Silver City Golf Course Pod Cast

This is written to corrtect some of the facts given in the Silver City Golf Course pod cast.

The speaker says that no funds from WNMU were spent on the golf course when in fact $166,000 of University funds were expended on the course, not to mention support for the University such as accuonting, pay roll , human resourses, liability insurance ect.

Also, the speaker only spoke about the golf course when in fact the bar and grill and pro shop take in more money than the golfing operations. He didn't speak to why the Town should subsidize a bar and grill, when there are plenty of food and drink places in Silver City trying to make a living.

I don't really care if the Town wants to run the golf course but the costs should be transparent. When the Univeraity took over the course i spoke to a number of people that said that the Town is now rid of that white elephant. Little did they know that there was a non public, some might say secret, agreement between the Town, County and the University for the Town and County to subsidize the operating costs of the golf course. The Town administration needs to make the next agreement to operate the golf course public so that the tax payers can have some input.

Whoever operates the golf course the course is going to lose at least $200,000 a year.

Alfred Milligan
Silver City NM