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Letter to the editor – 11/26/21

In a letter to the editor yesterday, I highlighted part of an 11/24 article in The Daily Press that warned of a city crackdown on those not wearing masks indoors at public places. These "scofflaws" would be offered masks, given warnings, and then fined $50 for the next offense, $100 for the one after that, and sent to reeducation centers for a third offense. (Just kidding. Third offenders get another $100 fine. That's only because the reeducation centers have not been built yet. Yet.)

In yesterday's letter I linked to a report that while masks in general were of little use, the most effective were the n95 type. For you scofflaws out there who might be approached by a law officer with a mask to give you, here is a link to what the n95 looks like. Should the officer try to give you anything else, tell him or her to stop wasting your time. (That may cost you $50, but it's for your own good. Right.)


There was an article in the Daily Press that people should read and react to: - Silver City will shift to state election law (11/24/21 Daily Press)

Buried at the end of the article was a new city threat to maskless “scofflaws.”. I’ve provided a link to a comprehensive study that questions the effectiveness of masks. The N95 type mask is a good one, but the Gods at CDC have decreed it be saved for healthcare workers. Even those masks are not perfect, but certainly better than the near-useless cloth masks, as per this study: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25903751/ Unless the city is passing out the type of masks used by healthcare workers, such as the N95, they are just wasting everybody’s time.

Peter Burrows, Silver City

From the article:
While new reported COVID-19 infections appear to be slowing slightly in Silver City over the past week, according to the New Mexico Department of Health, the spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus prompted Aiman-Smith to ask Brown about enforcement of the town’s mask mandate.

“We’re asking that everyone follow the requirements of the state mandates, and officers are starting to hand out masks again, asking people to follow the mask mandate,” Brown said, adding that businesses should call 575-388-8840, the Police Department’s non-emergency number, to report mask scofflaws. “We will respond to any business that requests that we remove individuals who are not following the mandate.”

Secretary Granholm’s Newly Surfaced, Anti-Gasoline Singing Video is Tone Deaf 

Washington, D.C. - Today, Larry Behrens, Communications Director for Power The Future issued the following statement in response to reports that Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm participated and sang in a newly surfaced anti-gasoline video in 2018:

“It turns out when someone tells you who they are, you should believe them. Record high gas prices may be a laughing matter or the subject of a bizarre music video for Secretary Granholm, but it’s the source of unending stress for middle-class Americans whose budgets are already stretched thin this holiday season due to staggering levels of inflation. Our families are suffering under massive price increases and they deserve real leadership, but it looks like Secretary Granholm is singing a very different tune.” 

Power The Future first highlighted Granholm’s extremism last January.

Dear Editor:

The big, beautiful border wall comes to an end approximately 32 miles west of Columbus, New Mexico.

end of border wall

In the past eight weeks I have been on 3 separate scenes to recover the body of an illegal alien. If they had stayed home or had come through a port of entry, they would most likely still be alive. The desert is rugged, unforgiving and there are consequences if one is not prepared.

We hear reports of night flights releasing hundreds of illegal aliens into the United States. Fake news? I think not.

Release all these illegal aliens into Washington D.C. where the law makers live, and work. All of them. Not in the Flyover Zone, red states, etc. The Biden Administration invited them in so let the illegals live with those who invited them, eat with them, sleep with them. Maybe then the politicians will wake up and revise the immigration laws.

Letter to the Editor:

Saw your Sunday, Nov. 7 article on the program sponsored by WILL and the Silver City Museum in reference to Fort Bayard. It was newsy and well done. Unfortunately, the speakers, including the president of the FBHPS, Doug Dinwiddie in his historical summary, neglected to mention an important role the fort played in the 1940s.

From March 9, 1945 until March 31, 1946, Fort Bayard housed about 100 WWII German prisoners of war brought from the larger POW camp at Lordsburg. These men helped maintain the residential grounds and the cemetery and assisted in the hospital. The prisoners were housed in an old three-story structure used earlier as triage and an infirmary. The concrete foundation of this building is located about one-quarter mile north of the theater and about 300 yards southeast of the large water tower.

My book, titled "World War II Prisoner of War Camps in Southwest New Mexico," the people at HistoriCorps and FBHPS may want to look at as they deliberate on the future of the old fort.

Roger Lanse
Grant County

Dear Editor:

I'm sounding the alarm about the massive $1.75 trillion budget bill that Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden are about to drop on the American people.

This week, I was proud to stand with my colleagues Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) and Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) to expose how this Leftist legislation would impoverish Americans. Click here to watch our video!

The past few weeks of Washington Democrat infighting might have been amusing for regular Americans to watch, but they were really arguing about one thing: whether this legislation would be terrible, or disastrous. Either way, our families lose.

Here are some of the worst provisions in the budget. Even a few years ago, any of these proposals would have been laughed out of Congress--a sign of how EXTREME Washington liberals have become:

screen shot 2021 11 01 at 5.57.28 pmNovember 1, 2021

Crisis in Healthcare

Prior to COVID-19 there was a nationwide shortage of healthcare workers. Hospitals looked at multiple ways to recruit and retain quality staff. In February/March of 2020 we were hit with a Global Pandemic. More was demanded from every Hospital employee. At Gila Regional Medical Center (GRMC) our staff stepped up, they worked tirelessly, extra hours, extra days, longer shifts, more patients, with sicker patients. Yet day after day they showed up and provided outstanding care. Housekeeping had to sanitize rooms, Nutrition Services had to make more meals, Administration had to deal with financial shortfalls, yet everyone kept showing up.

Now 20 months into the pandemic and continuing healthcare provider shortages, we at GRMC made the difficult decision to temporarily close our Intensive Care Unit (ICU). We simply do not have enough skilled manpower to staff it in a safe and effective manner.

We have sicker patients on the medical floor, a significant increase in Emergency Department visits and this has required movement of staff to cover these critical needs.
We at Gila have not been immune to the nationwide healthcare crisis of skilled worker shortages. Long hours, personal risk, COVID fatigue/mental health issues and national vaccine mandates have all contributed to this.

We have been waiting for our beloved bingo games...great snack bar...and most of all—seeing our friends—to be started up again at the Roundup Lodge in Mimbres.

It is my understanding by word of mouth that Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham's state gaming commission has told locals that they must be licensed to hold bingo and may not open a snack bar.

How is this (one of the FEW things for community) being under state rule supposed to keep from closing its doors permanently? Volunteers have spent hours remodeling and upgrading an old and beloved meeting spot!

Diana Bringhurst of Mimbres Valley

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