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Albuquerque, November 22—The following is a statement from Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce on the New Mexico Supreme Court's decision to prevent citizens from convening grand juries to challenge Gov. Lujan Grisham over her illegal emergency Public Health Orders.

New Mexico is among a handful of states where citizen petitions are allowed under the state constitution.

"The Supreme Court's recent ruling rejecting the Governor's pandemic spending was a reassurance that the High Court respected and abided by the state constitution, but this latest decision goes against that. It's disappointing and frustrating that our Supreme Court will not allow the voice of New Mexicans to be heard. When state government breaks the law as Lujan Grisham has done, citizens should be able to speak out and get a proper investigation as decreed by our New Mexico Constitution. The Democrat-dominated Court continues to stifle those who believe there's malfeasance on the Governor's part. It's refreshing that citizens want to speak out after Lujan Grisham has continuously overstepped her authority, abused her power and stripped New Mexicans of their freedoms and ability to choose for themselves throughout the pandemic."

The media in NM is waking up to the realization that DGA chair Michelle Lujan Grisham is in real trouble in this upcoming election, describing her potential downfall as "one of a hundred paper cuts, mostly self-inflicted."

In case you missed it...

Trounced in court, Lujan Grisham keeps hope alive for GOP
Santa Fe New Mexican
Milan Simonich

After being rebuked by the state Supreme Court, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham might yet turn a turkey trot into a horse race.

She continues her slide toward vulnerability in the 2022 election by alienating even natural allies.

By Paul Gessing

Nearly any business owner in New Mexico will tell you that Michelle Lujan Grisham and her policies have been unfriendly to business. Setting aside the COVID lockdowns, since she took office in 2019, we’ve seen multiple tax hikes, numerous new regulations, and numerous policies that make it more costly and difficult to hire workers. 

These policies aren’t just “anti-business,” taken as a whole they undermine economic freedom. A new study provides hard data that quantifies and highlights the negative impact of policies of Lujan Grisham and the Legislature (at least in 2019).

For starters, it is worth defining the term. Economic freedom is broadly speaking the ability to engage in voluntary economic transactions without unduly being hindered by government policies. This includes low, fair taxation, reasonable rules and regulations, and a limited government spending. 

PED Continues to Move the Goal Posts at the 11th Hour

Albuquerque, November 11--The Republican Party of New Mexico condemns PED for suddenly placing a short time limit for public testimony tomorrow on its proposed social studies standards. This last-minute maneuver is a deliberate attempt to prevent a healthy discussion and to stifle opposition to the plan.

Late this afternoon, officials decided that tomorrow members of the public would be allowed to speak only 3 minutes at the critical social studies hearing.

That limited time is absurd, considering the complexity and importance of the issue. People will now be testifying on a 122-page document for 3 minutes. That's hardly enough time to make important points on the PED proposal.

Albuquerque gets more dangerous under MLG 99 homicides -- Albuquerque has never been more dangerous than it is now under Governor Lujan Grisham.

Take a look at what New Mexicans are tuning into as they watch Albuquerque smash the previous record of 81 murders set in 2018:

Too bad Lujan Grisham still refuses to send the National Guard to the border to help halt the uncontrollable flow of drugs like the governors of Texas and Arizona or call a special session to address the growing crime wave in her state.

New Mexicans still are not sure where Governor Lujan Grisham stands on Biden's overreaching vaccine mandate for workers even though she previously stated that no one but her should have a say in New Mexico's health orders.

But maybe the Biden administration's revelation that they might make getting a COVID vaccine a requirement for any worker to get a job will cause Lujan Grisham to make her position known.


Albuquerque – As the members of her administration continue to flaunt the fact they are on junket to Scotland, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham needs to disclose the total price tag and how many state employees are on the trip. While she has admitted the trip is being paid for by a nonprofit organization, she has only said "several" cabinet members are attending. While at home, New Mexicans are paying ever increasing gas and electricity prices while the state's unemployment rate is among the worst in the nation.

"I'm sure New Mexicans, who are paying huge prices for gasoline, are happy to know there's a whole team of bureaucrats on a junket to Scotland. Apparently, video conferencing wasn't an option for the Governor's team because there was an opportunity for a fossil-fueled trip to Scotland where they can lecture us on the use of fossil fuels," said Larry Behrens, Communications Director for Power The Future. "The Governor's team should disclose the price tag and how many state employees are on the week-long escape, but they haven't because they seem to feel New Mexicans don't deserve to know."

 It's official -- New Mexico workers have until January 4 to get vaccinated or small businesses will face massive fines, yet Governor Lujan Grisham is still silent about Biden's vaccine mandate.

With penalties for noncompliance ranging from $13,653 to $136,532 per violation, this is something Lujan Grisham must weigh in on. 

"Michelle Lujan Grisham previously stated that no one but her should have a say in New Mexico's health orders, so she cannot remain silent as thousands of her state's small businesses are set to be devastated by Biden's overreaching vaccine mandate," said RGA spokesman Will Reinert. "With small businesses already facing a worker shortage, this vaccine mandate could be the ruin for many entrepreneurs who struggled to keep their doors open after Lujan Grisham's restrictive pandemic policies.”

Will Reinert
Regional Press Secretary | Republican Governors Association

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