Permaculture Silver City - Monthly meeting. May 18, 2019 (3rd Saturday of every month) 1pm - 4pm. Silver City Visitor's Center Conference Room 201 N Hudson St. Silver City, NM 88061. 

Plant of the Month: Pecan - Please share your knowledge, experiences, and ideas about this plant. Discussion Topic: Local sources of nuts for eating - pecan, walnut, almond, pinon, acorn, etc that we can grow & harvest locally Busy-Bee Work Party: Gough Park Orchard Tending Day. Note: We'll have a short meeting at the Visitor's Center from 1pm - 2pm and then head over to the community orchard across the parking lot from Gough Park and behind the Non-Profit Center to participate in the orchard tending from 2-4pm. We are repeating POTM and Discussion Topic from last month because so many of our members were busy participating in various booths at Earth Day.