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Call to Action!

Speak during the committee hearing


Would make parks or playgrounds gun-free zones.


Saturday, February 10, 2024, 9:30 am Room 311

For public participation and to register for the Zoom Webinar send email to

To attend meeting via Zoom Webinar click the following link:

Webinar ID: 812 87336647

Zoom Call: 1 719 359 4580

To send an email, copy the contact info for this committee below:,, ,, ,,,,

To be heard on the Senate Floor soon:


Requires a 14-day waiting period for firearm purchases.


Would codify a 12-week paid family medical leave. Employees will be required to contribute an additional .5% of their wages and employers an additional .4% to this fund.

To be heard on the House Floor soon:


Would make the firearms industry an easy target for litigation that could threaten many businesses.

HB 27

Seeks to expand the State Red Flag Gun Confiscation Law. It empowers law enforcement officers and unspecified licensed healthcare professionals to petition for extreme risk protective orders. Immediate firearm surrender is required upon service of these orders.

HB 127

Raises the minimum age to purchase or possess a firearm to 21 years old.


Amends the Oil and Gas Act and institute new gas-killing regulations.

HB 137

Semiautomatic rifle ban and gun registry.

➡Send an email to your legislators and ask them to oppose these⬆ bills on their respective floors.

Your letter can be as simple as the following template:

Subject line: Please oppose <insert bill #>

Dear Legislators,

I am asking you to please oppose <insert bill#>. I do not support this bill because <insert reason>.

Thank you,



CLICK: Contact Info for all NM House & Senate legislators<

Pre-written letters to send to your representatives:

Via: BetterTogetherNM

Stop the Governor’s Gun and Magazine Ban!  Oppose HB 137.

Stop SB 204 - the park gun ban!

Stop the 14-Day Waiting Period
Stop SB 69!

Stop the 14-Day Waiting Period
Stop HB 129!

Oppose HB 127.
Stop the Firearms and Magazines Ban for 18-20-year-old Citizens!

Stop SB 5!
Tell your representatives in Santa Fe to stop the Polling Place Gun Free Zone.

Stop PMFLA in the House - HB 6!
This regulation would devastate NM businesses.

Stop PMFLA in the Senate - SB 3!
This regulation would devastate NM businesses.

Support Women in Sports!
HB205 Women's Bill of Rights

Stop legislators from raising NM's gas prices unnecessarily!
Stop HB 41.

Save the Industry that Funds NM!
Stop HB 133 Oil and Gas Act Changes.

School Choice Works. Support HB105!

Stop Endangering the Public with "Catch and Release"
Support SJR 11!

Stop the Gun and Ammunition Tax!
Oppose SB 90.

Stop the Red Flag Gun Confiscation Expansion! Stop HB 27.

More pre-written letters here:

Composition of the NM Legislature

There are currently 45 Democrats and 25 Republicans in the House of Representatives.

There are currently 27 Democrats and 15 Republicans in the Senate.

Attend the Meetings

Stream online or attend in person

Watch the Daily Livestream

Attend in person:

New Mexico State Capitol
490 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87501


Would increase prices on beer and cider by 651%, wine by 376%, spirits by 353%, and fortified wine by 161%. This bill was tabled by a bipartisan vote of 4-10 in the House Taxation and Revenue Committee on Friday.


Makes 100 feet of all polling places, and 50 feet within a voting dropbox gun-free zones under penalty. On Friday, it passed on a party-line 7-4 vote in the House Judiciary Committee with Republicans voting in opposition. It now heads to the House Floor for a vote.

House Democrats Delay Bill to Provide Emergency Funding to Rural Hospitals 

February 9, 2024

Today, Democrats on the House Health and Human Services Committee delayed the advancement of Senate Bill 161, a bill that would provide essential funding for rural hospitals facing closure.

