The Chronicles of Grant County

This column will feature items that relate somehow to Grant County - the name of a street in the case of the first one, and maybe other streets, or the name of a building or whatever catches the fancy of the contributor, Richard Donough. Readers are encouraged to send him topics of interest to them, so he can do the research and write an article.

The Chronicles Of Grant County

april fools image 2021

Yes, this is an April Fools Day news column. Happy reading.

No, there are no current plans by President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to move 94,198 people into Grant County.

But this news column is based on a number of facts.

The Chronicles Of Grant County

Grant County Population Set To Grow – More
Than 94,000 New Residents Coming To Grant County

ground hog mine map usgs april fools 50The marker indicates the location of the new community of San Jose to be the home (perhaps temporarily) of 55,000 of the more than 94,000 new residents in Grant County. (This map was provided courtesy of the United States Geological Survey.)

Joseph Biden – as a candidate for President – made a number of promises when he ran for office in 2020. Now, as President, Mr. Biden is in the process of implementing those promises into actions.

Two of his key policies – immigration reform and planning for climate change – are being blended together. Just last week, the first signs of the implementation were announced publicly when the President appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to supervise border operations.

What was not reported at that time was that part of the planned solution to the border crisis will involve moving more than 94,000 new residents into Grant County. This influx will quadruple the current population of the County, estimated to be less than 30,000 people.

The Chronicles Of Grant County

chukar stephen d from pixabay 25This image of a Chukar was provided courtesy of Stephen D through Pixabay.

Four roadways just outside of the borders of the Town of Silver City are named after game birds. Bob White Drive, Chukar Road, Partridge Avenue, and Pheasant Drive are each located off of Ridge Road. Bob Whites, Chukars, Partridges, and Pheasants are types of birds.

The Chronicles Of Grant County

saint patricks day tumisu from pixabay 25This image was provided courtesy of Tumisu through Pixabay.

Can you imagine Silver City and other communities in Grant County festooned with green ribbons?

Today – Saint Patrick's Day – might be the day to re-invent a tradition that local residents practiced in the early days of Silver City.

Green ribbons (and other decorations in the color of green) have been used throughout the world to celebrate the anniversary of the death of a man who has become synonymous with the life of Ireland. The Liverpool Mercury, a newspaper serving that city in England, reported on March 21, 1828, that Saint Patrick's Day was celebrated on March 17th that year " a more than usual brilliant manner..." with, among other items, green ribbons.

The Chronicles Of Grant County

gila wilderness steve douglas flickr asterisk97 november 18 2012This photograph shows the Gila River as it flows through the Gila Wilderness. The Apache Nation once included lands throughout Grant County as well as other areas of what is today the Southwest of the United States as well as northern Mexico. (This photo was provided through Flickr courtesy of Steve Douglas, November 18, 2012.)

When describing people from a different culture, individuals sometimes use words that seem innocuous or pleasant to themselves. Yet those same words may be used purposely to bring pain to others and may be considered offensive to the individuals from that different culture.

The Chronicles Of Grant County

covid 19 new mexico health department february 22 2021This graph shows the relative levels of deaths from COVID-19 Disease among five major racial/ethnic groups within the State of New Mexico. The yellow line represents the number of COVID-19 deaths among Hispanic Americans in New Mexico, the green line represents the number of COVID-19 deaths among Non-Hispanic White Americans in New Mexico, and the blue line represents the number of COVID-19 deaths among Native Americans in New Mexico. The gray line, representing the number of COVID-19 deaths among Non-Hispanic Black Americans in New Mexico, and the orange line, representing the number of COVID-19 deaths among Americans of Asian and Pacific Island heritage in New Mexico, overlap one another for many months in this graph.  (This graph was provided courtesy of the New Mexico Department of Health, 2021.


Can't see this document? Click this link to view it in a new window

PDF - New Mexico Department of Health - Image of Relative Levels of Deaths - COVID-19 Pandemic

The Chronicles Of Grant County

Life Expectancy

life expectancy graph oneThis image shows estimated decreases in life expectancies among Hispanic Americans, Non-Hispanic White Americans, and Non-Hispanic Black Americans from Year 2019 to Year 2020 within the United States. Hispanic Americans live longer than both Non-Hispanic White Americans and Non-Hispanic Black Americans. Please note that these estimates are not final. According to the source of this image, the National Vital Statistics System of the National Center for Health Statistics, "estimates are based on provisional data from January 2020 through June 2020."

Last year, on March 4, 2020, The Chronicles Of Grant County reported that "…there is now a looming influenza that may or may not have substantial impact in the United States. As of today, there are no definitive statistics on key facets of COVID-19, the new coronavirus. Scientists do not yet have firm details on the extent of the spread of this virus as well as its mortality rate. Leaders have confirmed that someone could have COVID-19, show no symptoms of the disease, and be contagious to others."

Two documents were released this month that provide some initial answers.

The Chronicles Of Grant County

flags of nm and usa john h. gámez april 16 2014 50The flags of New Mexico and the United States of America. (The photo was provided by John H. Gámez, April 16, 2014.)

Today is the Presidents Day Holiday.

Well, it's also not the President's Day Holiday.

How can be both statements be correct?

Chalk it up to our Federal system of government.

Welcome to the State of New Mexico.

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