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NEW price is s a flat rate of $10 plus gross receipts tax for up to 8 days or $30 plus GRT per month.

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tippie 3638tippie 3645"Tippie" is a shy, gentle, and loving indoor kitty. Female (spayed), 8 years old (I've had her since she was 8 WEEKS old). Solid black, luxurious-but-short coat, she has a few white hairs on her chest — and a small, white tip on her tail!! She will be shy for a couple of weeks — until she figures out who feeds her!

I'm moving out of the area in about 2 weeks (from 9/12/21), and I just couldn't find a cat-friendly landlord. I'll provide a $100.00 credit at the pet food store of your choice.

I love her and it breaks my heart to think about taking her to the animal shelter.
E-mail me:

The SouthWest Adolescent Group (SWAG) is a nonprofit organization that serves the adolescents of Silver City, the Mining District, and all of Grant County by creating, implementing and making accessible programs that serve to improve young people's quality of life. Programs are made available regardless of race, gender, spirituality, sexual orientation, or economic status.

This position is unique, and exciting, in that the Program Director will be instrumental in developing, directing and setting up programs for young people age 12-17 in Grant County. In addition to programs that will be run within the organization, the Program Director will collaborate with other local nonprofit organizations and educational institutions to provide vocational and skills training to young people. The Program Director will also be responsible for community outreach, fundraising and grant writing.

The ideal candidate for this position will have:

SWCD Employee Job Description:
Position: SWCD Employee/District Manager
Type: Part-time with potential to be full-time

The SWCD employee provides managerial, administrative, supervisory, educational, and technical support to the Grant SWCD board in carrying out the District's goals in accordance with the SWCD Act [NMSA 1978.] This person reports to the SWCD Board of Supervisors comprised of elected and appointed officials.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Meetings: Attend District meetings, prepare meeting agenda, deliver notices and correspondence, and prepare meeting minutes and distribute for approval.
Projects: Compose grant proposals, manage projects and grants, research funding options, manage project finances and project schedules; develop and manage contracts for subcontractors; comply with all project requirements and entity regulations.
Finance: Maintain district finances and prepare budgets, quarterly reports, and transaction reports; complete all accounting activities and reports including payroll and payroll reports; assist auditor in completing yearly audit.

Other: Prepare district's annual plan, action plan, and policies and procedures; compose and edit various types of comment letters, reports, etc.; conduct and complete procurement process as needed; set up and manage District web site; provide administration services to UGVAWD (Upper Gila Valley Arroyos Watershed District) which consist of similar duties for SWCD but on a smaller scale; attend trainings as needed; attend outside meetings conducted by partners and other agencies; comply with all state and federal government regulations as applicable to District business; perform other duties as assigned.

Requirements: Ability to multitask, knowledge of QuickBooks, Excel, and Word, knowledge of accounting and payroll processes, ability to communicate effectively, written, and orally; ability to develop and maintain relationships in a professional manner with persons from other federal and state organizations.

Interested applicants should submit their resume to Rate of pay will depend on experience.

piper 1piper 2

Piper is an exceptionally loyal, protective, and affectionate 4-year-old (est.), female Boxer mix available, at no cost, to a family looking for a single dog.  She is fully house-trained, good off-leash (i.e., she will remain close to her owner when hiking) as well as on-leash, has all required shots, and has no medical issues.  However, Piper has had recurring aggression issues with other dogs who are aggressive toward her and has been in multiple dog fights.  As a result, she has a number of scars.

Because the current owners have multiple dogs, they need to find Piper a new home in a family that is seeking a single dog.  Piper is affectionate, deeply loyal, and very protective.  But she would be best with a family that only wants a single dog.

If interested, please call David or Laura at 575-574-2872. 

Silver City resident seeks someone to hire to take her to and from the Grant County Airport when she flies in or out. She will pay for each trip. Please call Jane at 425-691-9248.

SOLD: Free bunkbed! Has comfy 2" memory foam toppers on both mattresses. These beds have rarely ever been used, they are in a guest room that became my office. We are 20 mins from downtown Silver City.

516-639-3825  or

Photos below:unknown

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Oak table, like new. Approximate size: 68" X 41", expands to 97". Includes felt cover. Asking $590.00

If interested, call 575-388-4631 or email:

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