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 This column is a reposting of a periodic newsletter on energy issues by John Droz Jr., a physicist and citizen advocate

He aggregates articles from many different sources. 

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Notes From Meeting at Rockefeller Mansion Shed Light on Climate Politics
By Chris Horner
January 31, 2020

From realclearenergy.org
Newly obtained public records — including handwritten notes, a “Black Swan” event in the freedom of information world — open a window onto conversations between high-ranking government officials and environmentalist activists.

These notes and emails reflect often amusing candor, in which a prurient interest is understandable. What is most important, however, is the distinction between the officials’ public stances and their private confessions, among friends, about the shared “climate change” policy agenda.

One of the main blessings of accurately understanding history, is that it gives us an unprecedented opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others — for free! What sense does it make to repeatedly go down a path likely to fail?

If we look back at government policy decisions, it’s abundantly clear that good intentions + time and effort + lots of money does NOT assure a successful outcome. Indeed, after all of these, the way-too-often actual result is:
a) the costs turn out to be enormously more than projected, and
b) the benefits are significantly less than promised, and
c) the negative “unintended” consequences are crippling.

One of the top stories globally has been the horrifically bad bushfires in Australia. Here's the link to the newsletter online: http://wiseenergy.org/Energy/Newsletters/Special_(1-10-20).pdf 

Unfortunately the mainstream media has latched onto that as another “proof” that the world has been infected with "global warming” (e.g. here and here).

What this really proves instead is that what seems to be intuitive is often not true.

This is our first Energy & Environmental Newsletter for 2020! For the full version of this issue, please click here… To review some of the highlights, see below.

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Here is a fascinating exposé about renewables — by a radical environmental (Left) group! If they get it, why don’t all Conservatives and Republicans?

My votes for the most outstanding articles this cycle are: