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Grant County Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting

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Thursday, January 24, 2019, 09:00am

I. Call to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance & Salute to State Flag
III. Approval of Regular Meeting Agenda
IV. Election of Chairperson for 2019
V. Election of Vice Chairperson for 2019
VI. Safety Performance Recognition – Grant County Road Department
VII. Public Hearing
a. Open Public Hearing and Discussion regarding Ordinance No. O-19-01; entitled “An Ordinance Authorizing A Tax Rebate to Benefit Low-Income Property Taxpayers for Taxable Years 2019-2020”
b. Close Public Hearing
c. Consideration of Ordinance No. O-19-01; Entitled Above
VIII. Public Input
 During this portion of our meeting, we welcome your suggestions and want to hear your concerns. This is not a question and answer period; speakers will be limited to five (5) minutes. Any individual who would like to discuss an item in more depth may request to be placed on a future agenda. Request forms are available in the County Manager’s Office.
IX. Approval of Minutes
d. December 18, 2018, Work Session Meeting Minutes
BOCC Agenda Page 2 of 4
January 24, 2019
e. December 20, 2018, Regular Meeting Minutes
f. December 28, 2018, Special Meeting Minutes
g. January 3, 2019, Special Meeting Minutes
h. January 10, 2019, Special Meeting Minutes
X. Financial Reports
i. Consideration of January 18, 2019, Expenditure Report
XI. New Business
j. Consideration of Inventory Transfers and Deletions
k. Consideration of Territorial Charter Day Proclamation
l. Consideration of Out of State Travel for Rebekah Wenger to attend the FAA Southwest Region Annual Airport Conference, February 11-13, 2019 in Hurst, Texas (Verbal)
m. Consideration of Statement of Assurances under the Local DWI Grant and Distribution Program
n. Consideration of the 2019 Volunteer Fire and Rescue Annual Election of Officers
1. Cliff/Gila
2. Fort Bayard
3. Lower Mimbres
4. Pinos Altos
5. Santa Rita
6. Sapillo
7. Tyrone
8. Upper Mimbres
9. Whiskey
o. Consideration of the Service Report and EMS Fund Act Local Funding Program Application for Fiscal Year 2020
1. Gila Regional
2. Gila Valley
3. Pinos Altos
4. Tyrone White Signal District 1
5. Tyrone Flying A and Wind Canyon District 2
6. Tyrone Hachita District 3
7. Whiskey Creek
BOCC Agenda Page 3 of 4
January 24, 2019
XII. Agreements
p. Consideration of Amendment to Agreement No. A-18-09; Professional Services Agreement between the Grant County DWI Program and Chris Helgert, dba The Recovery Management Center
q. Consideration of Agreement No. A-19-01; between the Southwest New Mexico Council of Governments (COG) and Grant County
r. Consideration of Agreement No. A-19-02; Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Finance and Administration/Local Government Division for the DWI Program
s. Consideration of Agreement No. A-19-03; Department of Health (DOH) Assurances and Cooperative Agreement with the Department of Finance and Administration
t. Consideration of Agreement No. A-19-04; with the New Mexico Department of Transportation through its Aviation Division for Airfield Maintenance and Consumable Items
u. Consideration of Agreement No. A-19-05; with the New Mexico Department of Transportation through its Aviation Division for Terminal Building Renovation and Code Compliance
XIII. Resolutions
v. Consideration of Resolution No. R-19-01; Open Meetings Act for 2019
w. Consideration of Resolution No. R-18-02; Appointment of Southwestern County Commission Alliance Member
x. Consideration of Resolution No. R-19-03; Appointment of Grant County Water Commission Member
y. Consideration of Resolution No. R-19-05; Appointment of Southwest Solid Waste Authority Member
z. Consideration of Resolution No. R-19-06; Appointment of New Mexico CAP Entity Member
aa. Consideration of Resolution No. R-19-07; Appointment to the New Mexico County Insurance Authority Pool Board
bb. Consideration of Resolution No. R-19-08; Appointment to the Elected Officials Board – Workforce Investment Act
BOCC Agenda Page 4 of 4
January 24, 2019
cc. Consideration of Resolution No. R-19-09; Authorizing the Execution and Delivery of a Local Government Planning Grant Agreement by and between the New Mexico Finance Authority (the "finance authority"), and Grant County (the "grantee"), in the amount of Thirty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($37,500) Evidencing an Obligation of the Grantee to utilize the Grant Amount and the Local Match Amount] Solely for the Purpose of Financing the Costs of an Asset Management Plan, and Solely in the Manner Described in the Grant Agreement; Certifying that the Grant Amount, together with the Local Match Amount and other Funds Available to the Grantee, is Sufficient to Complete the Project; Approving the Form of and other Details Concerning the Grant Agreement; Committing to Adopting the Asset Management Plan; Committing to Adopt a Reserve Policy Identifying an Allocation of Reserves to Fund the Asset Management Plan; Committing to Establishing a Rate Schedule Adequate to Fund the Reserve; Ratifying Actions Heretofore Taken; Repealing all Action Inconsistent with this Resolution; and Authorizing the taking of other Actions in Connection with the Execution and Delivery of the Grant Agreement
dd. Consideration of Resolution No. R-19-10; Directing Publication of Notice of Meeting and Intent to Adopt Bond Ordinance in connection with Grant County, New Mexico General Obligation Bonds, Series 2019
ee. Consideration of Resolution No. R-19-11; Authorizing the County to Submit an Application to the Department of Finance and Administration, Local Government Division to Participate in the Local DWI Grant and Distribution Program and Delegating Authority
ff. Consideration of Resolution No. R-19-12; Supporting the County and Tribal Health Council Act
gg. Consideration of Resolution No. R-19-13; Supporting Reform of the Low Income Property Tax Rebate
XIV. Recess as the Grant County Board of Commissioners and Convene as the Grant County Health Care Claims Board
hh. Consideration of December 2018, Health Plan Claims in the amount of $5,376.28
XV. Adjourn as the Grant County Health Care Claims Board and Reconvene as the Grant County Board of Commissioners
XVI. Elected Officials’ Reports
XVII. Commissioners’ Reports
XVIII. Executive Session in Accordance with NMSA 1978 10-15-1 H
ii. Pending Opioid Litigation Pursuant to NMSA (1978) 10-15-1 H (7)
XIX. Any Action Necessary as a Result of Closed Executive Session
XX. Adjournment
Note: In accordance with County Resolution 18-01, Work Session and Regular Meeting agendas may be altered up to thirty-six (36) hours prior to the meeting. Special Meeting agendas may be altered up to seventy-two (72) hours prior to the meeting. Copies can be obtained from the Office of the county Manager.

Location 1400 Hwy. 180 East
Silver City NM 88061


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