The bill sponsor, Senator Pat Woods (R-Broadview), issued the following statement:

“With just six days left in the Legislative Session, this lifeline for our rural hospitals is now in jeopardy. We cannot hang these hospitals out to dry and allow our rural communities to become healthcare deserts. This bill passed the Senate with unanimous bipartisan support. I urge my colleagues in the House to take up this bill immediately for the good of the people of New Mexico.” 

WATCH Sen. Brandt Provides Important Legislative Session Update with 6 days Left. (Click on the video below)


Clean Transportation Fuels Standard would result in a rise in gas prices by .50 a gallon.

On Thursday it passed on a 6-3 party-line vote with Republicans voting against. It now heads to the Senate Finance Committee.

Senator David Gallegos, Senator Steven McCutcheon Issue Statement Following Advancement of “Clean Fuels” Bill

This morning, the Senate Conservation Committee advanced House Bill 41 on a party-line vote of 6-3. All Senate Republicans voted against the measure. The bill gives expanded authority to the unelected Environmental Improvement Board (EIB) to impose a carbon pricing system to reduce carbon emissions from transportation fuels such as gasoline and diesel. 

“Just a few short months ago, we saw the unfettered power of the unelected EIB when they mandated a transition to electric vehicles,” said Senator David Gallegos (R-Eunice). “Now, this bill seeks to give the EIB even greater authority with no accountability to the people their rules impact.”

“This bill is a forcible transition to California gas prices to appease the radical left,” said Senator Steven McCutcheon (R-Carlsbad). “It will shut down our homegrown New Mexico-based independent producers, raise our gas prices, and harm our energy economy to have a negligible impact on global carbon emissions. I hope the people of our state are paying attention to who is responsible for jacking up the prices at the pump.”

Senator Cliff Pirtle Secures HW 380 Funding

Senate Bill 300 contains $45 million for improvements

February 8, 2024

Today, the Senate unanimously advanced Senate Bill 300, a bill to improve infrastructure around the state of New Mexico. Among the funding is $45 million for improvements of Highway 380 from Roswell to the Texas state line. That highway is notorious for traffic deaths due to high levels of traffic and lack of passing areas. 

Senator Cliff Pirtle (R-Roswell) issued the following statement regarding the passage of the bill:

“Highway 380 is an essential artery that serves as the lifeblood of the tourism and industrial economies of Southeast New Mexico. Unfortunately, the danger that persists along the highway is making the roadway too dangerous to travel on. I am thankful to the Senate for their recognition of the essential need to expand, improve, and reconstruct this section of highway.”

Senate Bill 300 now heads to the House of Representatives. 

" src="" role="presentation">


Adds a 7-day waiting period to a firearm purchase. On Wednesday it passed on a 6-3 party-line vote with Republicans voting against in the Senate Judiciary Committee. It now heads to the Senate Floor.

Senate Republican Leader Greg Baca Issues Statement Following Advancement of HB 129

HB 129 creates a mandatory 7-day waiting period to purchase a firearm

 February 7, 2024

SANTA FE—Tonight, the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced HB 129 on a party-line vote of 6-3 with all Senate Republicans voting against the measure. This legislation would create a mandatory 7-day waiting period to purchase a firearm. The legislation closely resembles SB69 which the Senate Judiciary Committee also advanced on a party-line vote. 

Senate Republican Leader, Senator Greg Baca (R-Belen), issued the following statement regarding the bill’s advancement:

“This bill isn’t about stopping crime or tragedy. This bill is about a deeper desire by the Democrats in the legislature to remove a constitutionally guaranteed right simply because they don’t understand that guns are just a tool, not the cause of violence."

"Rest assured, the safety of the people in our communities has only been harmed, not helped, by moving this legislation forward. The people of New Mexico should be outraged.”

Both HB 129 and SB 69 will now be considered by the full Senate. 

🟥Rep. Jim Townsend introduced a substitute for HB 252, income tax bracket changes to ensure the capital gains deduction isn’t taken away as well as implementing a 1% flat tax rate on Wednesday. It was rejected by all Democrats on the House Floor.

