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The Old Order Falls Part 1

The Old Order Falls
By Charles Rein
Part I.

Historical fiction

⚠️  This story is a literary genre of historical fiction. Although it is set  in what may seem to some readers as a recognizable historical context, its characters-- their actions dialogue and motivations are portrayed by the novel --are entirely imaginary.

"Alvin Bragg who?"

The Merriam Webster dictionary terms defines brag as: to talk boastfully.  This is what millions of Americans associated with Alvin Bragg, so fitting was the first part of his name. 

While countless others didn't know  this New York name, Alvin Bragg would drastically affect their lives soon as well. One of the most powerful and rotund African American activists who had grown up in Harlem to become a New York District Attorney would be found shot to death outside the entrance to his apartment this week.

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Digital Monopoly - Government says, "Do NOT Pass Go. Do NOT Collect $200"

Digital Monopoly - Government says, "Do NOT Pass Go. Do NOT Collect $200"

By Charles Rein

In the movie, Jerry Mcguire, a big league sports agent must follow the order to shout "SHOW ME DA MONEY!!" over the phone in order to keep his only client, Rod Tidwell, an outstanding African-American football player on as Jerry's client.

This $$ line shouted out by actor Tom Cruise popped into my head faster than a pleasantly plump man ignoring the line and cutting in front of you, at the carving station, inside Hometown Buffet!

While listening to 'Constitution Radio' call in radio show (hosted by Douglas V. Gibbs, including co-hosts Allen Myers; Dennis Jackson on 14.90 KMET) one topic grabbed my attention was "digital currency."

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Out for Blood

Rein on All Fronts

Yesterday, Weng Sor allegedly mowed down at least 8 people while driving on and off roads -even on Brooklyn sidewalks and crashing into a moped! It appears this road rage demon was out to kill, even saying at the time of his arrest, that he 'only ran over bad people - not good people.'

This was reminiscent of the Grand Theft Auto video game, except Sor was not a player and this was no game. It resulted in the death of one individual so far and nine injuries.

According to family members, Sor had a troubling history of violence and mental illness. Daryl Singer, Sor's brother-in-law told The Post.
that Sor's bizarre behavior dates back years.

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🍿  Popcorn Can Change Your Life

🍿  Popcorn Can Change Your Life

By Charles Rein
Rein On All Fronts

For this month's book review, I selected a recent author who became my friend years ago. She begins her book with the first chapter by incorporating the theme of popcorn. 

Using the metaphor to compare our lives to a simple kernel of corn this author invites the reader to enjoy the process of transformation, the journey of popping out your talents and make your dreams come true.There's also a "Leap of Popcorn" section in each of her chapters.

So if you choose a book that coincides with National Popcorn Day🍿(yes that's today, January19) hopefully you'll consider Micky Branco's book, "Where to Start When You Don't Know Where to Go."

Not all Heroes Wear a Cape,

Not all Heroes Wear a Cape,
Mine wears Kevlar.

By Clarles Rein

I can't believe author Ronald Dahl wrote "tv rots your brain." Was he aware that certain shows can also inspire?  Decades ago a teenager was motivated by a law enforcement tv show. He watched the tv show, '21 Jump Street' on the new FOX network. 

Back in the 1980s there were police officer led classroom lessons for every grade known as DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education). These programs even featured McGruff "Take a Bite Out of Crime" dog character in elementary schools. This inspired teen even wore a costumed McGruff dog suit on several occasions while volunteering with the police. This teen was ⚠️  Spoiler Alert ⚠️  ME, who joined a group, the "Police Explorers."

While I eventually decided not to pursue a career in law enforcement, my five years volunteering gave me a greater respect for "the boys in blue." I even crashed into a police car, while driving a police car (on a closed course) but that's another story!

My reminiscing coincides with highlighting today as National Law Enforcement Day. 

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Christmas stories

Rein on All Fronts
Charles Rein

 Any of us reminiscing for simpler times may remember childhood Christmas presents we begged for. Don't call these 'toys'! Today they're "classic, vintage, highly coveted childhood collectables" which, putting them up for auction, could likely put your granddaughter through college!

It doesn't matter your profession or age! A garbage man, on his route, found the most amazing items decades ago and at the same time influenced his son Johnny.

The son grew up to be Johnny Jimenez, owner of "The Toy Shack" in Las Vegas. If you've seen the show, "Pawn Stars" Johnny is the Classic Toy Expert who acts as a consultant for Rick. In a recent phone interview I had with Johnny, he stated:

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On October 28, the Democrat Speaker of the House (third in line for presidential succession) appeared in the news. Nancy Pelosi's husband, Paul, was attacked and thumped in the head with a hammer. Supposedly , the perpetrator, David DePape, was inside the Pelosi residence shouting "Where is Nancy? Where is Nancy?" before being apprehended by the boys in blue, who arrived on the scene.

Now some of my readers may jokingly applaud this, "chickens coming home to roost" as one individual wrote me. Others may envision heading to their local Home Depot or Lowe's hardware department to purchase a similar bludgeoning device to mail from their post office, a construction tool AKA "gift box for Nancy." I want to remind them, that joking aside, this is a serious matter.

According to the National Review article by Ryan Mills:

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As Angry as a Raging Bull and what to do about it

By Charles Rein

 Have you ever attended a Republican rally and saw something you didn't like? How about this man? He's a fit male, latino, age 70+ with a full head of hair like a handsome "Siver Fox". You have no problem with him as a person. What you DO have a problem with is WHAT he is wearing! A white and blue shirt. It's the words on his shirt which enrage you. Those words at the top of his shirt is a name which rhymes with Billary and begins with an "H". The shirt contains more words. HILLARY for...

And he's wearing this at a pro-Trump rally too. Now would you ignore the man wearing this shirt? Or would you saunter up like John Wayne and give him a piece of your mind.

I share this story is because it's true! I know this politically active, pro-Trump supporter who wore this political shirt to several Trump rallies. What a few Republicans who approached him ready to give him a "piece of their mind" failed to comprehend was the additional information.

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