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Why all the government largesse all of a sudden?

Why all the government largesse all of a sudden?

You may or may not have noticed all the money coming back in dribs and drabs and deluges. Maybe you received your first "relief" check from the state. And you may have said: "Yay, I needed this."

But have you thought about where that money comes from?

If you have, then you probably don't need to read the rest of this editorial.

However, if you're just happy you got the money and thought it was "free" money, perhaps you need to think a bit harder about it.

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Impact of Pre-K on children - Is the impact negative? - Podcast

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418 Katharine B. Stevens – Impact of Pre-K on children – Is the impact negative?

By Rio Grande Foundation on Jul 07, 2022 02:59 pm

On the latest Tipping Point interview Paul sits down with past guest Katharine B. Stevens, PhD of the newly-formed Center on Child and Family Policy. Katharine is an expert on early childhood issues including pre-K and other programs aimed at improving the lives and outcomes of young children. New Mexico voters will be asked to vote to tap into the Land Grant Permanent Fund to fund "universal" pre-K, but a recent study from Tennessee's Vanderbilt University which found negative outcomes from the State's pre-K program.

Major flaws with UPK approach:

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Continuing Support for Afterschool and Summer Learning is Key for New Mexico Students

By New Mexico Lt. Governor, Howie Morales & May Sagbakken, Executive Director, The New Mexico Out-of-School Time Network (NMOST)
June 30, 2022

Afterschool and summer learning programs are vital supports to communities across New Mexico, and we must ensure that the recent influx of financial help for them continues. Trusted community-based organizations such local Boys & Girls Clubs work with students, families, and schools to deliver positive settings, relationships, and experiences that are often foundational building blocks for young people's healthy development. Recognizing the serious impacts the pandemic has had on young people's health and well-being, expanding access to afterschool and summer learning for kids is more important than ever.

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Roe, in my opinion

Well, I was going to refrain from commenting on the overturning of Roe v. Wade, but after reading pros and cons and posting both, I've realized I must weigh in.

First of all, the hypocrisy of the "pro-choice" has not surprised me but made me boil inside.

Signs saying: "My body, my choice" really set me off. But "you," and you know who you are, supported the vaccine mandate and the mask-wearing mandate and pressured people into getting the vaccines, which have shown to cause adverse reactions in many folks. See the VAERS publications at https://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/ensuringsafety/monitoring/vaers/publications.html , if you don't believe me. Every one of us does have a choice when it comes to vaccines, especially in the case of an experimental one. It has been well proven that getting "the" covid bug (which has never been isolated by the way!) creates much better immunity than the jabs.

If you are so concerned about your bodies and your "rights," what about the rights of the baby girls who are aborted?

Our bodies were created in the image of God. I know many of you will cease reading at this point, because horrors, the writer believes in God.

It is your choice to have sex (I am not talking about those who have been raped, and I'm torn on that issue). But the "ooops, we had sex because we were stinkin' drunk, and ooops, I'm pregnant, but oh, well, I'll just go get an abortion" really makes me angry.

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Why doing your job well might not keep you in elected office

I think we saw an example of this in the recent primary. I’ve been covering Grant County Commission meetings and watching the workings of the county since late 2001. 

I’ve seen some good commissioners and some good department heads, as well as some really poor ones in both groups.

I’ve seen true laziness and unwillingness to do one’s job, but a county job brings one huge advantage. The county pays 100 percent of benefits to its employees. Very few leave the county, unless they are kicked out or find more lucrative jobs that give them better chances for advancement.

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Think Twice about Universal Pre-K

By Paul J. Gessing

As we move beyond a contentious series of primaries in both parties and look to the fall election, one of the big issues on the fall ballot is the plan to "tap" New Mexico's permanent fund to provide universal preschool. For years this has been an agenda item for the State's left-leaning interest groups. But it only received legislative support with the retirement of Senate Finance Committee Chairman John Arthur Smith.

This November voters will decide whether to: "allocate 1.25% of the five-year average of year-end market values of the money in the Land Grant Permanent Fund (LGPF) to early childhood education…" The Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) estimates that the additional allocation would be about $245.7 million in fiscal year 2023. Of that total, $126.9 million would be allocated for early childhood education, $84.6 million to public education, and $34.2 million for the LGPF's other beneficiaries.

The plan is to provide "free," "universal" pre-K to all New Mexico 3 and 4 year olds.

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Statement to Silver City Town Council June 14, 2022

My name is Sharon Bookwalter and I live in Silver City. On behalf of the Citizens for Safety and Community, I am grateful for the opportunity to appear before you this evening. Citizens for Safety and Community is a group of local residents who have proposed the creation of an Advisory and Review Board to Alex Brown, James Marshall, Chief Portillo, and other city officials. This Board, composed of a retired law enforcement professional, a mental health professional, and members appointed by council members, would serve, along with those changes announced today by the Silver City Police Department, to support the local police department and prevent situations like those leading to the tragic death of Nikki Bascom on April 21, 2016. We appreciate the time and attention given to us to voice our concerns.

We, as a community, are faced with the unhappy need for the issuance of gross receipts revenue bonds; bonds that are necessary to satisfy Silver City's indebtedness to resolve the lawsuit arising out of the tragic death of Nikki Bascom. We believe, based on the experience of many municipalities, including nearby Tucson, Arizona, that the creation of such a Board would make a very beneficial contribution toward the Town's on-going efforts to mitigate its liability risks, improve our police services, and avert such tragedies.

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Democrats ain't what they used to be

Democrats ain't what they used to be

 The Grant County Beat's compilation of citizen testimony regarding suspicion-worthy 2020 General Election behavior by Grant County Clerk Marisa Castrillo ("What is she hiding?" published 9 June) presents a thumbnail image of entrenched bigger-picture corruption. If, as these witnesses testify, there was no video surveillance of the Bayard Community Center early-voting polling location – and no working camera monitoring the Grant County Clerk's absentee ballot box during early voting – and no marking of spoiled ballots as "spoiled" during the first week of early voting at either Bayard or the Administration Center – and if for any length of time there was a ratio of Democrat-to-Republican election judges contrary to New Mexico law – the Grant County Clerk not only failed to uphold New Mexico law, but failed to impartially protect the interests of Grant County residents.

And if this clerk also failed or refused to recognize and accommodate a duly appointed poll challenger (or multiple poll challengers) per New Mexico law – and, further, attempted to intimidate said poll challenger(s) – she is guilty of a petty misdemeanor and a fourth-degree felony and should be prosecuted accordingly. If the Grant County Attorney advised the Grant County Sheriff that charging the Grant County Clerk with violations of New Mexico law constitutes "a conflict of interest," such advice only screams the question: Whose interest?

Certainly not the interest of honest Grant County citizens who, perhaps mistakenly, trust Grant County officials to abide by laws enacted to protect citizen interests.

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