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MLG Embarrassed Liberal Politicians & Media Across the Nation

MLG invites Republican Senate & House Leaders to propose anti-violence legislation.


New Mexicans woke up to “Governor announces statewide enforcement plan for  violence, fentanyl reduction – Plan includes 30-day suspension of concealed, open carry in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County.”

Santa Fe Democrats didn’t believe suspending concealed and open-carry weapons would end violence in Albuquerque. As Bill Clinton’s buddy Rahm Emanuel once said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you thought you could not do before.”  Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s opportunity was to strip New Mexicans of their Second Amendment Rights while propelling her to the national stage.

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SF Dems underwrite $1 billion solar plant with $0.6 billion of NM Taxpayer Money

$0.6 Billion is the cost of overcoming NM Education, Crime, and Infrastructure Crisis for just one company.

Santa Fe Democrats recently celebrated a new $1.0 billion (with $0.6 billion incentives) solar panel plant built in Albuquerque by Singapore's Maxeon Solar. Meanwhile, Phoenix Republicans celebrated a $30.0 billion (no report of incentives) computer chip plant being built outside of Phoenix by American Intel/Brookfield. Why do the hardworking people of New Mexico have to pay companies to come to New Mexico?

NM is ranked fiftieth in educating its youth. NM Senate Majority Leader Mimi Stewart and indicted Ex-NM House Speaker Sheryl William Stapleton and their fellow Santa Fe Democrats put and kept New Mexico at the bottom of all fifty states for education.  

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From ABQ Homeless to South Valley and Isleta Pueblo Residents.

Is this environmental racism by the ABQ Mayor & Council?

The Albuquerque Mayor and City Council applaud themselves for fighting environmental racism by stopping business development in the Albuquerque South Valley. While they look away from the pollution their policies have created, the pollution flows to South Valley residents via the Rio Grande.

homeless crapping on albuquerque
July 2023 Downtown Albuquerque, photograph provided a subscriber.

Homeless people are urinating and defecating on our sidewalks and city streets, just as this person is doing.

Our firm was renovating a restaurant in downtown Albuquerque. As I was walking to the building, I witnessed a homeless person urinating on the sidewalk while APD just looked away. This is not just about decency. It is about our public health.

The City of Albuquerque’s Storm Water Pollution Prevention states,” When it rains,…pollutants get washed from … streets into storm drains and then directly into the Rio Grande untreated!” Please note that the homeless person in the photographs is just feet from a storm drain. It further states, “Pet waste left on the ground gets carried away by storm water contributing harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses to our river. Please clean up after your pet.”  

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Santa Fe Democrats Have Plundered New Mexico

Santa Fe Democrats are fortunate for the current state of the Republican Party.

The only thing worse than the Santa Fe Democrats stealing the treasures of New Mexico is what they left in its place. This realization occurred during the last segment of Saturday's "To The Point with Mick Rich" on KKOB (2:00 to 3:00 pm).

Between segments, I asked Amaire, "What are your listeners on the Sports Animal saying about the trial of Athletic Director Krebs?" She responded, "Our listeners don't care; it is just UNM." I remember when people cared. When the Lobo men's basketball or football played a home game, people wore red shirts, sweaters, and pullovers to work. I remember when the Pit was packed and the "sound meter" was off the chart.

Santa Fe Democrats succeeded in taking away UNM's nationally ranked ski team and soccer team.

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Albuquerque Mayor and Council Created the Homeless Crisis

It is time to throw the bums out, and I do not mean the homeless. 

berry interviews homeless 2 Mayor Berry discovering what homeless people want      Photo from Quorum, public affairs software company

New Mexicans are compassionate people and were behind Mayor Berry’s “A Better Way” initiative to address homelessness in the City of Albuquerque. The idea was that if the COA provided the needs of the homeless, they would not be on the streets. Those elected officials did not understand what every business owner knows: your customers will increase when you provide what they need at a fair price. The Mayor and City Council Members did not end homelessness; they increased homelessness.

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Secretary of Interior Haaland Seizes Control of Native Lands

Washington Democrats were surprised Native Americans were not rejoicing with them when Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland seized control of the Navajo Nation land surrounding the Chaco Culture National Park in northwest New Mexico. They were shocked when members of the Navajo Nation kept Secretary Haaland from celebrating her actions at Chaco.
deb haaland protestJon Austria/The Albuquerque Journal

What will Washington Democrats do if the Nation Navajo files suit against Secretary Haaland and her seizing control of land belonging to the Navajo Nation?

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Utilities May Not Be Able to Provide Electricity to the All-Electric Homes

Homeowners may be unable to afford their electric bill after upgrading their homes to all-electric appliances.  

California has mandated that all new homes built are to be all-electric, and starting in 2030, all new home appliances will be electric. I expect Washington will soon follow California’s lead of all-electric homes and appliances. In addition, Washington has mandated that fifty percent of new automobiles are to be electric.

Sacramento and Washington Democrats possess the power to enact these mandates but cannot, with a pen stroke, rebuild America’s electrical grid.    

Families Dependent Upon Unreliable Electricity

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Let’s Avoid National Blackouts

We’ve gone from Energy-Independent to Energy Instability 

he Biden administration has mandated 80% renewable energy by 2030, 100% carbon-free electricity by 2035, and 50-60% of all vehicles produced are electric by 2030. California has mandated that new homes be all-electric, and I expect the Biden Administration will mandate the same. Without a study to determine if electrical demand will exceed the electrical supply, how long it will last, and the impact on the economy and the loss of life, is the US doomed to experience the same Texas-Styled Blackouts (which caused 195 billion in property damage and between 250 to 700 deaths) nationally?

My fifty-year construction career has included constructing and modifying everything from oil refineries to diesel, gasoline, and natural gas fueling stations, from hydro, gas-turbine to photovoltaic solar electrical plants (including a solar panel manufacturer facility), coal mines to uranium mines. In addition, we are constructing an electrical grid test facility and have been a Department of Energy Contractor for nearly thirty years. That fifty years of experience combined with my engineering degree leads me to believe many regions of the United States will experience energy instability, such as what occurred in the 2021 Texas Blackouts.

The Great 2021 Texas Blackouts, A Case Study of Electrical Grid Failure

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