The Chronicles of Grant County

This column will feature items that relate somehow to Grant County - the name of a street in the case of the first one, and maybe other streets, or the name of a building or whatever catches the fancy of the contributor, Richard Donough. Readers are encouraged to send him topics of interest to them, so he can do the research and write an article.

The Chronicles Of Grant County

palo verde tree palm springs april 5 2013 flcker moonjazz 50This is a Palo Verde Tree in Palm Springs, California. (The photo was provided courtesy of Moonjazz through Flickr, 2013)

Palo Verde Drive, connecting Little Walnut Road and Cottonwood Road just north of the municipal limits of Silver City, gets its name from the Palo Verde Tree.

The Chronicles Of Grant County

first irs form 1913 national archives 50This is what the first Form 1040 looked like in 1913. (The image was provided courtesy of the National Archives.) 

Residents of Grant County have officials in Santa Fe (as well as Dover and Cheyenne) to thank for having to pay the Federal income tax.

Today is the anniversary of the decision of the New Mexico State Legislature to approve the 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution. That decision in Santa Fe occurred on the same day as similar votes by legislatures in the state capitals of Delaware and Wyoming on February 3, 1913.

The Chronicles Of Grant County

geronimo circa 1898 library of congress photographer frank a. rinehart 50Geronimo in a photograph, circa 1898, produced by Mr. Frank Rinehart. (The photo was provided courtesy of the Library of Congress.) 

Many people have heard the term “Geronimo!” yelled as some type of action occurs.

The Chronicles Of Grant County

cottonwood tree white signal nm 2011 steve douglas 50Steve Douglas is seen in front of a large Cottonwood Tree in the White Signal area of Grant County in November of 2011. “The tree was about 34 feet in circumference,” according to Mr. Douglas. (Photo was provided by Steve Douglas.)

Cottonwood Street in North Hurley, Cottonwood Street in Santa Clara, and Cottonwood Road in Silver City were all named after the Cottonwood tree. This tree is the state tree for Kansas (Eastern Cottonwood), Nebraska (Eastern Cottonwood), and Wyoming (Plains Cottonwood).

The Chronicles Of Grant County

bellingrath gardens and home azalea fountain plaza 2 35Azaleas frame one of the fountains at Bellingrath Gardens and Home. These gardens are located in Mobile County, Alabama. (Photo was provided by Bellingrath Gardens and Home.)Alabama Street is located in the western part of Silver City and runs from Hester Street to Western New Mexico University. The roadway was named after the State of Alabama.

cuprite ubc groundhog mine new mexico 12 7 1994 50This is a sample of Cuprite from the Ground Hog Mine on December 7, 1994. Cuprite was one of the minerals that had been mined at this locale. (The photograph was provided courtesy of the Pacific Museum of Earth of The University of British Columbia.)

As you travel along Ground Hog Mine Road, you might wonder what was the Ground Hog Mine. You might find it interesting to know that beyond being a place where ore was extracted, it was considered by federal officials to be the potential site of what would have the largest population center in Grant County.

image blue jay and cardinal mary ellen st. john flickr 12 19 2012 35A blue jay and a cardinal on tree branches in 2012. Photo courtesy of Mary Ellen St. John through Flickr.

 If you enjoy watching or going to Major League Baseball or National Football League games in the United States or Canada, you may have seen the Blue Jays, the Cardinals, and the Ravens in action. That is, the Toronto Blue Jays and the St. Louis Cardinals (both in the MLB) and the Arizona Cardinals and the Baltimore Ravens (both in the NFL). These professional sports teams were named after species of birds.

Three local streets in one neighborhood in Grant County were also named after these three birds, the blue jay, the cardinal, and the raven. Other area roadways are named after other birds.

The Chronicles Of Grant County

forgiveness adapted from image provided by gerd altmann from pixabay 25Adapted from image provided by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Christians of many denominations in Grant County will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas. For many, it’s a day of joy and happiness. It’s a time of hope.

It’s also a time for reflection on forgiveness.