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Grant County Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting

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Thursday, August 16, 2018, 09:00am

I. Call to Order

II. Pledge of Allegiance & Salute to State Flag
III. Approval of Regular Meeting Agenda
IV. Gila Regional Medical Center Reports – Taffy Arias
V. Public Input
• During this portion of our meeting, we welcome your suggestions and want to hear your concerns. This is not a question and answer period; speakers will be limited to five (5) minutes. Any individual who would like to discuss an item in more depth may request to be placed on a future agenda. Request forms are available in the County Manager’s Office.
VI. Minutes
a. Approve/Disapprove July 17, 2018, Work Session Meeting Minutes
b. Approve/Disapprove July 19, 2018, Regular Meeting Minutes
c. Approve/Disapprove July 30, 2018, Special Meeting Minutes
VII. Financial Reports
d. Approve/Disapprove August 10, 2018, Expenditure Report
VIII. Agreements

e. Approve/Disapprove Amendment Number One to Agreement No. A-18-07; An Agreement with the State of New Mexico, Children, Youth and Families for the JJAC Continuum and Compliance Monitoring
f. Approve/Disapprove Professional Services Agreement between Grant County Juvenile Probation Office (JPO) and the following Contractors:
1) Agreement No. A-18-23; Gary Stailey
2) Agreement No. A-18-24; James Graham
g. Approve/Disapprove Agreement No. A-18-21; Bargaining Unit Contract 2018-2020
h. Approve/Disapprove Agreement No. A-18-22; Special Management Inmates Policy and Procedure to Process Inmate Correspondence, Publications and Packages
IX. Resolutions
i. Approve/Disapprove Resolution No. R-18-23; Authorizing the Purchase of 5 Lots in Hachita from Western New Mexico University for Tyrone VFD
j. Approve/Disapprove Resolution No. R-18-24; Adopting an Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan for Grant County
k. Approve/Disapprove Resolution No. R-18-25; Adoption of Required Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Annual Certifications and Commitments
l. Approve/Disapprove Resolution No. R-18-26; Authorizing The Execution and Delivery of a Colonias Infrastructure Project Fund Loan/Grant Agreement By and Among The New Mexico Colonias Infrastructure Board, The New Mexico Finance Authority and Grant County, New Mexico for the Purpose of Financing The Costs of Rosedale Road Phase II Reconstruction and Safety Improvements in the total amount of $1,078,810
m. Approve/Disapprove Resolution No. R-18-27; Requesting The New Mexico State Transportation Commission to Designate Certain Specific Portions of The State Highway System As a Designated ROV Route
n. Approve/Disapprove Resolution No. R-18-28; Grant County Response to Air Force Airspace Expansion over the Gila for Holloman Air Force Base F-16 Training
X. Bids and Requests for Proposals (RFP)
o. Award/Reject Request for Proposals for Professional Services, RFP 18-05 and Contract Regarding 1) Archeological 2) Engineering 3) Environmental
p. Award/Reject the Awarding of the Contract for the bidding for Asphalt Surface on Cottage San Road, Bid B-19-02
XI. Recess as the Grant County Board of Commissioners and Convene as the Grant County Health Care Claims Board
q. Approve/Disapprove July 2018, Health Plan Claims in the amount of $43,050.05
XII. Adjourn as the Grant County Health Care Claims Board and Reconvene as the Grant County Board of Commissioners
XIII. Elected Officials’ Reports
XIV. Commissioners’ Reports
XV. Adjournment

Location 1400 Hwy. 180 East
Silver City NM 88061

Contact www.grantcountynm.com


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