September 8 at 10:00 am, 3845 North Swan Street -  “Embers and Their Effects on Homes During a Wildfire”

Ellen Smith Brown, a Fire Prevention, Education and Mitigation Coordinator for the Gila National Forest, will focus on risk mitigation, public education and fire-wise assessment. We’ll learn what steps we each can take to reduce fire danger where we live.

Ellen Smith Brown has had 28 years of wild land fire experience on 12 National Forests and Parks, is a Qualified Fire Burn Boss, Engine Captain, and Incident Commander Type 4.

This is a Family Program Sunday and The UU Children's Program for today will be “Making a Difference.” This session will introduce the concept of responsibility. It reinforces the Seventh UU Principle, respect for the interdependent web of all existence, by demonstrating the idea that our action or lack of action makes a difference in the world. Chelle Chase, Family Program Director, said, “We will discuss how we would change the world if we could wave our magic wands (and each child will receive his own magic wand to keep). Then we’ll talk about what would really need to happen for each of the changes to take place.”

There will be coffee and conversation after the service, and visitors are always welcome.

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