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Tim (Matthes) is right about the big difference between fraud and malfunctions. The letter I referenced from Elizabeth Warren mentions several times security risks due to outdated software among other things which puts our election systems at risk of being hacked. That leads to fraud, not malfunctions. The Senators further point out that the neglect is putting our elections at avoidable and increased risk. Again not of malfunction but of fraud.

In pointing out several specific problems such as votes being switched in South Carolina in 2018 and an electronic tally in, of all places, Pennsylvania, that gave the Democrat candidate 164 votes out of 55,000 votes cast, the Senators stated that these systems need to be updated so that they are not vulnerable to attack. Again, to avoid hacking and potential fraud.

The letter itself clearly states a number of concerns about hackers and backend systems being vulnerable to attack, thus the desire to see records from the companies and the demand to update machinery and software. Clearly if there was not the potential for fraud, the updates would not have been as important to the Senators.

Mike Rowse

Silver City, NM