Immigration Matters

The items posted in this column are provided by George Taylor, a retired Border Patrol agent.


Written by
Kevin Krause, Federal Courts Reporter

When federal prosecutors last year shut down the Dallas cell of a violent new Mexican drug cartel, experts predicted the lull would be temporary.
It didn't take long.

On Wednesday, federal authorities announced charges against eight members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel in a large methamphetamine trafficking plot allegedly operating in the Dallas and DeSoto areas.

Add to this the report that a huge percentage of DACA applications are suspected of fraud and you have substantial reason to end DACA now.

So let's call DACA what it is, an attack by the left on American soverignty.

Time to look past the emotion mongers and see DACA for what it really is, another frontal assault on the Constitution and the rule of law.

And even that may be a conservative number.
Who knows for sure ?
Especially since all the applications were not subject to interview or verification.
Scam anyone ?

Zack Taylor, Chairman


September 10, 2017 By Stephen Frank

Democrats are crying that 800,000 people that were assisted in breaking the law should not be deported. The Democrats claim these “kids” (many in their 20s) are working, going to school and are in the military. Like everything else the Democrats says and Obama did, that is a lie.

We have been warning America about the dangers if disinformation and misinformation for many years.
It seems that some are finally awakening to the reality and are putting forth current day examples.
Here is one of those examples.

Zack Taylor, Chairman


Of course the opioid crisis is a Border Security Issue which can be further diminished by abolishing Sanctuary Cities to disrupt the supply chain.

How many times have legal prescription drugs been blamed for an overdose death when in actuality it was a counterfeit pill ?

On the border, how many times have these poison drugs been brought across public lands undetected due to environmental protections?

MAT(medical-assisted treatment) is the latest cultivated buzz word in politics to address the opioid crisis in America. The up and coming cure all for the opioid crisis apparent so to speak.

A program that shows MAT success will receive the government dollars as fertilizer to seed the rest of the nation with MAT and produce massive demand for specified MAT prescription drugs.

Brought up on FOX last night July 24, 2017 by NAFBPO.org Vice Chairman David Ward



When the scope of the Pharmaceutical Industries influence over congress, and, congress continually focusing on Doctors and Pharmacies as the primary cause of the opioid overdose epidemic to the near complete refusal to recognize border insecurity and transnational crime as the source of heroin and fentanyl that are killing people in large numbers, the motives of the orchestrated focus on the medical delivery profession then becomes increasingly suspect.

The lightly shielded truth, highlighted below, is that the lawful drug Opana is being illegally converted to an injectable. What the highlighted section means is people are obtaining the legal drug Opana and illegally converting it to an injectable. This focusing on the Prescription Drug and not the crime will continue to lead us nowhere if we are truly acting to curb overdose deaths.