most asinine things that has ever come out of a politician's mouth. Thousands of people died in those attacks on America. One person died on January 6th and that person was shot by a capital police officer. But there is one fact about what happened on January 6th that should make you question everything about what has happened since.

Before I ask the question I would encourage each of you to do a quick Internet search and watch the videos from the events of that day. You can see the capitol police officers removing the barriers and literally waving people into the capitol building. Cameras inside the capitol captured what looks more like a tour group taking a leisurely walk through the building rather than an insurrection. No one is tearing paintings off the wall or destroying statues. In fact those that made it into the chambers were actually accompanied by capitol police officers who were casually walking with them and talking to them.

I have not done a random thoughts and observations column for a long time. It's about time we did one again don't you think?

It's interesting that we are starting to see more media outlets publish information that goes against the COVID-19 narrative being pushed by Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden, and big pharmaceutical. Forgive me if I repeat myself, but I don't believe it's because they have suddenly become aware that the entire pandemic has been a scam with the dual purpose of making money for big pharmaceutical and their political friends, along with increasing the power and control of the political elite over the citizens of this country. The change is because they have seen that the masses are becoming restless. They see a storm on the horizon that could bring sweeping change to Congress in the midterm elections. I'm sure their hope is that they can salvage some of the results of their efforts.

All these years I thought Bill Clinton was talking about Monica when he said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” I have now come to the realization that he was actually talking about Hillary. I for one believe him.

Merry Christmas to all!

Not much else to say but ask you to contemplate the meaning of the season.

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