NM House Republican press release about this vote below:


February 7, 2024

Today, Representative Jim Townsend (R-Artesia) introduced a substitute bill for House Democrats’ tax bracket changes, offering New Mexicans unprecedented and monumental tax cuts that would have put more money in the pockets of the taxpayer.

The substitute bill would have stopped House Democrats from taking away the capital gains deduction, which directly targets investors and retirees in New Mexico. It also created a 1% flat personal income tax rate for every New Mexican, providing tax relief of thousands of dollars a year for families across the state.

Rep. Townsend stated, “Today, the New Mexico House of Representatives turned their back on New Mexico taxpayers, refusing to share the excess tax revenue. The families of New Mexico are hurting, and they need help. We have the capacity to help them but with a $3.5 billion surplus, House Democrats would rather grow the government than fortify families.”

The final vote was on party lines, and it is loud and clear where NM Democrats stand; they believe that your money is theirs and will spend it how they see fit, disregarding what is best for you and your family.

RELEASE: Senator Craig Brandt Chastises Senate Democrats for Delaying Crime Reform

Senate Judiciary to take up Second Amendment infringement before bills targeting career criminals

 February 7, 2024

With only eight days left in the 2024 Legislative Session, several substantive, governor-backed, crime-fighting pieces of legislation have yet to be scheduled in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Of primary concern is Senate Bill 102. Supported by the Department of Public Safety, the State Police, several District Attorneys, and the Attorney General, the bill would expand the scope of the state’s racketeering act to give prosecutors a key tool to keep career criminals behind bars.

Senate Republican Whip, Senator Craig Brandt (R-Rio Rancho), issued the following statement regarding the stalled measure:

“It is shameful that Senate Democrats would choose to take up unconstitutional measures while good legislation targeting career criminals languishes on the vine. We cannot continue to waste valuable time on bills that needlessly go after those already abiding by the law. Crime is destroying our state and the people’s faith in our ability to act is rapidly fading.”


Would ban carrying a firearm at a park or playground leaving families defenseless to violent criminal attacks. It was rolled over to Saturday in the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee.


Limit the governor’s emergency powers to 90 days unless she gets a 3/5 approval vote from the legislature. It was tabled on a 5-3 party-line re-vote in the House Government, Elections and Indian Affairs Committee with Democrats voting in favor of tabling.


Would increase prices on beer and cider by 651%, wine by 376%, spirits by 353%, and fortified wine by 161%. It was debated for two hours but a vote was deferred until Friday in the House taxation and Revenue Committee.


Removing the income cap for the social security income exemption pursuant to the income tax act. It passed with a 7-1 vote in the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee. It now heads to the House Taxation & Revenue Committee.


Creating a flat individual income tax rate of one percent. It was rolled over to Friday afternoon in the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee.


Would allow frivolous lawsuits in the name of environmental rights. It was tabled on a 6-4 vote by the Senate Rules Committee.

🟩On Wednesday, A Day for Israel event was held at the Roundhouse to reaffirm support for Israel, pray for the hostages to be returned and condemn the unprecedented rise in antisemitism.

Photos via Rep. John Block, Sen. Craig Brandt

WATCH the livestream of the Day for Israel event at the Roundhouse on Wednesday. (Click on the video below)

🟥HB 180 – Parenting and Pregnancy Resource Website and Hotline. Tabled by Democrats on a party-line vote on Wednesday in the House Health and Human Services committee.

WATCH: Rep. Jenifer Jones gives her thoughts on HB 180 to the House Floor. (Click on the video below)

🟥SB 3 – Would codify a 12-week paid family medical leave. Employees will be required to contribute an additional .5% of their wages and employers an additional .4% to this fund. Democrats in the Senate rejected a motion by Senator Sharer to send the bill to the Senate Judiciary for an additional review because of the penalties and others that would decimate small businesses.

WATCH: Sen. Brantley & Guests discuss Paid Family Medical Leave and Session Update with days remaining! (Click on the video below)

Bills to Watch

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Click to view “Bills to Watch”

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