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to the point mick richMick Rich will provide articles once or twice a week. Some will address New Mexico issues and some will talk about national issues. 

Joe Biden was a loyal soldier in the United States Senate for thirty-six years and another eight years as Vice-President. At the time, Joe Biden never pursued a leadership role in the Senate or as Vice-President. As a loyal soldier, he was rewarded with the Democratic nomination for President of the United States

In four short years, President Trump put America on top. We were energy independent, an economic powerhouse, a nation second to none, and once again master of our own borders. We rejoiced in the results if not in the man.

President Trump was everything President Obama wasn’t. Just as President Trump undid President Obama’s record, Joe Biden is undoing President Trump’s accomplishments and mimicking President Obama’s legacy. Undoing one person’s accomplishments and copying another’s record is not leading; it is being a loyal soldier.

For over forty years, I have been running construction work. In my twenties and thirties, I learned how to lead individuals to accomplish more than what they thought was possible. In the last twenty years, I have assisted those that desired to become leaders. I discovered that an individual who was content to be a loyal soldier could never become a leader because they were satisfied to follow. Loyal soldiers are essential, but I could never count on them to lead a team.

By Mick Rich

NM State Treasurer Tim Eichenberg attended the NM Biz Coalition event on Thursday. I was hoping he would declare he and his fellow Democratic leaders saw the light and would return our hard-earned gold they have buried in their backyards. It does not seem equitable that only their good friend Sheryl William Stapleton must return our hard-earned gold.

Two years ago, our campaign interns and a teacher were going to demand the APS School Board require evaluations for the school district, administrators, and teachers (not just teacher evaluations). Then they woke up and realized they would face retribution for voicing their opinion. Today, it would be US Attorney General Garland who would be prosecuting them for expressing their opinion. So much for equity.

Previously published in The American Thinker

It is tragic for the individual, family, and loved ones of an elderly person suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's. It is a disaster for our nation if it is our President. Is President Biden suffering from a disease that is robbing him of his cognitive abilities?

President Biden's longtime personal physician and now White House Physician, Dr. Kevin O'Connor has either not performed or not released the results of a cognitive test. President Biden's staff shield him from view and the media continues to protect the President from scrutiny. Since the media has not explored the cognitive abilities of the President, therefore, we will by comparing the CDC's "10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's" to President Biden's behavior.

• Memory loss that disrupts daily life such as dependency on notes. An Australian news organization reporting on President Biden's news conference regarding damage from Hurricane Ida ended up highlighting President Biden's utter dependency on prepared notes. Australian media unlike American media will inform their readers on Biden's concerning behavior.

During the 2008 presidential election between John McCain and Barack Obama, the media compared Michele Obama to Jackie Kennedy and Cindy McCain to Nancy Reagan. But the media missed that Cindy McCain and Nancy Reagan are both women of the West and Michele Obama and Jackie Kennedy are both women of the East.

I've found women of the West to be fiercely independent, courageous, and able to work side-by-side with any man.

My mother (daughter of my Granddad Frolli) lived in the communities of gold and silver mines of the Southwest until she was a teenager. At that time, mining towns were like the Wild West, and she was a part of it. As a young girl, she would ride alone (western style) into the surrounding wilderness, across the country with little flatland. Without a map or compass and no trail, the path back home was never a straight line, and on a few occasions, she arrived home well after dark. On one occasion her horse was startled and bucked; her head struck the horse's mane cut her forehead. She never fell off her horse and rode home a bit bloodied. The most concerning to her was when she ran across miners in the backcountry, and they would yell to her; she would spur her horse on keeping as a safe distance. No matter the challenges she faced riding, she never gave up the freedom it gave her.

When my Granddad Frolli was transferred to San Francisco, he felt it was time my mother learned to be a respectable young woman. She rode sidesaddle and attended formal dances and secretarial school. (Unlike her brother, she was not allowed to attend college.)

antelope wells

Border Crossing at Antelope Wells, NM September 21, 2021

How is the border crossing in Antelope Wells, New Mexico, empty of border agents and illegal immigrants while the border crossing in Del Rio, Texas, is overflowing with both?   

The border crossing at Antelope Wells has Trump’s Border Wall on each side of the border crossing for as far as the eye can see. Look closely; the small gap in the wall is the border crossing. Even though sections of the border wall are unfinished in the area, the presences of the wall discourage illegal immigrants while providing a door to legal immigrants into our country.

The border crossing at Del Rio does not have Trump’s Border Wall on each side of the border crossing. Thus, the whole border becomes the crossing. The border agents and illegal immigrants are playing an adult game of Red Rover. There are thousands of players on the Mexican side and a few hundred on the US side. President Biden then essentially yells, “Come on Over,” while the border agents are stuck trying to hold the line.

Businesses & Individuals Being Extorted by the Homeless, Pay Up or Get Busted Up

By Mick Rich

Yesterday’s Protection Racket

When we think of a Protection Racket, we think of the 1970’s movie “The Godfather” with Marlon Brando. In the film small “Mom & Pop” stores were being shaken down by the “foot soldiers” of the La Cosa Nostra. The sales pitch for protection was very simple “Either pay up or you or your business will be busted up.” Everyone understands this is extorsion.When I watched The God Father and the foot soldiers were collecting the protection money, I always asked myself, where are the police? The police were either paid to look the other way or ordered to avoid the area.

The protection racket preys upon law-abiding citizens when law enforcement is non-existent.

Richardson's Fellow Democrat, Now NM House Majority Leader, Resigns Amid Investigation of Racketeering, Money Laundering, and Kickbacks of Federal Funds.

The Dark Cloud of the Richardson's Administration

A London England Headlines, "Former New Mexico Democratic Governor Bill Richardson is accused of raking in hundreds of thousands in bribes and kickbacks to fund debauched lifestyle including 'sexual services and favors"

The article then highlighted:

London England Headlines, “Former New Mexico Democratic Governor Bill Richardson is accused of raking in hundreds of thousands in bribes and kickbacks to fund debauched lifestyle including 'sexual services and favors”

The article then highlighted: 

Bill Richardson has been accused of running a scheme in which he raked in over $100k of dollars in bribes while in office· Richardson, 72, served as Governor for New Mexico from January 1, 2003, to December 31, 2010. According to a recently unsealed legal complaint obtained by, Richardson used the money to fund a luxury and debauched lifestyle.

His lifestyle allegedly included 'sexual services and favors' funded by the scam dubbed the 'Richardson Ring.' The lawsuit claims that Governor Richardson was able to place his trusted 'operatives' in state government jobs to cover up his wrongdoing. Richardson, a career politician, was previously accused of having sex with Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Roberts when she was underage, a claim he has denied. Roberts named Richardson in court documents among several others as men Ghislaine Maxwell told her to have sex with.

From the September 20, 2020 edition of London, England’s Daily Mail