The postings in this column will be primarily from Power the Future, which is a non-profit organization fighting for American energy workers. 

PTF Blasts Biden's Veto Pledge Of The Lower Energy Costs Act

Turner: The President's Disdain For American Energy Knows No Limits

Washington, D.C. - In response to President Joe Biden's threat to veto H.R. 1 (Lower Energy Costs Act), Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director for Power The Future, issued the following statement:

"For all the Beltway chatter about his purported triangulation heading into his re-election, Joe Biden is starting the second half of his term in an identical fashion to the first: utter and complete capitulation to the extreme environmental left that funded his campaign and runs his administration. The new House Republican majority deserves great credit for the Lower Energy Costs Act, which represent a roadmap to the energy independence Biden so foolishly squandered. Reliable, affordable and domestic energy has powered America's greatness for generations, and it's incumbent on all elected representatives, Republican and Democrat, to advocate for the industry and its workers."

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PTF Slams Climate Envoy Kerry For Stunning "We Have To Work With China" Statement

Washington, D.C. - In response to President Biden's climate envoy, John Kerry, telling Yahoo News that the U.S. must work with China to combat climate change, Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director for Power The Future, issued the following statement:

"It's been almost two decades since American voters rejected John Kerry's out-of-elitism, yet thanks to the rise of the climate cult, he's still having a major influence on our public policy. For anyone concerned about the Communist Chinese Party's influence over our children on TikTok or their unholy alliance with Russia in their shared quest to topple the United States as the world's superpower, John Kerry wants you to know that climate change is the bigger existential threat.

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Not Just TikTok: Biden Administration Outsources American Energy to China

Not Just TikTok: Biden Administration Outsources American Energy to ChinaWashington, D.C. -As the chief executive of TikTok testifies before a blockbuster House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing, President Biden’s energy policies continue to line the coffers of the Chinese Communist Party. According to reporting by Carrie Sheffield in the New York Post,the Biden Administration shut off 514,000acres from mining in Nevada just this week. In addition to the destruction of jobs and revenue, Biden’s decision shuts off the potential production of lithium, a critical mineral for the green renewable future.

"While Biden forces our taxpayers to shell out $369 billion on his green fantasy on the one hand, he’s shutting off American lands from mining the critical minerals required for those very devices on the other,” said Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director for Power The Future. “Stopping American mining is akin to cutting a check to the Chinese Communist Party. This is Joe Biden’s ‘America Last’ energy policy at its absolute worst. If you like the idea of an ascendant China running roughshod over the world with their spy balloons and missiles, you’ll love Biden’s green future.”

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Sweet Sixteen: Top Energy Hypocrites Start Road to Title

Top Energy Critics to Compete in Energy Hypocrite Madness

Washington, D.C. - To mark the annual rite of March Madness, Power The Future today launched the “Energy Hypocrite Madness” tournament highlighting the top anti-energy hypocrites in the United States. Contestants were chosen based on who spewed extreme anti-energy rhetoric while still relying on the very fossil fuel industry they seek to destroy.

“If you’re looking for real madness, look no future than these individuals or groups because their hypocrisy is truly insane,” said Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director for Power The Future. “It’s time we had some fun at their expense, but there’s nothing funny about what these hypocrites are doing to our country. While they demand each of us give up our car, gas stove and other parts of our way of life, they refuse to do the same. If nothing else, these hypocrites highlight the critical importance of traditional energy in our lives.”

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Every day, a new matchup will be posted on the Power The Future Twitter account where the public will get to vote on who moves on in the bracket. Now, on to the Sweet Sixteen competitors, in no particular order:

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Willow Is A Win For Alaska, But Biden Shows His True Colors In The Process  

Washington, D.C. - Today, the Biden Administration issued a final decision on the Willow oil and gas project in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A.) while also issuing new rules to block oil and gas leases on more than 13 million of the 23 million acres that form the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. In response, Power The Future's Alaska State Director, Rick Whitbeck, issued the following statement:

"Today's decision proves even a stopped clock is correct twice a day, as Biden surprised nearly everyone with Willow's approval. Now, Alaska can move ahead with a project that will employ over 2,500 people during construction, create more than 300 full-time jobs, and provide 180,000 barrels of oil a day down the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. With Willow, we celebrate science over fear mongering, opportunity over obstructionism and America over OPEC. As good as that decision is, the trade-off creates a short-term gain and long-term pain for Alaska and America. Biden's actions to permanently lock up 13 million acres in the NPR-A, as well as shutter any hopes of development in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas, are horrible for Alaska's resource future. Those areas have been estimated to hold 15-20 billion barrels of oil and nearly 100 trillion cubic feet of gas, but are now off-limits forever. Make no mistake – Willow is a huge win for America, but at what cost?"

Power The Future is a 501c4 non-profit dedicated to fighting for American energy workers.

BREAKING: PTF Applauds HR-1 to Restore American Energy Independence

Washington, D.C. - Today, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced HR-1, the "Lower Energy Costs Act," a compilation of bills to restore American Energy Independence by fixing permitting, promoting new refineries and increasing mining. Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director for Power The Future issued the following statement in response:

"This is the cure for record gas prices and crippling inflation that plague our families. We've all witnessed the harmful consequences of embracing the failed green agenda, and that's why HR-1 must move quickly through Congress with bipartisan support. The eco-left has set the agenda for the last two years and the disastrous results speak for themselves. Thanks to Speaker McCarthy, a new day is here and America can get back to work producing the most affordable and reliable energy in the world."
Power The Future is a 501c4 non-profit dedicated to fighting for American energy workers.

PTF Slams Biden's Budget Proposal as Latest Attack on American Energy

 Washington, D.C. - President Biden's recently released budget proposal is calling for the elimination of tax benefits on American oil and natural gas production. The proposal is presented less than a year after the President signed off on $369 billion in funding for "green" energy in addition to the subsidies already granted to the renewable industry. In response, Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director of Power The Future issued the following statement:

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PTF Praises House Legislation Freeing States from California's EV Mandates

Bill Represents Second Step In "Roadmap for Energy Independence"

Washington, D.C. - After a quartet of House Republicans introduced new legislation freeing 17 states from California’s burdensome electric vehicle mandates, Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director for Power The Future, issued the following statement:

“As the poster child for energy failure, California should be the last state setting a roadmap for others. Even green lunatics knew Congress would never pass laws this insane, and that’s why they granted the power to the Golden State. If EVs are as great as Gavin Newsom claims, government mandates would not be be necessary. Americans should be able to buy whatever vehicle they want, when they want, and we applaud these members of the House of Representatives for taking this important step.

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