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Silver City will vote on a Cannabis Ordinance likely on Sept 28 with very little public input. I am very concerned about making all smoking on streets, sidewalks, or alleys illegal. Firstly, there is no way to enforce public consumption of edibles or other forms in public places so these rules cannot restrict the consumption of THC which belies the statement that this is to control an "intoxicant." There have been medicinal users walking around our streets for a few years now without any issues.

This ordinance creates a need for a specific location for smoking, but adding such a building requirement creates many other difficulties. Who owns it and the land it sits on, who maintains it, where will it be located, will it sell food and drinks, will it sell product, and if not, who will monitor the safety of those inside? Am I to leave the restaurant and drive across town to inhale a few puffs to control nausea? I would not likely drive back to that restaurant so this ordinance will also dampen other businesses. I can foresee a potential for Marijuana Café businesses, but not as the only location to smoke other than just stay home.

Grant County Cattle Growers President's Message:

I want to thank all our producers, sponsors, agencies, groups, and supporters for attending our barbecue and meeting at the NAN Ranch on August 14, 2021. A special thanks to our board members, what a team effort of going above and beyond to get the job done. Thank you to the Silver City FFA for helping at the event, we appreciate what these young men and woman do for our community.

We had an attendance of over 200 members, sponsors, groups, and supporters. Grant County Cattle Growers would like to thank the following sponsors: NAN Ranch, Split Ranch Resources, Hargrove Insurance, Zoetis/Arenas Valley Animal Clinic, Freeport McMoRan, Frost Forged, DK Guns, Old Fashioned Meats, Morrow Ranch, Ace Hardware, Q's Catering Service, 5R Travel Center, not to mention all the other sponsors and supporters. We raised $4010 on our donated auction items and sold 75 raffle tickets. We supported Silver City FFA by auctioning off benches and tables made by the FFA kids. They raised $700 on their auction items.

Dear Editor:

It has been less than a week since we (Think New Mexico) called out Walmart for continuing to tax the sale of delivered groceries after our reform law took effect repealing that tax, and Walmart has apologized and committed to stop taxing delivered food - as well as to work on reimbursing customers for the food tax they paid.

We wish we got results on all of our initiatives this quickly!

Here is an excerpt from the Las Cruces Sun News article describing Walmart's change of heart:

"William Turner, a Las Cruces resident, noticed a $6.50 tax on his $96.30 Walmart order receipt on July 14 [two weeks after a new law took effect that included delivered groceries in New Mexico's food tax exemption]. A woman in Rio Rancho found a tax on her order that same week. Turner said he had been following Think New Mexico's push for the bill, which partly made him realize the continued tax in the first place.

A Walmart spokesperson gave a statement to the Sun-News about the tax.

Dear Editor:

The Fish and Wildlife Service has placed two adult wolves with their six pups in a holding pen in Seco Canyon on the Ladder Ranch. The gates will be opened in just a few days and the wolves will be free to roam. The male M1693 is responsible for at least seven confirmed kills on livestock near Rainey Mesa in Catron County. The female F1728 was with the male on three of those confirmed kills. Additionally, the male was involved in an aggressive behavior incident with a ranch hand in Catron County. This pair is the definition of "problem wolves" that should never be released anywhere, anytime.

There is a permanent residence near the ghost town of Hermosa, only four miles from the release site. The nearest cattle are on the Gila National Forest in steep, remote pastures only five miles away, and several more livestock operations north of Hillsboro, New Mexico are within ten miles of the release site. This action was done without proper notice, without a NEPA analysis and without the public's ability to properly analyze and comment to FWS. These are problem wolves and their release is irresponsible on the part of the federal government.

Supporting Clean Water, Economic Prosperity, and the Navigable Waters Protection Rule.

Letter to editor:

Dear Editor,

I really had to do a double take when I saw the March 18 Editorial "The Mythology of Global Warming: Climate Change Fiction vs. Scientific" It really was a current article of March 18 of this year of 2021! Still! I thought the petro industry created "debate" about it was over about a few hundred catastrophic events ago (and counting). While true scientists agree that these events did not necessarily happen because of Climate Change, the severity and frequency of them is highly, highly, probable and likely.

Somewhere around 98% of all climate scientists agree that human induced climate change is real and, yes, an existential threat to life on this big sphere we live on. There are a handful of other "scientists" who claim it isn't real. My question to those who still question the science is: "suppose you start having chest pains and shortness of breath, would you take the word of a few proctologists or dermatologists, or would you take the word of heart specialists that your condition is something to be concerned about?"

B: Judge Erin B. O'Connell and Ernestina R. Cruz, Esq.

Dear Editor,

We have heard time and again about the damaging impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for those in our state already experiencing inequities and other challenging circumstances. Devastating in normal times, domestic violence is increasing and resources that help people experiencing domestic violence are of particular importance as the pandemic surges.

That's where civil legal services comes in. People experiencing domestic violence can seek restraining orders through the civil justice system. But, unlike a criminal case, nobody is guaranteed legal representation in civil cases. Civil legal service providers can help people experiencing domestic violence navigate the court system, apply for a family violence protection order in civil court, and create a COVID-safe plan for supervised visits with children.

We have heard from nonprofit civil legal service providers that the pandemic is making it harder on people who may be isolated with an abuser.

Dear Editor:

I am told that people are being notified that they must get to the vaccination site within 30 minutes of receiving a phone call. What about those of us who live “out a ways.” It takes me 30 minutes just to get to Hwy. 61, then another 30 or more to get to Silver. On top of that my phone reception is spotty.

Am I to be denied my turn at getting vaccinated because of where I live? Would someone like to offer me a way to deal with this problem?

For myself I am grateful to be forewarned. For those who made the policy; they need to take another look at that requirement.

Dawn Gray
Grant County, NM

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