By Lorie Hildebrand

The regular monthly meeting of the Santa Clara Trustees took place Thursday evening at Santa Clara City Hall. All but one Trustee were present.

Mayor's Report: The new bucket truck has arrived. It is certified as safe and is in really good shape. Was picked up in Phoenix on Monday. SPIN sent handout information for Village Trustees to look over. They are interested in property in Santa Clara for their business. New street addressing will begin by the end of the year. November’s agenda will have a Fort Bayard Lease Signing on it.

Department Reports: Police Dept. had 90 captured calls, 24 Citations and 7 arrests for September.

Maintenance had 22 work orders for the month and fixed several leaks around the village.

Resolution 2019-28 Approving the form of amended and restated joint powers agreement by and between Grant County, the Town of Silver City, the Town of Hurley, the Village of Santa Clara, and the City of Bayard relating to the Southwest Solid Waste Authority authorizing the Village of Santa Clara to join a loan agreement by and between SWSWA and the New Mexico Finance Authority with respect to specific covenants ratifying actions heretofore taken, repealing all actins inconsistent with this resolution and authorizing the taking of other actions in connection with the execution and delivery of the amended and restated joint powers agreement and the loan agreement, was approved.

Resolution 2019-32 Participation in local government road fund program and request for time extension administered by New Mexico Department of Transportation. Chip seal is delayed by project supervisor until next May. Approved.

Next Meeting Thursday Oct. 24, 2019 6 p.m.