"I've done all I can do. Just give me the power. Give me the border patrol. Give me the people. The judges. Give me the people who can stop this and make it work right rationally." – President Joe Biden speaking to reporters, Jan. 30, 2024
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There are six brief sentences in President Biden's stunning assertion (above), and every one of them is out of touch with reality.

In one of his most ridiculous publicly uttered diatribes to date, Joe insists he's "done all I can do" to resolve our southern border dilemma.

In Elvis parlance -- "Joe has left the building." Or so, his comment would seem to figuratively indicate.

On the other hand, maybe he means he's done all he can do to screw things up.

Which would make more sense.

Winging his way into the fourth year of his presidency, Joe appears totally confused about nearly everything going on around him. From the chaos along the U.S./Mexico border, to a stumbling domestic economy, to COVID goof-ups, to an outrageous national debt, to the war in Ukraine, to his "Don't. Don't, don't, don't" wacky-warning to Hezbollah and Iran's further involvement in the Israel/Palestine conflict.

I won't even get into his and son Hunter's apparent suspicious foreign business entanglements, involving tens of millions of dollars.

Nearly every day a crisis of some sort comes looking for Joe; nearly every day Joe looks glassy-eyed when learning of it.

"Crisis. What crisis? Oh, you mean, that crisis. There's so many crises' I get them mixed up" is kind of the expected response from the White House.

But, his recent "I've done all I can do" border pleading was a doozy. Maybe, the best yet. At least a Top 5 contender in his lengthy list of bewildering remarks.

Joe admonished reporters to "Just give me the power," apparently forgetting he already has it. Actually, he's had it since he was sworn into office on Jan. 20, 2021.

Inquisitive fact checkers, and liberal minded media folks may want to verify the veracity of this information to make sure I'm not making it up.

Pretty certain I'm not.

Specifically, the realization he's already used that authority -- or, clumsily misdirected it – is not an indication the Office of the President is lacking the necessary influence to reestablish order on the border.

Remember, Joe's the very same guy who steadily dismantled a once mostly secure border by announcing to the world everyone was welcomed to come on in.

Trump is gone and the gates have been flung wide open.

As a result, they've poured in by the millions. Nine to ten million by latest estimates. Also, an abundance of drugs, disease, human smugglers, gang members, terrorists, non-English speaking and just about every other form of societal debris has accompanied the multitudes.

From Central and South America, Asia, Africa, India, Russia, Middle East, China, Europe – a blended variety of thousands of illegal migrants cross daily into our homeland, mostly unrestrained by any meaningful resistance.

Now, sanctuary cities, and other locations sympathetic to the unregulated influx of these undocumented foreigners, are crying the blues because of the enormous costs incurred in sustaining these people.

Who, for the most part, don't work, have few skills, aren't interested in assimilating into society, yet demand every social and financial benefit available.

After all is said and done, and the hype has succumbed to reality, someone has to pay the bills and face the fact socialist/woke thinking has concocted one of the greatest threats ever devised to our society.

Joe, and his merry band of associates, are primarily responsible for the out-of-control immigration disaster. Ninety percent of this craziness has happened under their watch.

Not Donald Trump's. He hasn't been in the Oval Office for over three years. Presently, he's too busy defending himself from a Democratic barrage of accusations, indictments, and court trials.

Seeing his border management has evolved into a cataclysmic mess, Joe suddenly denies involvement, insisting he can't do anything about it because he doesn't have the people "to make it work right."

Strange -- he had the people to unravel the border, but he doesn't have the people to restore the border. Aren't they the same people?

Perhaps, he's also dismissed the suggestion of his previous boss: "I have a phone and I have a pen" Barack once commented. Insinuating, by the signing of an Executive Order most of the nonsense along the border could be reversed.

Joe knows the drill – he's signed dozens of EOs reversing Trump's border EOs. Either Joe is totally detached from the here and now, or he's doing this crap on purpose.

What other logical explanation could there be? It didn't happen by accident.

To the contrary, the chickens have come home to roost because of the idiotic border policies carried out by the Biden Administration.

When all else fails, blame Trump. The cycle repeats for the umpteenth time.

Why do I get the nagging feeling Joe isn't being on the level? Again. For some inexplicable reason, it appears he is trying to avoid any accountability for the 2000-mile-long pile of doo-doo he's unloaded along our southern boundary.

Now, with an election approaching this fall, he expects voters to simply ignore what their eyes have been seeing for the past several years, forget the incoherent ramblings of his press conferences, excuse the profusion of lies and accept the absurdity of his appeals to let him continue to misguide us for four more years.

Sadly, that's exactly what he's hoping for.

Well, as the old saying goes "Momma may have raised an exceptionally ugly son, limited in thought and reasoning, but he isn't a complete idiot."

At least, I like to think I'm smart enough to have figured out Joe's schtick. And -- until someone proves otherwise -- I'll continue to believe it!

Mike Bibb
Safford, AZ

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