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NEW price is s a flat rate of $10 plus gross receipts tax for up to 8 days or $30 plus GRT per month.

The Beat sends the advertiser an invoice for payment by check by mail or by credit card through PayPal. 

Please send the name of the item for sale, price, with a brief description, and up to two photos per ad. Please tell us how long you want the ad to run and send to We will post as soon as we can and invoice you for the amount, which you can pay by mailing a check to the address on the invoice or paying by PayPal  through PayPal or with a credit card through PayPal. The information will be on the invoice.

Rainbow Housing is a Non-Profit Organization that helps residents at low income housing.The location in Silver City, NM, seeks a resident-services coordinator. Details can be found in the job description and the flyer attached below:

We are currently serving in 18 states. Rainbow offers free programs and services to help residents of low-income housing become more self-sustainable in life. These services could include helping them get their GED, helping them build their resume to get a job, helping them get a job, connecting them to resources to help pay for rent or utilities, giving them a warm coat in the winter, giving their child a backpack with school supplies, a scholarship to a University or trade school and so much more!

Here are some of the details about the position and location:

img 4157For Hire: 24ft Box Truck with Lift Gate and two men - Silver Windows ETC
-2 Hour Minimum on all work orders
-2 Movers with Truck: $80 per/hour tax included. (fuel included up to 60 miles) $.50 per/mile over 60 miles.
-Will move any items that can be loaded into the truck.
-Residential and Business hires are welcome!
-Licenced and insured

Military, Senior and Business Discounts available. Whole-day-hire discounts are available.
Call Silver Windows ETC: 575-534-4110 for scheduling and pricing for the Box Truck or email

Silver City resident seeks someone to hire to take her to and from the Grant County Airport when she flies in or out. She will pay for each trip. Please call Jane at 425-691-9248.

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