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Virtual Gila Native Plant Society meeting : “Plant Root + Fungal Interactions = Mycorrhizae”

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Friday, February 19, 2021, 07:00pm

The Gila Native Plant Society’s meeting on February 19, 7:00 pm, via Zoom will feature a talk by Keller Suberkropp entitled “Plant Root + Fungal Interactions = Mycorrhizae.” As Keller explains, “mycorrhiza” literally means “fungus-root.” A variety of fungi colonize plant roots to form mycorrhizae, and in natural environments most vascular plants are mycorrhizal. In his presentation, Keller will introduce the major types of mycorrhizae and discuss the interactions between plant and fungus. Most interactions are mutualistic - that is, both the plant and the fungus benefit - but in some cases the plant may parasitize the fungus or vice versa. Overall, the mycorrhizal association appears to be important in natural plant communities.

Before his retirement, Keller Suberkropp taught intro biology, mycology, and microbial ecology at New Mexico State University and the University of Alabama. His research examined the role and production of fungi decomposing leaves in freshwater streams. Since retirement, he has participated in teaching about fungi at Western New Mexico University.

As always, the public is welcome. Those interested in joining in the Zoom presentation at 7:00 pm on Friday, February 19, 2021, should send a request for a link to


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