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to the point mick richMick Rich will provide articles once or twice a week. Some will address New Mexico issues and some will talk about national issues. 

stapletonmimi stewartIt should be against the law for legislators to vote on legislation that enriches themselves and their public employee unions

The national Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, a major contributor to union teachers running for state legislatures, applauded the great success NM Representative Majority Leader Stapleton and NM Senate President Pro Tem Stewart have had in New Mexico. Obviously, this fundraising piece was written before Stapleton was arrested for corruption.

I was surprised by the end of 2021; my business was finally on the mend from the US Senate campaign in 2018 and our construction project at Los Alamos National Laboratory. At the beginning of 2021, I finally became a good television host of, "To the Point with Mick Rich" only to have it end. Months later I began writing articles for "To The point with Mick Rich". I have always been committed to making a difference, only how I will make that difference has changed.

You helped me to make a difference. One reader wrote me to say, good ideas awful writing please get someone to proof your writing. I did. Another reader wrote that I was incorrect on how to repeal bail bond reform, he was correct but did not need to be insulting. I am more careful now. One comment I received, good points and arguments but I do not agree with you. I can appreciate that.

I learned a few surprising lessons. A national publication rejected my article because I included an unsubstantiated idea in the article. I was admonished by American Thinker when they published my article, and it was also published in the Grant County Beat. Discovered Grant County and San Francisco are not far apart on the web. An editor took the time to explain what makes for a great article, solid title, strong first paragraph, get it done between 400 and 800 words.


 Image by Film Las Cruces

No wonder the Democrat Leaders in Santa Fe won't let New Mexicans see Spaceport America.

Bill Richardson announced in December of 2006 New Mexico would lead the country into Space with Spaceport America. Santa Fe Democrats greeted the news with jubilation. Today Spaceport America is behind locked gates and Santa Fe Democrats are silent. They are hoping New Mexicans don't discover what they know; Spaceport America is a Catastrophic Failure. A Catastrophic Failure is not a result of one single event but a cascading of one failure after another where recovery is not possible. For Spaceport America those cascading events are as follows:

Without an economic or feasibility study, how did Bill Richardson know it was a good bet for New Mexico? Without an economic and feasibility study, Richardson gambled our money on his Spaceport America.

Who would think it could be so much fun separating the wealthy from their money

By Mick Rich

Slinglaunch is a high-tech company that is attempting to modernize that biblical weapon, the sling. The Brothers Yaney are marketing Slinglaunch as the most efficient means to sling small satellites into orbit. The physics are straightforward, the mechanics are anything but, and the financial rewards for The Brothers Yaney are out of this world. Who would think, separating the wealthy from their money could be so much fun, and no that is not the tag line to the movie The Brothers Bloom

The physics of the Slinglaunch are simple, spin the launch vehicle faster and faster in a vacuum (to eliminate friction) then release the launch vehicle. The momentum at the point of release will be sufficient for the launch vehicle to a height of 200 miles above the earth.

Spinlaunch's vacuum-enclosed prototype centrifuge (located at the New Mexico Spaceport) is three hundred feet across. The full-scale vacuum-enclosed centrifuge will be nine hundred feet across making it the world's largest vacuum structure. If it does not collapse under the weight of gravity, it will collapse under the pull of the vacuum. (Vacuum Collapses a Steel Railroad Tank).

Stop Supporting Unelectable Moderate Democrats

Mick Rich
Nov 18
Virginia Republicans in early fall caught a mighty wind from the Atlantic that swept almost all the state-wide candidates into office on November 4. While in New Mexico, it was more like a dust devil of swirling wind with no direction. Democrats easily won the biggest races, the mayoral races in Albuquerque and Santa Fe; however, the races for city council and school board indicate a shifting wind is coming.

In Albuquerque, the Republican McCleskey machine ran Democrat Gonzales's campaign to unseat the incumbent Democrat Mayor Keller. The Santa Fe New Mexican article dated 10.17.2021 stated, "The county Republican Party did not back a candidate in the mayor's race" despite a qualified Republican in the race. In both mayoral races, many Republicans leaders endorsed the Democrat candidate instead of candidates of their own party. Ironically, some of these same Republican backers of Democrat candidates are now queuing up to run in statewide elections fully expecting GOP support and commitment to their campaign efforts.

This sends a message to the voters, there is no difference between a Republican or Democrat candidate. The message to Republican candidates is that they cannot depend on support from the Republican leadership. The message to the rank-and-file Republicans is their party principals are no longer valued. The result is a fractured Republican party.

The Dark Age's Feudal Lords are Today's Elites

Mick Rich
Oct 27

There are many similarities between the Dark Ages in Europe that occurred approximately a thousand years ago and what is occurring today in the United States. Rome unified all of Europe and when the Roman Empire fell, Western Europe was splintered into small fiefdoms that were ill-equipped to address regional challenges of protecting their borders, changes in climate, and the Bubonic Plague pandemic.

Germanic tribes from the east overwhelmed the small fiefdoms. Beginning in the 1300s, Europe experienced the Little Ice Age causing crop and livestock loss that resulted in famine. The fiefdoms were incapable of bringing bring food from the Mediterranean to ease starvation and without scientific knowledge, they blamed and killed their readymade scapegoat, the Jews. The next hundred years brought the Bubonic Plague pandemic. The Jews continued to be persecuted.

America is no longer unified by Washington but is splintered into modern-day fiefdoms: the political elites in Washington, financial and media elites in New York City, entertainment elites in Los Angles, and technical elites in San Francisco. They are all ill-equipped to address the challenges of protecting our borders, changes in climate, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Joe Biden was a loyal soldier in the United States Senate for thirty-six years and another eight years as Vice-President. At the time, Joe Biden never pursued a leadership role in the Senate or as Vice-President. As a loyal soldier, he was rewarded with the Democratic nomination for President of the United States

In four short years, President Trump put America on top. We were energy independent, an economic powerhouse, a nation second to none, and once again master of our own borders. We rejoiced in the results if not in the man.

President Trump was everything President Obama wasn’t. Just as President Trump undid President Obama’s record, Joe Biden is undoing President Trump’s accomplishments and mimicking President Obama’s legacy. Undoing one person’s accomplishments and copying another’s record is not leading; it is being a loyal soldier.

For over forty years, I have been running construction work. In my twenties and thirties, I learned how to lead individuals to accomplish more than what they thought was possible. In the last twenty years, I have assisted those that desired to become leaders. I discovered that an individual who was content to be a loyal soldier could never become a leader because they were satisfied to follow. Loyal soldiers are essential, but I could never count on them to lead a team.

By Mick Rich

NM State Treasurer Tim Eichenberg attended the NM Biz Coalition event on Thursday. I was hoping he would declare he and his fellow Democratic leaders saw the light and would return our hard-earned gold they have buried in their backyards. It does not seem equitable that only their good friend Sheryl William Stapleton must return our hard-earned gold.

Two years ago, our campaign interns and a teacher were going to demand the APS School Board require evaluations for the school district, administrators, and teachers (not just teacher evaluations). Then they woke up and realized they would face retribution for voicing their opinion. Today, it would be US Attorney General Garland who would be prosecuting them for expressing their opinion. So much for equity.