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On October 28, the Democrat Speaker of the House (third in line for presidential succession) appeared in the news. Nancy Pelosi's husband, Paul, was attacked and thumped in the head with a hammer. Supposedly , the perpetrator, David DePape, was inside the Pelosi residence shouting "Where is Nancy? Where is Nancy?" before being apprehended by the boys in blue, who arrived on the scene.

Now some of my readers may jokingly applaud this, "chickens coming home to roost" as one individual wrote me. Others may envision heading to their local Home Depot or Lowe's hardware department to purchase a similar bludgeoning device to mail from their post office, a construction tool AKA "gift box for Nancy." I want to remind them, that joking aside, this is a serious matter.

According to the National Review article by Ryan Mills:

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As Angry as a Raging Bull and what to do about it

By Charles Rein

 Have you ever attended a Republican rally and saw something you didn't like? How about this man? He's a fit male, latino, age 70+ with a full head of hair like a handsome "Siver Fox". You have no problem with him as a person. What you DO have a problem with is WHAT he is wearing! A white and blue shirt. It's the words on his shirt which enrage you. Those words at the top of his shirt is a name which rhymes with Billary and begins with an "H". The shirt contains more words. HILLARY for...

And he's wearing this at a pro-Trump rally too. Now would you ignore the man wearing this shirt? Or would you saunter up like John Wayne and give him a piece of your mind.

I share this story is because it's true! I know this politically active, pro-Trump supporter who wore this political shirt to several Trump rallies. What a few Republicans who approached him ready to give him a "piece of their mind" failed to comprehend was the additional information.

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One Saturday Afternoon

By Charles Rein

Rein on All Fronts

With the Buffalo shooting this past Saturday, in my eyes, the media has become transformed into stray, unkept street dogs pursuing a juicy bone. Many in the media are behaving like salivating, street dogs, filled with unending hunger. Many journalists and commentators are out to portray this shooter in the most simplistic narrative. In doing so they see themselves as "sounding the alarm" over what many talking heads see as a straightforward black versus white or a white supremacism issue. 

I would argue the case.

While we can all agree this was a horrible event, I suggest we all STOP, take a deep breath and reassess our emotions, regarding this tragic event. If we hold fears or hatreds inside, then to quote a short, green philosopher credited with being 900-years-old:

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

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A Slap for America?

By Charles Rein
Rein on All Fronts

 Unless you've been living under a rock for the last week, I'm sure you've heard about Will Smith's "SLAP" at the Academy Awards.

While some have concerns RE: it being staged, I myself wonder. "Hmmm, the comedian on the receiving end of Will Smith's slap- Chris Rock- his comedy ticket prices have interestingly increased seemingly overnight."

Yet as a columnist, I'd like to use THE SLAP as an analogy for Republican readers to consider.

The deeper philosophical question I'll ask, "DO REPUBLICAN AMERICANS need a good slap right now?"

Before you slap me, let me explain.

I'm thinking of the 1998 sitcom that ran for eight seasons, "That 70's Show". If you've not seen it, one character stands out. He's direct, brash, brutally honest, responsible, takes pride in his work. The character is mid aged, white father Red Forman and this tv dad's catch phrase, to his teenage son is often, "What you need is a good "kick in the ____!"

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Rein recommends a TV show for President's Day

While a majority of Americans are celebrating "Black History Month" I'm willing to be politically incorrect this President's Day and am recommending a Roku tv show "What Made America Great" hosted by FOX News commentator, Brian Kilmeade.

Season 6, episode 2 explores a tall marble structure, which was built in honor of a white man (heaven forbid!) Not just any white man, but one who's invaluable leadership during the war for independence led to the birth of this country. So you think you really know George Washington?

As a child you may have heard he was so honest "he couldn't tell a lie" and admitted to chopping down a cherry tree. But did you also know...
contrary to popular legend none of his false teeth were made of wood. He wore false teeth made out of materials which likely included elephant and hippo ivory, human teeth, probably cow and horse teeth, copper and silver alloys. In fact when he was inaugurated president in 1789, only one real tooth remained in his mouth!

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Rein on Fire

By Charles Rein

I discovered an advanced review book copy while traveling in the American Southwest recently. The 2020 book, "Words On Fire: the Power of Incendiary Language and How to Confront It" grabbed my attention. The cover by chance, has a photo of the back of the head and shoulders of the most powerful man in the world, President Trump. Okay maybe not such a coincidence.

Now why would I select a book that does not present both sides and seeks to portray Trump as the anger management mascot for this book regarding incendiary language? Before you dismiss this review let me ask you a question.

Close your eyes and picture the unbelievable-that you're able to visualize the yet as unpicked winning Powerball lottery numbers an hour before they would actually be played Saturday night! A glance into this alternative reality book can actually be invaluable if you need to prepare yourself for a heated conversation, say with a Democrat friend.

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Book review about a man who made positive change in the world

Republican President Abraham Lincoln said, "I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends."

In this time of bitter divide in America isn't it time we use both our brain and our heart to ask, "What is the other side thinking?"

Yet what if the other side happened to be people in a country half a world away called North Korea?

Last year marked the 70th anniversary of the start of the Korean war. This 'undeclared war' which later got us hooked on the tv show "MASH" yep, #4077. We may have associated the Korean conflict with a zany medical army outfit on t.v. but in real life anything about this was anything but comic. The "Korean conflict" lasted just three years but in that time according to website:

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Review of "Unveiled: How Western Liberals Empower Radical Islam"

With this week's suicide bombing at the Kabul Airport, I once again decided to dive into exploring radical islam.

I chose the book, 'Unveiled: How Western Liberals Empower Radical Islam" by Yasmine Mohammed. It's definitely a catchy title, yet several Goodreads reviewers felt, as I did, the title didn't accurately reflect the thesis of the book.

One reviewer wrote, "The title is absolutely a misnomer...this is not the book it was marketed to be. It is very much a personal memoir..

Reading page after page, I believed the author wasn't afraid to stand before her readers naked, (figuratively speaking) to pour out her heart of the abuses she experienced during her childhood.

Her story heartfelt, was one of survival; an autobiography escape from religious radicalization.

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