Friday, Aug. 30

Suspicious vehicle
2289 Superior
Deputy advised that the vehicle appears to have broken down/will check on it later.

Domestic disturbance
Village Road
Advised that a named male Sr. is arguing with a named male Jr. and then a female got on the phone and advised it was an error and hung up/it was a family feud and officers didn’t need to respond. Deputies advised units clear/all verbal.

Welfare check
Box Canyon Road – Gila
Deputy advised clear/grandma is okay.

Welfare check
Kirkland Road – Arenas Valley
Caller advised patient is depressed/could be suicidal/caller cannot contact. Deputy had contact advising subject will call back if he needs assistance/okay at this time.

Domestic disturbance
Iglesia Street – Fierro
Caller advised a named male is breaking windows and things at their residence. Caller advising male did leave and is now down the street/he wants a deputy to remove the male from the residence.

Suspicious vehicle
Grand Mesa Drive
Caller called back advising the vehicle in his driveway is okay to be there.

Saturday, Aug. 31

Accident-property damage
Highway 90 – MM 36
Vehicle vs deer. Minor front-end damage/radiator leaking/send wrecker at owner’s request/one female in unit en route to the mine.

Welfare check
N. Swan Street
Caller advised he found his neighbor’s dog running around outside which is unusual/she is not answering her door or phone.

Pheasant Drive
Caller advised that someone is messing with her phone and harassing her. Deputy had contact with caller.

Unwanted subject
Rio de Arenas Trailer Park – E. Highway 180 – 6:15 p.m.
A named male won’t leave/intoxicated. Deputy advised clear/male is going to walk home/he refused a ride.

Unwanted subject
Rio de Arenas Trailer Park – E. Highway 180 -- 9:52 p.m.
Male is back and intoxicated. Deputy advised will be clear/caller advising she is just going to let this male sleep it off there.

Domestic disturbance
Camino Tolteca
Caller advised he and his mother got into an altercation/it was all verbal/he is highly intoxicated. Deputy advised clear/caller went to a neighbor’s house/everything is okay.

Weapons fired
Gila Hot Springs
Caller heard four shots from the campground/advising they have six young children in the cabin with them and everybody is completely terrified. Deputies advised clear/negative contact with anyone/called caller back and she wasn’t available.

Sunday, Sept. 1

Unattended death
Azurite Court – Tyrone
64-year-old female/not responding/is breathing/heart problems/diabetic/high priority. EMS1 requesting GCSO and OMI.

Unwanted subject
Wright Road – Upper Mimbres
Caller wants his daughter and her boyfriend removed from the property. Deputy advised subjects left willingly/may have to come back out for a standby.

Weapons fired
Royal Coachman Lane
Deputy had contact advising everything is okay/it was a potato gun.

Welfare check
Fairway Drive
Deputy advised everything is okay.

Welfare check
Highway 61 – Lower Mimbres
A named male is under the influence of alcohol and is outside yelling and screaming profanity. Deputy had contact with both parties and the male said he was fine and apologized for yelling.

Welfare check
Cottage San Road
Caller advising she can hear a male yelling and a female screaming/there are children in the residence. Deputy advised everything is okay/male advised the other party left.

Welfare check
Briarwood Drive
Advised that a named male has been depressed and suicidal. Deputy had contact with male/everything is okay/he was sleeping. Deputy advised caller.