The proposed Face Covering Ordinance is totally unnecessary and very demeaning to the people of the Town of Silver City. It is unnecessary because people are already wearing masks. Wherever I go in the Town, people are wearing masks -- I see them downtown, in Albertsons. in Wal -Mart, in private businesses and government offices. Businesses are requiring that masks be worn on their premises. Employers are having their employees wear masks. Government employees are wearing them in their offices. Why over regulate people and threaten them with punishment when they are already voluntarily self-regulating? It demeans and belittles people. The Governor has made mandates regarding wearing face coverings and it is enough that the Town has endorsed those mandates. Shouldn't the Town be commending the people of the Town and Grant County for what they are doing? I unequivocally oppose this proposal.
Thank you,
Barbara Saxton
Silver City, NM