Friday, Nov. 8

2069 Cottage San Road
Caller advised he hired a guy to assist him and he took caller’s 16-foot car transport trailer. Deputy got hold of the guy/advised he will . . .

Unknown location
Caller from Morenci, AZ advised harassment is occurring via text.

Welfare check
Cottage San Road
Caller got a call from an elderly female friend and there was a lot of commotion in the background. Deputy out at the address advising no one is home just a cat.

Reckless driver
1 Fort Bayard Road and E. Highway 180
Orange Dodge Neon cannot maintain lanes/vehicle is headed into Bayard. BPD officer went traffic with vehicle.

Injuring/tampering with motor vehicle
Bonita Drive – Silver Acres
Advised neighbor’s car window is broken/they are not at home. Checked the vehicle advised everything is okay.

Welfare check
W. Highway 180 and W. Market Street
Male in a plaid shirt was shuffling on the south side of the highway. Deputy had negative contact.

Saturday, Nov. 9

Criminal damage to property
Chino Mine
Male walking around on Highway 356 and keeps going onto mine property and tampering with the locks.

Highway 180 – MM 81 (3 miles west of Cliff)
Caller advised it just happened and the vehicle is on its roof/she can see it from her house. Second caller advised that he is not injured but the other driver has facial injuries/both drivers are in their 50s.

Injuring/tampering with motor vehicle
E. Highway 180 – Arenas Valley
Caller advised her brother was using her vehicle and there is damage to the driver side door/window is shattered. Deputy had contact with vehicle and caller.

Criminal trespass warning
70 Truck Bypass
Caller advised a tan GMC Sierra truck is in Space 3. Deputy was advised/will have units respond when available.

Intoxicated driver
S. Highway 90 at Tyrone Mine
GCSO requested notification to SCPD.

Saavedra Drive
Caller advised her female neighbor is in her yard/advised it is a civil issue.

Sunday, Nov. 10

Hidden Valley Lane
Caller stated that a named male stole luggage from her residence and wants someone to go to his house. Advised she is trying to retrieve her belongings at his house and he is not answering the door.

Reckless driver
E. Highway 180 and Arenas Valley Road
Caller advised a truck pulling a trailer is threatening him and his wife. Caller was not cooperative and wants the truck pulled over to see how many guns they have. When caller was asked to pull over at the Short Stop and wait for a deputy, caller advised he would take care of this himself and disconnected the line. Caller called back advising he had contact with the vehicle at the Arenas Valley RV Park.

Domestic disturbance
Highway 61 – Faywood
Dispatch can hear a male arguing with someone/can hear a female talking/can hear a male now saying, “You cannot take her phone.”/can hear male cussing,

Reckless driver
Broken Arrow Drive – Silver Acres
Deputy had contact advising the subjects they need to stop speeding on the road and to call it a night.

Suspicious vehicle
Filaree Road and Broken Arrow Drive
Deputies spoke to drivers advising them to knock it off.

Welfare check
N. Bennett Street
Deputy out at this location/heard screaming coming from this location/everything is okay.