Carlsbad, NM - On August 29, 2019, the New Mexico State Police Investigation Bureau was contacted to investigate a police shooting involving the Carlsbad Police Department (CPD).

On August 29, 2019 at about 10:05 a.m., CPD Detectives were investigating a homicide and were looking for Randall Gamboa Jr. (16) of Carlsbad, NM. CPD Detectives went to the Woodside Village Apartment Complex located at 601 N. 5th in Carlsbad to locate Gamboa but did not make contact with him. As detectives conducted surveillance at the apartment complex, they saw Gamboa walking toward the apartment complex. When CPD detective Patrick Byrant made contact with Gamboa, Gamboa was asked for his name and date of birth.  Gamboa gave Detective Bryant a false name and date of birth.  When Gamboa was asked for his social security number, Gamboa did not provide one.  At that time, Gamboa pulled out a black semi auto pistol from his waistband and brandished it toward Detective Bryant.  Detective Bryant yelled “no”, “stop”, drew his department issued weapon and fired at Gamboa, striking him.

Immediately after the shooting, CPD detectives rendered aid to Gamboa before he was transported to the Carlsbad Medical Center by emergency personnel where he succumbed to his injuries. Gamboa was pronounced deceased at the hospital.

The semi auto pistol Gamboa brandished is believed to be the same handgun used in the homicide CPD detectives were investigating.

For information regarding administrative actions on the detective and the homicide investigation, contact the Carlsbad Police Department. Detective Patrick Bryant has been employed with CPD for five years and eleven months. No further information is currently available at this time.