Immigration Matters

The items posted in this column are provided by George Taylor, a retired Border Patrol agent.

I am sitting here amazed at how easily the Political Class has whipped up public sentiment over a false premise of caging children.

I have seen this “For The Children” ploy enough times over the years that I am immediately suspicious when the issue of “The Children” is raised. Especially when the welfare of American children is conveniently overlooked.

We, NAFBPO, have literally been telling Congress for years what the solution is and they just won’t do it. The laws already exist and the precedence has been set and Congress knows this.

Americans generally indulge in compassion and wishful thinking when it comes to Illegal Aliens lately. El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are breeding grounds for violent humans. The solution is not to bring them to the United States, the solution is to be applied in their home countries or they will be sending us an endless supply of violent criminals and their home country will be happy to help them on their way. It is our compassionate side that is being taken advantage of.

While it is difficult sometimes to understand what the female gang members are saying in this video most is understandable.

People from other countries are not like us and since El Salvador is essentially a lawless country there is little chance their backgrounds could be checked should they appear at our border.

As we continue to point out, Sanctuary Cities + Illegal Aliens = Transnational Crime

Los Angeles, California, to New Haven, Connecticut in this case.

No it’s not Doctors and Pharmacists that are responsible for the crisis increase in opioid overdose deaths, it is transnational organized crime.

Denver, Colorado….don’t you know?  The Blue City on a hill that hides illegal alien criminals from ICE.

Zack Taylor 


Mexican Illegal Alien Arrested for Deadly Hit-and-Run Free to Leave Prison in Sanctuary City Denver

An illegal alien from Mexico, arrested for allegedly causing a fatal hit-and-run accident, will be free to leave prison should he pay his $25,000 bond, as the Denver Sheriff’s Department remains committed to their “sanctuary city” policy.
Illegal alien Ivan Zamarripa-Castaneda, a 26-year-old from Mexico, was arrested after allegedly fleeing the scene of a fatal hit-and-run crash that involved his truck and a semi-truck, according to KDVR.


When it was noted that the carry-on bags of multiple airline passengers traveling from Minneapolis to Somalia contained millions of dollars in cash, on a regular basis, law enforcement was naturally curious to know where the money came from and where it was going.

It soon emerged that millions of taxpayer dollars, and possibly much more, had been stolen through a massive scam of Minnesota’s social-services sector, specifically through fraudulent daycare claims. To make matters worse, the money appears to have wound up in areas of Somalia controlled by al-Shabab, the Islamic jihadist group responsible for numerous terrorist outrages.

We don’t need a DACA “solution” without understanding how DACA is the problem.
Posted May 14, 2018 by Daniel Horowitz

In Washington, there is a clamor from Democrats and liberal Republicans to enact a “DACA solution.” In the real world, DACA is the problem. It is what incentivized the entire atmosphere at the border to bring in hundreds of thousands of Central Americans, record amounts of lethal drugs, dangerous gangs and new youth recruits, and now Middle Easterners.

MS-13 and the drug cartels bring in Central American youths
As we’ve explained before, it’s no mystery why both the drug and gang crises took off after the 2013-2015 surge of teenage boys coming over the border. The boys served as drug mules and new gang recruits, empowering the drug cartels and the gangs with a politically protected supply of new recruits. The cartels understand that our political culture sympathizes with “children” and will treat them leniently. Sadly, there is no sympathy for the communities in northern Virginian that are devastated by the gang recruitment.

American schoolchildren and taxpayers are the victims.

Posted March 12, 2018 by Daniel Horowitz

“MS-13 is ‘taking over the school,’ one teen warned before she was killed.”

That is the title of a Washington Post story from the weekend.

This article is very instructive and answers most of the questions as to how and why the Parkland School Shooting took place and made such an event predictable.

We as a nation have gotten away from the rule of law gradually for political purposes, nowhere is that more evident than with DACA and Refugee Resettlement.  Clearly the political purpose in these two programs are not in the best interest of America.

We strongly suspect that this politically correct policing is prevalent nationwide all the way up the law enforcement ladder to include the FBI and no one group of people are more responsible than the lap dog press because all of the indicators were there and continue to be obvious.