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RPNM's "Operation Freedom" Goals and "Positive Change" Message Already Leading to Action Throughout New Mexico

Albuquerque, June 21—Today the Republican Party of New Mexico is announcing the launch of a massive statewide project designed to rebuild and improve New Mexico communities and generate positive change across the state.

The effort is called "Ambassadors For Positive Change" and is an offshoot of RPNM's successful "Operation Freedom—Positive Change For New Mexico" convention that was held last month. "Operation Freedom" garnered national attention, gathered national GOP stars, state and local leaders and constituents who all focused on key issues and addressed ways to make New Mexico a better place to live.

A key theme of "Operation Freedom" was to rebuild New Mexico county-by-county and community-by community.

RPNM is taking action.

Albuquerque, June 20—The Republican Party of New Mexico stands with the Union Protectiva de Santa Fe organization in its lawsuit against Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber over the destruction of a veterans memorial at the Santa Fe Plaza. The group is asking the Mayor to restore the Plaza obelisk after protestors tore it down last Indigenous Peoples Day.

RPNM believes the suit is the proper course of action "because the organization is protecting our Hispanic history, culture, heritage and faith."

These monuments serve as a reminder of who we are as New Mexicans and as a people.

"RPNM supports this legal action by Union Protectiva de Santa Fe because it's imperative that we preserve our New Mexican history and culture," said RPNM Executive Board member Mari Trujillo Spinelli. "Such monuments are symbols of our past and show where we and our communities came from. Those who tear down such symbols show disrespect and a lack of courage, and leaders of our communities must be challenged and must protect our culture and our heritage."

The Republican Party of New Mexico (RPNM) advances the ideals of individual liberties for the advancement of its citizens and the greater prosperity of our communities throughout New Mexico. Led by an Executive Board and its Chairman, former NM Congressman Steve Pearce, RPNM serves all New Mexicans via its headquarters in Albuquerque and can be contacted at (505) 298-3662.

In all construction zones, motorists are asked to reduce speed, obey posted signs, and use extreme caution, as well as continue to be cautious of heavy equipment and construction personnel in the area. PLEASE NOTE: Conditions are subject to change without notice. Double fines for speeding in work zones may be in effect.

White Sands Missile Range Notification

For information regarding closures, you may call WSMR at 678-1178 or 678-2222 for updates.  

Monday, June, 21 US 70 will be blocked two separate times: 3:15 a.m. and 4:50 a.m. for approximately one hour each time.  These blocks will be located at 'RED BLOCK' (top of San Augustin Pass /mile marker 164) and 'YELLOW BLOCK' (White Sands National Park /mile marker 200).  The Las Cruces Gate and Owen Road will also be affected.  Nike Avenue will not be affected. 

June 20, 2021, Sierra County, NM- Spaceport America and the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA) are pleased to announce that the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities has been selected as the winner of the 2021 Virtual Spaceport America Cup. Spaceport America also announced the return of an in-person Spaceport America Cup in 2022 from June 21-25 at the closing ceremony of the 2021 virtual event.

“Congratulations to the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and all the other teams that competed in the 2021 Virtual Spaceport America Cup” said Spaceport America Executive Director Scott McLaughlin. “The event turnout has been incredible, and the caliber of the design and innovation has really impressed us. We look forward to welcoming the teams back to New Mexico in 2022.”

75 teams from 16 different countries competed during the three-day online event June 18-20. The virtual competition allowed university student teams to submit rocket designs for evaluation and included technical presentations and forums, keynote addresses from aerospace industry leaders and rocket safety training.

juneteenth 2021

Albuquerque, June 19—The following is a statement from Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce as the nation observes this first Juneteenth federal holiday:

"Today marks the first Juneteenth National Independence Day, commemorating the emancipation of formerly enslaved African Americans. It was June 19, 1865 when Union soldiers brought news of freedom to the enslaved in Galveston, Texas. The date marks the end of slavery and a turning point in our nation. The Republican Party has and will always stand for freedom. This date is an important part of our country's history, and it must be honored. We should recognize the resilience and many contributions made by the African American community throughout history; this, as our nation continues to wrestle with racial injustice and social unrest, and we must continue to work to seek equality and justice for all."

