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Liberals, Your Hypocrisy is Showing Again - Immigration Edition

One ‘principle’ liberals have is that it’s OK for them and theirs to break the rules, say the wrong thing, commit crimes; as long as their intentions were in line with liberal thinking. But let a conservative do the same exact thing, no matter how innocent or trivial the infraction, the conservative must pay dearly. Flogging might not be too much of a punishment. Actually, I’m convinced liberals are a bit jealous of radical Islam, in that stoning to death is still an acceptable punishment in many Middle Eastern countries.

Donald Trump has had to nominate a new name for the Secretary of Labor position because Andrew Puzder committed the heinous crime of having hired a housekeeper, who was in the country illegally. Someone should drag him through the streets until he’s almost dead! How could someone do something so terrible? And he didn’t pay payroll taxes either. He must be marked with the Scarlet ‘A’ and shamed from public life forever.

But isn’t it interesting that the liberals are so outraged that a highly qualified man should be vilified because he chose to hire and help out a woman who had come to America only to better her situation and make a better life for her family. Let’s not forget that several members of the liberal elite have done similar things but that’s OK for them.

But why are the liberals so upset about Puzder? Aren’t the liberals the ones that have created sanctuary cities? Aren’t they the ones saying we need to leave illegal immigrants alone? That if they came to America and lived a good life, working and staying out of trouble, that is OK. Wasn’t Puzder just doing what liberals want? Of course he was but he is a conservative and his principles regarding minimum wage, right to work and so on are just flat wrong.

Did you realize that yesterday was National Immigration Day? All immigrants were encouraged to stay home from work and to not buy anything. It was an effort to show Donald Trump just how important immigrants are to this country. This included all immigrants, legal and otherwise. But once again the liberals are creating fake news in an effort to tarnish President Trump and the conservatives.

You see, Trump has said nothing about legal immigrants. In fact, he has said correctly that we need to reform the current laws and regulations that make it so hard for someone to come to America legally. That we should allow people into our country if they want to come here legally and contribute to society the way most Americans do every day; get a job, pay taxes, don’t commit crimes. But since it’s about power, the liberals make up fear scenarios to scare the bejeezus out of everyone.

Let’s not forget that Obama was also known in some circles as the ‘Deporter in Chief.' At President Obama’s direction, 2.5 million immigrants were deported while he was in office. That is more than all other Presidents in the 20th century combined. Where was the outrage from the left then?

Oh yeah, Glorious Leader said we were only going to deport people who had been convicted of committing a crime in America, other than coming here illegally. About that: Syracuse University researchers conducted a study of all deportations conducted in 2013. What they found was that 12% of those sent packing by Glorious Leader had committed crimes. More of the deportees had actually come here as children, through no fault of their own, than had committed a serious crime. Wasn’t the hew and cry from the left just cacophonous? I don’t remember it either.

The liberals’ hypocrisy is on full display proving as I said earlier, it’s not about what someone is doing, it’s about who they are and do the liberals agree with them? It’s about liberals having the power, pure and simple.

Live from Silver City

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