Working in and around the State of New Mexico, it seems to me, The State doesn’t want you to apply for any positions.

Go to the New Mexico State website and look under employment, and all you find are links to private employment agencies, and that is total nonsense. The State of New Mexico needs to have more Transparency when it comes to jobs.

They need to be putting out a weekly newsletter on the front of the New Mexico State website page, stating how many positions within the state are currently available, feedback, and easy button for jobs on the front of the State Website.

Politicians know all about easy buttons.

They all have them on their campaign websites but it says “Donate” on their websites.

I encourage everyone write Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and ask her to put an easy button for jobs on the front of the New Mexico website and also we want to be able to walk in and fill out an application “in person” with the State, and actually have human contact, and talk to at least one human while doing so.

They call this place the Land of Enchainment but it’s more like the land of No Opportunities when it comes to applying for jobs, and when applying online (not in person) just makes the process even shadier. And you don’t even know if anyone has seen your application, and if something went wrong with your application they don’t inform you. You would think that in a State that Jobs are one of the most major issues, this process would be streamlined, and my guess is they don’t want it to be.

Also, I think its ridiculous that in the State of New Mexico, when applying for a job they tell you, “They don’t discriminate” but at the same time, same questionnaire, and asking if you're Hispanic, Latino, White, Male, Female, if you have any disabilities?

And not one person bats an eye, and these are democrats that put these websites together.

Democrats claim to be about equal opportunity and transparency but current leadership doesn’t reflect that.

The State bends over backward for the movie industry, an industry that relies on New Mexico taxpayer dollars and an Industry that hires mostly out of state people.

Most people working on the movie sets have moved here for the film jobs. There are videos online where the state has partnered up with big studios promoting New Mexico to Californian film workers, so they can move here to work and take our jobs.

(Albuquerque: The unknown, youtube) not only is that undermining the New Mexico work force but also the unions and misleading the public.

About the only thing the films do for New Mexico is tourism, kind of, because I’m not sure if Breaking Bad has really helped Albuquerque with its image , but I'll go on a limb and say it has.

But other then tourism, what? The candy lady, she couldn’t even pay her rent at the peak of Breaking Bad, but I digress.


I hope you all reading this hold leadership accountable for easy buttons for jobs, not just donations!

Thank you y Muchas Gracias,
Phill Maestas
Monticello, NM