Immigration Matters

The items posted in this column are provided by George Taylor, a retired Border Patrol agent.

JUNE 25, 2019

With half of the nation’s Border Patrol workforce reassigned to provide humanitarian support for “vulnerable populations,” a record number of illegal immigrants have slipped into the United States and “disappeared into border communities,” the agency’s chief told Congress. The overwhelmed frontline Homeland Security agency has managed to apprehend a record 593,000 illegal aliens this year, but an additional 100,000 have made it through and remain somewhere in the country. The distressing numbers were delivered last week by Border Patrol Chief Carla L. Provost, who told a House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border Security that the situation along the southwest border is a crisis that is putting national security at risk.


Daniel Horowitz · June 13, 2019

You can’t make this stuff up. There is warfare-level violence right on our border between rival factions of cartels. Then the losing side comes to our border for asylum, states and county sheriffs are forced to deal with the security threats on their own, and the federal government continues to view this as an immigration issue, not a national defense problem that requires military protection of our border.

Daniel Horowitz · June 18, 2019


There are two questions lawmakers must ask themselves now that they will, supposedly, finally focus on the border: 1) Is their job to represent illegal aliens or to defend Americans first and foremost from the effects of those trying to come here illegally and those orchestrating the smuggling? 2) Is the best way to deal with the humanitarian aspect of the border crisis, which itself should be secondary to security problems for Americans, by holding the line and not letting anyone enter or by offering better accommodations for catch-and-release? Unfortunately, Senate Republicans clearly believe their job is to protect illegal aliens before Americans.

Although their resolve hasn’t wavered, U.S. Border Patrol agents are concerned their immune systems won’t protect themselves from illnesses appearing among detainees at immigrant detention centers. (Washington Examiner)

Border Patrol’s holding facilities in the Del Rio and El Paso sectors, or regions, are inundated with sick detainees, as well as sick agents.

June 12, 2019 Updated: June 13, 2019 


BISBEE, Arizona—Tired of waiting for the federal government to fix the border, Sheriff Mark Dannels decided to take matters into his own hands. A personal run-in with a Mexican cartel only cemented his motivation to rid his county of cross-border crime.

Five years ago, Dannels’s son, Sierra Vista police officer Justin Dannels, fatally shot a man allegedly connected to the Sinaloa cartel when the man tried to run him over during a traffic stop.

Daniel Horowitz · June 14, 2019 

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I’ve been reporting for months about the mumps epidemic particularly among Honduran migrants, but the government has finally officially released the information. CNN is reporting that there have been 297 confirmed cases of mumps in ICE holding facilities since last September. In 39 detention facilities, “5,200 detainees in quarantine across those centers, around 4,200 are for exposure to mumps. Around 800 were exposed to chicken pox and 100 have been exposed to both.”

By Robert Gearty | Fox News


Long Island cops are investigating another MS-13 gang slaying after unearthing a badly decomposed body Saturday in a bucolic and popular nature preserve.

Cops said the victim was killed in 2016 in the Massapequa Preserve on the south shore of Nassau County after being lured there by the gang. The notorious MS-13 gang has been singled out by President Trump for its wanton brutality, which has led to a series of crackdowns by law enforcement on the federal and local levels.

A group of House Republicans wrote acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan to criticize DHS' failure to adopt border security fixes that are available without additional congressional action. They noted the president has shown leadership on the issue but DHS lacks “the same manner of enthusiasm for fixing this crisis.”

The group -- Republican Reps. Michael Cloud (Tex.), Andy Biggs (Ariz.), Chip Roy (Tex.), Scott Perry (Penn.), Jody Hice (Ga.), Mark Green (Tenn.), Paul Gosar (Ariz.), Ken Buck (Colo.), Brian Babin (Tex.) and Jim Jordan (Ohio) – told McAleenan to “support the president” in his quest to secure the border.