Photos by Sandra Michaud

The Mimbres Regional Arts Council’s Youth Mural Program and Western New Mexico University unveiled a new endangered species mural on Friday, July 19, 2019.

The 75-foot long and 50-foot high mural on Barnard Hall featured five Gila Wilderness endangered species: the Mexican Gray Wolf, Mexican Spotted Owl, Gila Trout, Gila Mayfly and Narrow-headed Garter Snake.

The mural was designed by the campers from the arts council’s Youth Mural Program and interns. It was facilitated by artists Roger Peet, coordinator of the Endangered Species Mural Project, along with Alison Phillips and Diana Ingalls Leyba. Patrice Mutchnick from Heart of the Gila provided activities focused on endangered species education during the Mural Camp.

Friends and family of the young mural campers gathered to admire their work, and the young campers showed them their knowledge of the endangered species with a series of short presentations.

The hilltop mural is easily visible from the surrounding areas.

The participants in the Youth Mural Camp were: Campers: Abbi Bratcher, Adelina Castillo, Aiden Vannatter-Martin, Anabella Lopez, Alex Buchanan, Asa Wecks, Chayson Kapple, Elijah White, Ella Jameson, Isabella Teran, Jace Eagle, Jadie Apolinario, Julian Sanchez, Keeley Rooney, Krystine Ortiz, Kynsten Kapple, Kyuss Hogan, Natalia Teran, Nicholas Eytalis, Preston Dilley, Ryanne White, Samantha Armstrong, Samera Castillo and Zeyah Pearson.

Apprentice Interns: Axan Sanchez, Bethany Jabs, Jasper Eyrich-Bingh, Kayhine Harper, Noah Bratcher, Phoenix Hogan, Rio Fischer, Willow Hood,

Interns: Abel Lazzell, Amelia Ellis, Ava Bjornstad, Carlos Arias, Iris Johnson, Kaya Thompson, Marisa Holguin, Teja Clark, Tess Sherman.