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Libertarian Leanings is a column by by Peter Burrows, who blogs at silvercityburro.com and can be reached at elburropete@gmail.com.

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By Peter Burrows elburropete@gmail.com 6/26/20

I was surprised to learn that the population of Israel is over 17 percent Muslim. Any other Judeo-Christian nation with that many Muslims would be in a civil war. I wonder if Israel's Muslim citizens are tacitly grateful to live in an oasis of civilization, free from the smothering requirements of sharia law.

On the other hand, it could be the Muslims know their Jewish brethren have a low tolerance for sharia nonsense. I prefer that latter explanation, but what else would you expect from an old Islamophobe?

By Peter Burrows 6/12/20 elburropete@gmail.com - silvercityburro.com

The charge that America is systemically racist is, unfortunately, all too true. I know some of you are thinking, "But Burro, whenever someone who says that is asked to prove it, they can't."

You're right, they can't. No mathematical analysis of racial disparities shows that there is any meaningful racism in America, but those analyses are looking at what racism used to be. The old racism was the majority discriminating against minorities. That's dead. The new racism is the majority discriminating FOR minorities. In addition, and this is a biggie, the new racism has the majority discriminating against ITSELF.

By Peter Burrows 6/06/20 elburropete@gmail.com - silvercityburro.com

Some years ago, on Meet the Press, famed New York Times columnist Tom Friedman said that he had often fantasized about America being China for a day so that we could "authorize the right solutions" for "everything from the economy to environment."

Since China is a dictatorship, what Friedman really fantasizes about is Tom Friedman being a Mao Zedong for a day. Like most liberals, Friedman possesses invincible moral and intellectual certitude. That's why his solutions would be the" right" solutions.

By Peter Burrows, 5/25/20 elburropete@gmail.com - silvercityburro.com

Is Islam a 'race'? Most people I know would think that is a really, really dumb question, but most people I know aren't liberals. The liberals I know have to think about that question, proving that all you have to do to turn a liberal's brains to mush is to mention the word 'race.'

For proof, see the following, from a liberal, one who even has a Ph.D.:

By Peter Burrows 5/19/20 elburrpete@gmail.com - silvercityburro.com

Most people hear the word "economics" and their minds shut down. That's too bad because the basic fundamentals of economics are not difficult to understand. Most people would think that these fundamentals are just common sense. Maybe we should call it 'simplenomics" so people wouldn't be intimidated.

The most fundamental rule of economics is what I call the Brezhnev rule, named after the former Russian dictator. (I'd call it the "Burro" rule, but then you wouldn't be impressed.) Leonid Brezhnev ruled the Soviet Union from 1964 to 1982, longer than anyone except Stalin. By most accounts, he wasn't a bad guy as Russian dictators go. He certainly was reflective, as this statement reveals:

By Peter Burrows 4/30/20 elburropete@gmail.com - silvercityburro.com

Over the years, Thomas Friedman, the renowned New York Times columnist, has fantasized about America being "China for a day," because then "--- we could actually authorize the right solutions, on everything from the economy to the environment." (Meet the Press, 5/23/10)

By "authorize" he means "dictate," and by "right solutions" he means what HE thinks are the right solutions. That's a little redundant. Friedman's solutions are obviously the "right" solutions because they're Friedman's solutions.

By Peter Burrows, Libertarian Leanings, 4/22/20 elburropete@gmail.com - silvercityburro.com

Michael Moore has just posted his latest documentary film, "Planet of the Humans," on You Tube where you can watch it for free. It's free because he doesn't want anything to get in the way of the film's message: 'Green' energy is a disastrous, profit-driven scam.

It's an hour and forty minutes long, but it flies by. Like other Moore documentaries, it's very one-sided, but unlike other Moore documentaries, green energy doesn't have a mitigating "side" to show. Any way you look at it, green energy, aka renewable energy, is an economic waste that does more environmental harm than good.

 By Peter Burrows 4/17/20 elburropete@gmail.com - silvercityburro.com

The New Mexico Supreme Court last Tuesday unanimously rejected a petition by New Mexico Democrats to hold the upcoming June 2 primary entirely by mail. The Court authorized ballot APPLICATIONS to be sent to all registered voters, but not ballots. The distinction is important, because applications require voter signatures and address verification.

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