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The items posted in this column are provided by George Taylor, a retired Border Patrol agent.

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28 APR 2021

Based on available data — as well as interviews with more than a dozen counterdrug officials, drug policy experts and academics — the deadly synthetic opioid fentanyl has displaced heroin as the leading driver of the ongoing opioid crisis in the United States and is contributing to a deadly scramble for market-control back in Mexico. In the second of this three-part series (read chapters one and three), InSight Crime explores these seismic shifts in the regional drug market.

It wasn't long after she'd been arrested that April Kelly told US prosecutors how she was able to move huge quantities of the synthetic opioid, fentanyl across the US-Mexico border. Kelly, a US citizen living in Tijuana, was at the San Ysidro border crossing, just south of San Diego, when her car was stopped by authorities. They discovered over 16 kilograms of methamphetamine, 17 kilograms of cocaine and 5.5 kilograms of fentanyl. She was arrested on the spot and prosecuted for drug trafficking.

Using the car was Kelly's biggest mistake. Normally she crossed on foot, fastening plastic bags filled with fake prescription pills to her. The pills were laced with fentanyl and fetched about $20 a pop on the open market. She could, she said, carry as many as 10,000 pills across per trip, or about $200,000 worth of drugs.

By a Friend of Columnist

Thought I would take a few minutes and recap what is happening in Green Valley right now. For those of you that have not been here, Green Valley is a community of about 25,000 people located about a half hour south of Tucson and ~35 miles north of the Mexican border. It is a retirement community. The joke is most people are eating supper at 4 p.m. and in bed by 7 p.m. The crime rate is nil. But we cannot say the same of Tucson. Our county is PIMA.

PIMA county has announced it will "invest" $2 million of OUR county taxpayer dollars to buy hotel rooms for illegals. The Border Patrol is overwhelmed. They are now building large tents on the local military base (Davis-Montham) which will "temporarily hold" 500 illegals under one tent. Border Patrol is not testing for covid and not vaccinating the illegals they catch; which is opposite of what some bureaucrats are stating on the news channels. Border Patrol estimates they are catching 7/10 illegals crossing; but as they say- "we really don't know."

This past week in Green Valley: 

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