Of course racism exists but I'd like to pose an hypothesis about racism. Can it really exist in this world as it used to not that long ago? How do we know whom to be racist against? That might be the better question.

The El Paso shooter's manifesto was widely represented to be that of a white supremacist hell bent on killing people just because they were Mexican. That's not exactly what he said in his writings. What he said is that race mixing was not a good thing because we are losing our diversity. Promotion of diversity is definitely a progressive talking point, not that of a white supremacist.

But his point is one that we need to discuss a bit further. Because we have created a melting pot in the United States, races have intermingled and interbred. It's hard to tell who is of what descent anymore. Tiger Woods called himself a 'caublanasian' representing that he was of Caucasian, black, and Asian descent.

Many of us have had our DNA tested and found that we are also of mixed heritage. I have East African & Native American DNA but am dominated by Irish & Northern European ancestry. So, is that 'minority' genetic makeup enough to say that I can be discriminated against?

The truth is that most of us have mixed heritage; so how do we tell who is really racist or who is being discriminated against? And who should get an advantage under affirmative action laws? Is my genetic makeup enough to claim benefits reserved for people who some might consider to be more recognizable as minorities? I can tell you I have more Native American DNA than Elizabeth Warren so maybe I can get a job lecturing for $300,000.

Calling someone 'racist' has become the progressive response to anything with which they disagree. Blaming white men of European descent for all of society's ills has become their stock in trade and the main platform in their political campaigns. But how do they really know if someone is really white or not?

I'm asking for a friend.

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