Friday, Nov. 29

Welfare check
Pinon Drive
Caller has been trying for a week to call his mother-in-law and cannot get hold of her. Deputy has contact with female/she is okay/they were eating dinner. She did advise she was ignoring caller in reference to he only wants money from her so she is not answering the phone when he calls her.

Welfare check
Cuprite Court – Tyrone
Caller has been trying to reach an 84-year-old male/his phone rings then goes to a busy signal after one ring. Caller called back advising male is okay/he was having phone issues all day with the weather.

Cottonwood Road
A named individual battered caller yesterday/deputy took pictures/there is new bruising today. Deputy set up frequent patrol for next month.

Unattended death
Kneeling Nun Road – Hanover
86-year-old male passed away/not on hospice/caller advised he confirmed he was not breathing. Deputy advised OMI announced next of kin was notified.

Saturday, Nov. 30

Breaking and entering
W. Highway 180 – Mangas Valley
Caller advised someone broke into his home and vehicle/there are unfamiliar tire tracks and shoe tracks in his yard.

Welfare check
Highway 180 – MM 133 (2 miles south of Grant County Airport Road)
Caller advised a hitchhiker is lying on the side of the road. Deputy has contact/will give male a ride to the county line.

Welfare check
Trailing Heart Drive -- Silver Acres
Company requests welcheck on a 14-year-old male who attends La Plata Middle School/he has posted pictures of guns/negative on any threats/he is known to sell and use weed and prescription pills/he lives with his grandmother who is a teacher at SHS/he has not threatened anyone or himself.

Missing persons
Racetrack Road
Caller advised a 61-year-old female has not been seen for about three days/she was sick about three days ago and he called the ambulance for her to take her to GRMC, but he called GRMC and she is not there. GRMC was contacted and they stated she should be in BHU but she is not there.

Criminal damage to property
Saavedra Drive
Caller stated the neighbor kids are throwing rocks at her trailer and the kids’ mother has been causing problems as well/she has been wanting to fight caller for the last two days. Deputy had contact with caller.

Accident-property damage
Signal Peak
Caller stated a silver Honda Accord hit her vehicle and left the area/occurred about 15 minutes ago/other driver exchanged info.

Pike Street – Arenas Valley
Caller advised someone went inside her home and took her purse while she was taking things out of her vehicle/she believes it was her neighbor. Caller called back advising she found her belongings on the couch and to cancel.

Sunday, Dec. 1

3544 Highway 35 – Old Mimbres Lodge
Caller advised her neighbor got in her 13-year-old son’s face stating he was going to “release the trigger on her and her boyfriend.” Second caller called advising that the original . . .

Domestic disturbance
Partridge Drive
Caller advised her husband and son are arguing/in the past it has gotten physical. Deputy advised clear.

Unwanted subject
11824 Highway 180
Caller advised that a male in Space 34 has aggressive dogs and was notified a week ago he needed to correct behavior of dogs, and then was emailed yesterday to warn him again, and he still did not follow orders/need him removed from property. Deputy requested ambulance for a 65-year-old male who thinks he’s having a heart attack/is not having chest pains/could not provide symptoms of why he thinks he’s having a heart attack.

Domestic disturbance
Rio de Arenas Road – Arenas Valley
Caller advised she can hear an intoxicated female yelling and arguing with someone. Caller didn’t want to give info/advising it’s “f***king annoying” and disconnected the line. Deputy made contact with person who was making the noise/everything is okay.

Loud music
Chaparral Road – Upper Mimbres
Deputy advised male turned music down.