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Letter to editor on leniency for felons in possesion of firearms

Dear Editor:

A man was arrested in Bayard last week for being a felon in possession of a firearm and assaulting a household member. He was released the next day by a local judge under a $5,500 unsecured bond, which means, essentially, he was released on his own recognizance promising to appear for his scheduled court appearance or be liable to whoever provided the bond the $5,500. Unfortunately, there are plenty of scofflaws out there who have warrants issued for failure to appear.

It is contrary to New Mexico law for a felon to be in possession of a firearm unless 10 years have passed since his previous felony conviction. Also, if this is his first possession conviction, the penalty is less severe than if there are prior possession convictions.

Federal law is not so forgiving. For a first offense, a felon convicted of possession is subject to a maximum of 10 years in prison.

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Letter to Editor on decision made in Otero County

Thank You!

Good morning. My family and I and numerous of our friends reside not in Otero County, but in Grant, and nevertheless wish to express our gratitude for your recent unanimous vote regarding the restoration and maintenance of election integrity in New Mexico, which included the following terms.

1. Approval of hand count of all votes cast after the June 7th Primary
2. Approval of removal of all mail-in drop boxes
3. Approved the removal of all voting machines, including Dominion

NO person of any political persuasion can have an honest reason to fear such a policy or the resulting demonstrably clean outcome. More to the point, anyone stating and advocating otherwise is either dishonest or has been misled, perhaps willingly so.

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RE: Michael Sauber's 6/7 Letter to the editor

I agree with Mike that blaming President Biden for high gas prices is wrong. It's a cheap shot. I also think massive subsidies to the oil and gas industry should have been stopped years ago.

I'm not familiar with exactly what those subsidies consist of, but if Mike would outline them in a petition to our Senators and Representatives, I would be happy to sign it. Since four of the five are Democrats, and since both houses are controlled by Democrats, a bill ending O&G subsidies could be on President Biden's desk before the midterm elections.

Peter Burrows

Silver City

Letter to editor referencing editorial

RE: editorial by Power the Future - "Biden again uses Defense production Act to help failed energy agenda"

While I'm not necessarily a great supporter of Pres. Biden, I do believe in honesty and facts. Blaming Biden for the high gas prices is so "pot calling the kettle black". Trying to mis-inform and divide the public over high gas prices is the precise job of Power the Future. Looking at the big picture, we are still subsidizing the oil and gas industry as our planet continues to wreak havoc from the use of their product. I was under the impression that subsidies were to help promising beneficial fledgling industries get a foot in the marketplace, but here we have the Oil and Gas Industry still getting massive subsidies 100 years after their entry and takeover of the marketplace (and our Government!). Still not satisfied with huge profits, they raise the price of gas because the public has no option, and then they still end up complaining and blaming someone else. Is there no limit to the greed?

Michael Sauber

Silver City

Letter on delay of flag raising ceremony for Buffalo Soldier Memorial

Fellow veterans and supporters:

The June 14th flag raising ceremony for the Buffalo Soldier Memorial is "delayed" because of the Black Fire. 

Last night the fire swept over the memorial. Thankfully and to the credit of all our efforts to preserve the memorial; the cement and rock ground barrier, along with the clearing of high grass and debris which we cleared in February and April may be the saving grace for the memorial. Also because it is in a 100 x 200 yard grassy flat field with no trees or debris, it should likely be able to escape destruction by fire. The status can not be evaluated until the fire and danger is mitigated by rain or the USFS; making it open and safe to hike in from the Cave Creek 307 and Animas River 114 trails. The US Army Blackhawk request is also "on hold" to be revisited at a future date. I will keep you all posted as soon as I know them. In the meantime, please know that I am very appreciative of your voluntary support for this project, and we will soon have a beautiful flag raising ceremony for the Memorial and our honorable Buffalo Soldiers. It will be lit with a powerful solar light and also have four stainless steel engraved placards, telling all who helped make this project happen.

Please share this information with others who you may know who would be interested in learning about or supporting the preservation of this significant cultural and historical site located on 40 deeded homestead acres within our beautiful remote Aldo Leopold Wilderness and Gila National Forest.

David L. Morrison
MCBSMR Project Manager
Commander, Post 18 American Legion

Regarding Grant County Resolution 22-19, Vacation and abandonment of a portion of Bald Knoll Road

I strongly support Grant County maintaining public access to use Bald Knoll Road. When contacted by Grant County about the proposed abandonment, The Bureau of Land Management responded that closing the road would deny access to public land managed by the BLM and the state. Specifically, the BLM pointed out that Bald Knoll Road provides access to approximately 5,000 acres of public land.

This is true.

A look at public maps showing land ownership and management boundaries also plainly shows one 40-acre parcel of BLM public land along the western section of the proposed 4-1/2 mile abandonment that is only legally accessible via Bald Knoll Road.

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Letter to Editor regrind firearms

Regarding the latest (as of 9:55 pm on 5/26/2022) mass murder of children and teachers at the grade school in Uvalde TX, a few questions came to mind that I don't have answers to.

When various gun restricting legislation comes up, it is often opposed by law enforcement agencies and individuals within the agencies. In this mass shooting as in a handful of others, the shooter has an automatic weapon with a large magazine and is wearing armored clothing, whereas the officer(s) on hand have inferior weaponry and are afraid to confront the perpetrator for fear of being outgunned. Those that do confront often lose their lives. It would seem logical to me that law enforcement would not want any individual who is committing a crime to have higher weaponry than the officer on the scene. I don't understand the reasoning (unless those in charge are "owned" by the NRA and told what to say).

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Registered Democrat concerned about word DINO

Letter to the Editor,

I recently saw a posting to the Editor on the Silver City Daily Press from the Committee to un-elect Sheriff Frank Gomez and all "DINO."  At first I was unsure of what "DINO" meant, so I started asking around. I was finally informed that "DINO" meant "Democrat in name only." The more I thought about it the more it bothered me.

I am a registered Democrat. I thought about my personal beliefs, morals, opinions and how I obtained them. Well, I obtained them from my parents, grandparents, extended family, religion, United States Constitution, history, verbal debate and real life experiences over the course of my life, same as I figure for everyone else.

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