Friday, Apr. 30
Suspicious vehicle
Highway 152 – MM 3 (Hanover)
Deputy out with vehicle with its flashers on parked by the DOT. Driver advised her tire was getting flat but that she had an air compressor and was able to refill her tire. She believes she can make it to town.

Welfare check
Lane Road
Caller advised they have not talked to their 73-year-old father in two days which is unusual/he recently had heart issues/there is a dog in the home but he is not aggressive. Deputy made contact with the father and he is going to call caller.

Welfare check
Kirkland Road – Arenas Valley
Caller has not seen her mom in six days/also advised people keep bugging them and trying to steal . . .

Welfare check
Hermana Street – Arenas Valley
Caller advised that the mother is yelling at the children at this location/mother was very aggressive with caller and called her "an f***ing c**t." Deputies made contact advising everything is okay.

Accident-property damage
Highway 180 – Rodeo Grounds
Side-swiped a deer/negative injuries/unknown if deer is still in the road.

Welfare check
11732 Highway 180
Caller advised a named male just butt-dialed him and he can hear him yelling, "Get me out of here." He had called earlier to give him a ride to his storage unit. Deputy spoke with a named male and he advised he is okay.

Saturday, May 1

Domestic disturbance
Iglesia and Hermosa streets – Fierro
Advised that two named individuals are fighting/caller couldn't provide an address as they just moved here/disconnected. Could hear them arguing in the background.

Stolen motor vehicle
Racetrack Road – Arenas Valley
Caller advised a Penske auto hauler was stolen out of her driveway last night/caller does not own the hauler, it is a rental through Penske.

Car fire
Highway 180 – MM 90 (5 miles west of Mangas)
No report.

Aggravated assault
Short Stop – Arenas Valley
Caller advised the brothers flashed a gun at him/purple and black 9mm gun. Caller is standing by in a Chrysler drop top convertible/caller advised subject showed him the gun again.

Injuring/tampering with motor vehicle
Racetrack Road
Caller advised he has been noticing that someone is messing with brake lines, fuel lines, starters, and battery cables in a 1980 C30 dually pickup. Deputy set up frequent patrol during the day for two months.

Domestic disturbance
Beck Lane – Arenas alley
Female on the phone advising a male isn't letting her leave/he has her two-month-old baby and won't give the baby back so she won't leave/he told her if you want to live then you won't leave.

Injuring/tampering with motor vehicle
T&M Dairy Road – Hanover
Caller advised that her neighbors' dogs are tearing her mother's vehicle apart.

Fierro Road – Fierro
No report.

DV order violation
Fierro Road – Fierro
A named male she has a protection order against keeps passing by her house in a white Chevy 4dr pickup/he has a scanner in the truck. Caller advised she is no longer at the Fierro Road address but is at Motel 6/she requests a deputy.

Domestic disturbance
Chukar Drive
Caller advised her son is causing trouble with them/he is yelling and screaming/he was asked to leave and refuses. Deputy advised male left/clear.

Unwanted subject
Highway 211 – Gila
Advised that a named male at this address destroyed the trailer an hour ago/caller's sons are trying to keep him calm/request no lights or sirens. Deputy advised will have units en route.

Welfare check
3796 Highway 35
Caller from Emergency Device SOS Response advised a named male pressed his SOS button and they called and texted with negative response/caller advised they are pinging behind Doc Campbell's Post. Did make contact with one of the male's emergency contacts who advised he is 42-years-old with no medical conditions/he does have allergies and had anaphylaxis.

Welfare check
Grand Mesa and Chukar drives
Male walking in the ditch that looked 'out of it.' Deputy checked area with negative contact/clear.

Loud music
Rogers Street – Bayard
Deputy made contact with homeowner and they advised they would turn it down.

Suspicious vehicle
Highway 15 – MM 11-10 (3-4 miles north of Pinos Altos)
Vehicle parked in the middle of the road. Deputy advised clear/subject was confused on where he was going.

Sunday, May 2

Game and Fish
Highway 15 and Owlhoot Trail
Advised a deer is in the middle of the road. Deputy advised the deer got up and took off walking.

Accident –property damage
Highway 90 – MM 25 (White Signal)
Car vs deer. Deputy advised will handle/was en route to town/deer is still alive/will be putting it down.

Ft Bayard
Caller advised a Hispanic male inside a black two door car stopped and called caller a "f*****g white bitch," then drove off and told caller he was going to come back for them. Caller advised she was walking with her 80-year-old mother/she is not close to her vehicle. Deputy set up frequent patrol.

Welfare check
Highway 152 – Acklin Hill
Male is walking and stepping into traffic trying to wave motorists down. Deputies ATL male in entire area with negative contact.

Mathers Road – Arenas Valley
Hit caller (his mom) because she wouldn't drive him to see his girlfriend/ he is on foot wearing flip-flops possibly en route to Silver City. Deputy advised both units clear.