Friday, Sept. 6

Sanctuary Road
Caller advised her neighbor, who is disoriented, wrecked into the ditch. Deputy advised patient was transported for dementia/did not have injuries.

Stolen motor vehicle
Highway 180 and Maple
Red Honda Accord is waving her down.

Unknown location
Caller stated a named female has been harassing her since last year/she has been making threats toward caller’s family and has been seen taking photos of her home.

Unwanted subject
Acorn Drive – Arenas Valley
A named male is drinking at caller’s house and they want him out/male left the property.

Mountainsong Trail
Advised that solar panels were taken from property and their fifth wheel was broken into.

Criminal trespass
Rio de Arenas Mobile Home Park
Caller advised subjects are inside a trailer which should be vacant. Deputies had contact advising everything is okay/units clear.

Saturday, Sept. 7

Criminal damage to property
Wagon Wheel Lane
Caller stated his porch light was hit by a bullet. Deputy advised clear/everything is okay.

Domestic disturbance
Highway 61 – MM 21
Caller advised her and her 60-year-old husband got into an argument and he got out of the pickup and stated he will walk back to Las Cruces where they are from/she is trying to get him into the vehicle/he is on medication for health reasons. Caller called back advising she is leaving/advised she has to leave/he told her to leave him alone. Deputy out with male on Highway 61 – MM 19.

Criminal damage to property
Bataan Memorial Park
Caller stated young boys between ages of 8-10 are throwing mud and a ball at the memorial and vandalizing the area by kicking over tables and causing damage. Deputy had contact with child, advising father advised he would keep an eye on the child/there was no damage done to the memorial/memorial was covered in mud due to mud being thrown at it.

Reckless driver
E. Highway 180/Arenas Valley Road
Bayard officer had contact advising vehicle was going the speed limit.

Loud music
Maplewood Circle
Deputy had contact with homeowner who was advised to turn it down.

Sunday, Sept. 8

Welfare check
Arenas Valley Road
Caller advised she hasn’t spoken to a named male in a week/he possibly has depression/thinks he is 68-years-old/he didn’t answer today or yesterday. Deputy had contact with male who advised he lost his cell phone/caller was notified.

Michelle Lane – White Signal
Caller advised checks have been stolen from mailbox and someone has been trying to use them.

Unwanted subject
Briarwood Drive
A named male is on the property. Deputy had contact with male/no DVO or CTW on file/male is loading up clothing/might leave/but unknown . . .

Domestic disturbance
Burke Loop
A named male is yelling and screaming at his wife/she has Alzheimer’s/the aides are not there to help with her. Deputy had contact advising everything is okay.

Unwanted subject
1535 Arroyo Lane
A white truck with a trailer and 4-wheeler just went in and said they were taking stuff from caller and caller felt threatened/they are taking parts off a tractor/the male appeared to be angry. Deputy had contact with a named male and a named female/the male says he is working on the tractor.

Domestic disturbance
Caller advised that her 18-year-old sister threatened to stab her/she is throwing things around and yelling and carrying on/she is outside. Deputy advised everything is okay.

Welfare check
2069 Cottage San Road
Caller advised she hasn’t heard from her children in a year/they are with their father who has custody of them/requests phone call from responding deputy.

Domestic disturbance
Racetrack Road – Arenas Valley
Caller advising he heard arguing in a nearby residence, heard a male yell, “You lied to me,” and then three to four gunshots. Deputy advised because of a long driveway and being flagged down will leave unit at the end of the driveway and will be on foot/has one subject in investigative detention.