The following is from Stephanie Kennedy, Director of RPNM's Communities of Color Christian Conservative Group, the Party's minority engagement group in New Mexico:

"Today is a historic day in America. This holiday commemorates an important part of our past, and we must remember the pain of bondage and the suffering African Americans had to endure. We must recognize this day as a special day of freedom in our nation's history. And with growing social unrest in American society, it also marks a time for realizing that we all are people of color and that justice and equality must prevail."

The Republican Party of New Mexico (RPNM) advances the ideals of individual liberties for the advancement of its citizens and the greater prosperity of our communities throughout New Mexico. Led by an Executive Board and its Chairman, former NM Congressman Steve Pearce, RPNM serves all New Mexicans via its headquarters in Albuquerque and can be contacted at (505) 298-3662.

AUSTIN — The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) will be launching the long-awaited Monarch Butterfly conservation license plate on June 21 that will raise money to help conserve monarch butterflies and other native Texas, non-game, at-risk species.

“The monarch butterfly is a species that is beautiful and iconic in that it is one of nature’s great migration stories,” said John Davis, TPWD’s Wildlife Diversity Program Director. “This species migrates through Texas from Mexico in the spring making its way to the northern extremes of the U.S. and into Canada, then reverses that feat in the fall to overwinter in Mexico. This great migratory story is in jeopardy with the overwintering population experiencing steep declines in the last decade. By adding the monarch to our family of plates, we hope to increase support for this beautiful migration event and through our conservation efforts, brighten the future for this, and many other species.”

The public was invited to vote for their favorite design for the new monarch butterfly license plate last September and the winning design is on the new plate.

WASHINGTON, June 18, 2021 – “Representative Xochitl Torres Small’s nomination to serve as Under Secretary for Rural Development reflects the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to advancing rural prosperity. Her nomination is responsive to rural stakeholders and Congress; both have emphasized the importance of having a dedicated advocate for rural communities among the Department’s Subcabinet. As the daughter of migrant farm workers and a native of rural New Mexico, Torres Small represents the heart and soul of rural communities. Representative Torres Small began her work in southern New Mexico, serving as a field organizer in colonias, and continued her work in rural New Mexico as a field representative for Senator Tom Udall, where she collaborated with local leaders and elected officials. She went on to the University of New Mexico School of Law and in 2018 became the first woman and first person of color to represent New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District, the largest district that isn’t its own state. Throughout her career, Representative Torres Small has put her experience to use in the name of making lasting investments in the people, institutions and infrastructure essential for tribal nations and communities throughout the rural U.S. to thrive. Her expertise will further USDA’s mission to advance equity and opportunity in and for rural America. I am fully confident in Representative Torres Small’s ability to excel in this essential role at the Department.” 

ALBUQUERQUE, NM---Today, Attorney General Balderas announced that jurors in the Thirteenth Judicial District found former Taxation and Revenue Department Cabinet Secretary Demesia Padilla guilty of two felony counts. Jurors found beyond a reasonable doubt that Padilla stole over $25,000 from Harold’s Grading and Trucking, a Bernalillo business, while she was also acting as cabinet secretary. Padilla acquired this money by surreptiotusly linking her personal credit card to the business’ checking account.

“Small businesses are undoubtedly the lifeblood of New Mexico’s economy and should not be stifled by internal corruption,” said Attorney General Balderas. "We are pleased to secure justice for the significant economic harm to the victims, and we will hold any person in a position of power accountable for unlawful conduct." 

The Court will sentence Padilla at a later date. These cases were both investigated and prosecuted by the Office of the Attorney General.

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