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 New Mexico businesses are worried about Biden's overreaching vaccine mandate and the impact it will have on workers.

But what is Governor Lujan Grisham doing? Staying completely silent while surrounding state Governors in Texas & Arizona stand up for small businesses and freedom.

Take a look:

The Chairwoman of the Democratic Governors Association Michelle Lujan Grisham refuses to publicly acknowledge Joe Biden's vaccine mandate for businesses across New Mexico after four days.

So here is the question -- with Lujan Grisham previously stating that no one but her should have a say in New Mexico's health mandates, will she finally find the courage to stand up to Joe Biden's vaccine mandate and admit it is the wrong policy for New Mexico?

Surely, the leader of our nation's Democratic governors has some sort of opinion.

Petition in Roosevelt County Is Latest Filed to Call for Grand Jury to Demand Government Accountability

 Albuquerque, September 10—The Republican Party of New Mexico is pleased to learn that another citizen petition has been filed in a Judicial Court to address the Governor overstepping her authority in her COVID decrees.

RPNM believes when government refuses to obey the law, citizens have the right and must speak out.

The petition in Roosevelt County was filed in Ninth Judicial Court and calls for a grand jury to investigate Gov. Lujan Grisham for actions resulting in malfeasance of office and a violation of her oath of office.

New Mexico is one of only six states where citizens have retained this right within their state Constitution. Similar petitions are underway now in 14 of New Mexico's 33 counties.

Grassroots Petition Seeks a Grand Jury to Look into "Crimes of Malfeasance" and "Violation of Oath of Office"

Albuquerque, September 9—The Republican Party of New Mexico believes our public officials must always be held accountable. We're excited to see New Mexico citizens standing up and taking steps to conduct their oversight of the Governor and state government.

RPNM has always felt the Governor has exceeded her authority and even went to the New Mexico Supreme Court to challenge her illegal decrees. That lawsuit was designed to protect all businesses in New Mexico from illegal fines issued by the Lujan Grisham Administration. The legal action involved five businesses and additional individual parties who charged the state abused its power by fining them $5,000 a day as part of the Governor's Public Health Order.

new report out today shows that New Mexico moms, concerned about learning loss and struggling with demanding jobs with kids at home, "feel it's really important to have their children back in a brick-and-mortar school setting despite the risk" of COVID-19.

The problem? Governor Lujan Grisham still says she may shutter schools this year. Take a look:

When asked if Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has any plans of returning students to remote learning this year if COVID-19 cases continue to rise, her press secretary, Nora Meyers Sackett, said in an email that “ensuring that New Mexico students can safely be in classrooms is a top priority – the number one tool to ensuring this is getting New Mexicans vaccinated, which continues to be our main focus, including New Mexico schools staff, which is why the governor implemented a school vaccination policy. We encourage every New Mexican to stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect New Mexico children by getting vaccinated and wearing a mask indoors.”

That is not the answer moms were looking for.

Lack of Proper Security and Health Checks Pose Potential Threats to Local Communities

Albuquerque, September 5—The Republican Party of New Mexico is calling for full transparency when it comes to the influx of Afghan refugees coming into our country.

The refugees are coming onto U.S. bases without proper security vetting of any kind. Their immigration statuses are uncertain.

Right now there is no plan in place to control what happens to Afghans, including thousands to be housed at Holloman AFB near Alamogordo, New Mexico. Holloman is among seven military bases around the nation providing temporary housing and support for Afghan evacuees.

Albuquerque, September 2—The following is a statement from Republican Party of New Mexico Executive Director Kim Skaggs on a proposed legislative plan to address violent crime from Albuquerque House Democrats.

"While it's encouraging that Democrats finally realize that violent crime has rocked Albuquerque to its core, this announcement is merely to mollify the public as pressure intensifies to tackle this ongoing crisis. It's political theater at its finest. This so-called "crime-fighting" initiative is short on specifics, weak, vague, lacks any insight into the problem and appears to be a Band-Aid approach. The plan is chock full of clichés, offering little on substance and details as to how to truly fight this problem and change the Albuquerque landscape. Where were Democrats the past few years when Republicans offered comprehensive anti-crime bills? They turned their heads and consistently tossed legislation into the trash bin. Let's hope Democrats this time are serious about Albuquerque's crime epidemic and finally do something."

What's Happening

Governor's Job Approval Poll Manifests Weak Leadership

A new statewide survey shows how angry voters are at Gov. Lujan Grisham's performance as our Chief Executive. A poll released this past week show 45% of those surveyed disapprove of the way she is leading the state. Just 46%--less than 50%--approve. The poll was conducted by Public Policy Polling for NM Political Report. In particular, The Governor polled poorly among independent voters with 33% who approve and 54% who disapprove.

It's no surprise.

Gov. Lujan Grisham has been a weak leader, who has exceeded her authority, taken away our freedoms and hurled us into economic chaos. Her Cabinet members are abandoning her or have failed to make the grade. We have the worst education system, the worst unemployment…the list goes on.

It's time we get strong leadership, fiscal responsibility and restore traditional New Mexico values back to our great state.

For more details on the poll, CLICK HERE.


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