Rein on All Fronts

This is a column that will feature the the thoughts of Charles Rein. The articles will cover a variety of topics, including book reviews. 

Republican President Abraham Lincoln said, "I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends."

In this time of bitter divide in America isn't it time we use both our brain and our heart to ask, "What is the other side thinking?"

Yet what if the other side happened to be people in a country half a world away called North Korea?

Last year marked the 70th anniversary of the start of the Korean war. This 'undeclared war' which later got us hooked on the tv show "MASH" yep, #4077. We may have associated the Korean conflict with a zany medical army outfit on t.v. but in real life anything about this was anything but comic. The "Korean conflict" lasted just three years but in that time according to website:

With this week's suicide bombing at the Kabul Airport, I once again decided to dive into exploring radical islam.

I chose the book, 'Unveiled: How Western Liberals Empower Radical Islam" by Yasmine Mohammed. It's definitely a catchy title, yet several Goodreads reviewers felt, as I did, the title didn't accurately reflect the thesis of the book.

One reviewer wrote, "The title is absolutely a misnomer...this is not the book it was marketed to be. It is very much a personal memoir..

Reading page after page, I believed the author wasn't afraid to stand before her readers naked, (figuratively speaking) to pour out her heart of the abuses she experienced during her childhood.

Her story heartfelt, was one of survival; an autobiography escape from religious radicalization.

In the California high desert that looks surprisingly like New Mexico on Saturday June 24, I discovered Liberty Sculpture Park.

Unfortunately so did at least one other with sinister intentions. Only one day before I found myself heading past this park, an unknown arsonist(s) burned down a statue that had taken seven months to create on a desert park that stands against tyranny.

Other statues are still standing. Chief Crazy Horse, unveiled in 2017 as well as 16-foot statue of Chinese dissident Li Wangyang. Li faced a lengthy 21 year prison sentence and later died mysteriously.

What had piqued our curiosity however stood nearly 20 feet (6.4 meters) tall: a gleaming silver monument comprised of two numerals, a 6 and a 4 just off highway 1-15 North about 102 miles from the Nevada border.

My relative, a good cop who sat beside me wanting to know more, pulled over to investigate. He explained our road trip to Las Vegas could withstand a short delay. Myself not a cop, but equipped with a journalistic mind, later encountered other visitors near the monuments created to stand against tyranny. I met and chatted with a CA couple also visiting. The wife wore a Trump hat; the husband was retired F.B.I.