Help today by making a comment so she can preserve part of her district

By Frost McGahey

For an independent, non-partisan redistricting committee, the Citizen Redistricting Committee results are more like a tutorial for Gerrymandering. Gone completely is Representative Rebecca Dow from Grant County while adding more urban areas to her district.

Below is Rebecca Dow's to response to the hatchet job their doing to her district:

"I'm disappointed to hear that an out-of-state special interest group paid people to testify during redistricting hearings. It is critical that southern New Mexico's voice be protected. We are the producers of affordable high-quality food. We are the producers of over half the state's budget through extraction industries. Absorbing us into the metropolitan area of Albuquerque will only take our representative voice away. That seems to be exactly what speaker Brian Egolf wants to do and intends to do. Shame on him!"

Dow urges people to go today to in support of Map B, which is one of the only three alternatives available. Dow has chosen this Map as the lesser of three evils. This is the last day for public comment.

Go to – then go to Map Concepts
On the Left hand side – click on House District Map Concepts
Go to House District Concept B
Under Submit a written comment – click the link below.

Dow urges you to support Concept B. The other concepts draw in too much urban population to her rural area.

The CRC is going to make a committee vote tomorrow, October 15, to adopt a final set of maps to recommend to the New Mexico Legislature. Legislators still have final authority over the redistricting process, which occurs every 10 years, following the completion of the U.S. Census.