Quemado, NM, May 20, 2019—For Immediate Release. The Gila National Forest, Quemado Ranger District, in partnership with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, under direction of Dr. Steve Nash, is currently excavating a possible Great Kiva in the Toriette Lakes region. Ground penetrating radar and magnetometry studies are also being conducted. A systematic appraisal of this structure, in conjunction with previously excavated structures in the region, will enhance our understanding of their function and why the site aids in the development of social cohesion.

On May 25, 2019 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm all ages are invited to a public visitation day of the partial excavation. Dr. Steve Nash and Zuni Tribal leaders will host the tour of the archaeological site. To reach the site, travel NE on Highway 12 from Reserve for approximately 5 miles. Turn left on County Road 49 and travel approximately 10 miles northwest. The site is located on the right side of County Road 49 and parking will be available. If rain is heavy the visitation day will be cancelled. 

For more information regarding this project please contact North Zone Archaeologist Colleen Nicholas, Reserve Ranger District, at 575-533-6231 or at colleen.nicholas@usda.gov.  

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