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Letter to Governor from Rep. Dow concerning vaccination mandate for health care workers

This letter from State Rep. Rebecca Dow lays out the reasons why she feels that the vaccination mandate for health care workers could put our hospitals and health care services in jeopardy.

Please the PDF version of the letter below:

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Back to School brings big challenges

By Paul J. Gessing

School has begun for most New Mexico students. While every school year is different, this year is certainly more different from most. For starters, students are returning to "semi-normal" classrooms after 1.5 years of remote learning and relative chaos. Unfortunately, as of this writing schools in Rio Rancho, Carlsbad, Los Lunas, and Roswell have "temporarily" had to again go "virtual."

Lost classroom time has had a big impact on academic outcomes for New Mexico students. According to the Legislative Finance Committee, the Legislature's "in-house" think tank, K-12 students in New Mexico have fallen behind anywhere from six months to two years. Furthermore, lost classroom time will widen existing learning gaps, particularly for low-income families.

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Rebecca Dow: MLG's Mandates are Stifling Our Freedom

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES – Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham today will announce a reinstatement of mask mandates for the state of New Mexico as well as a requirement for all school employees, including private and charter schools, to be vaccinated and COVID tested on a weekly basis.

"MLG's stifling, and entirely unconstitutional vaccine and mask mandates will be disastrous and cement New Mexico's place at the bottom of every list," said gubernatorial candidate Representative Rebecca Dow. "I have heard from so many seething, angry New Mexicans at a loss for what to do. MLG and her far-left colleagues in the legislature have regulated this state to death. New Mexicans feel trapped by their own government and are losing say in how they run their own lives and the lives of their children. We've already endured months of MLG's harrowing mandates and restrictions that have crushed our businesses and driven New Mexicans to freer states. I'm not looking forward to the fallout from this one, and I believe it is cause to fear for our future."

Gov. Lujan Grisham Sits Idle as Covid Superspreader Rages on at New Mexico Border

Governor Must Take Action to Combat This Life-and-Death Crisis

Albuquerque, August 16—The Republican Party of New Mexico is urging Gov. Lujan Grisham to take immediate action and send New Mexico National Guard troops to the Southern border to stop the health crisis that has gotten out of control. The Governor continues to turn a blind eye to this deadly problem, which threatens more and more New Mexican lives each day.

The Governor refuses to act as more migrants infected with COVID enter our country. She is welcoming COVID to flourish in New Mexico while taking no action in what’s become a watershed moment.

The lack of action by Lujan Grisham speaks volumes to her administration that has refused to tackle the ongoing border health crisis while she forces children to put on masks at school with no true science behind such a decision.

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Illegal immigration insanity, and how to stop it

By Charles Sullivan

As posted in The American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2021/08/illegal_immigration_insanity_and_how_to_stop_it.html

It is madness for the United States not to control its borders and who lives here.

In The March of Folly, Barbara Tuchman notes that misgovernment is of four kinds: (1) tyranny or oppression, (2) excessive ambition, (3) incompetence or decadence, and (4) folly or perversity. Folly is the pursuit of a policy contrary to the self-interest of the constituency or state involved.

To qualify for folly, the policy must meet three criteria: it must be perceived as counter-productive in its own time, not just in hindsight; a feasible alternative course of action must have been available; and the policy in question must be that of a group and persist beyond any one political lifetime. The four major examples of folly described in the book are bringing the wooden horse inside the walls of Troy despite urgent warnings not to do so; the Protestant secession from the Catholic Church, caused by the folly and perversity of six popes between 1470 and 1530; the loss of America by the British, primarily over taxation, when the retention of America would have been worth far more for the mother country economically and politically than any sum ever raised by taxation; and America's folly in following the defeated French into Vietnam and ignoring abundant evidence that the Vietnamese did not want us there and that our mission was doomed unless we were willing to engage in full-scale unrestricted war — which we were not.

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Rebecca Dow Criticizes Move to Ban Gun Shows in New Mexico

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES – After more than 40 years of gun shows at the EXPO New Mexico at the State Fairgrounds in Albuquerque the State of New Mexico will no longer allow gun shows at state-run facilities.

The NRA released a statement on the state's "misguided policy" banning gun shows saying, "Senate Bill 8 [a 2019 bill that enacted sweeping gun control] has been a colossal failure, as proven by the lack of any prosecutions for violations of the law and the skyrocketing murder rate in Albuquerque.  So, either the governor’s new policy is a tragic admission of that gun control failure or an action that reveals the true motive of the gun control movement: to end gun shows altogether."

"If MLG would spend one minute listening to everyday New Mexicans, she would know that this ban on gun shows goes against the culture and the way of life that we cherish in our state," said Representative and gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Dow. "You'd be hard-pressed to find a farmer or rancher that doesn't own a firearm. It's a necessary tool to do their job and put food on our tables."

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American Rescue Plan Act Funds: A Real Opportunity for New Mexico

By Tsiporah Nephesh, New Mexico Thrives

New Mexicans value fairness and justice. But too many of us have experienced the inequity of not having access to opportunity, land, water, or wealth.

Under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), New Mexico will receive $2.5 billion dollars for relief and recovery. Decision makers must prioritize equity when distributing the ARPA funds, and if they do, it could be transformational for New Mexico.

New Mexicans are tired of solutions that result in little perceptible benefit. To get to where we want to be in our communities and state, we need to pursue bold ideas. We need to draw upon the richness of our cultural traditions and values to stay connected to our past, construct a path to the future, and create innovative solutions in the present.

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One Size Never Fits All: Rebecca Dow Defends Local Control for New Mexico Schools

MLG and her Department of Education Suspend Floyd School Board for Defying State Orders on Masks

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES – Today, Rebecca Dow released a statement of support for New Mexico Schools to decide their own COVID protocol after the New Mexico Public Education Department, under the leadership of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, suspended the entire five-member Floyd School Board because they did not reverse their decision to reject state leadership's blanket school mask mandate and let parents decide whether or not they send their children to school in masks.

Dow gave the following statement in response:

"One size NEVER fits all! This is a perfect example of why local decision making is the only way to move New Mexico education forward.

"From day one, Floyd has been able to meet all CDC guidance for social distancing. The average class size is 12 students.

"All research indicates that parents are the number one indicator of student success. No one cares more about a child's health and educational outcomes than their parents. Anyone who would suggest that it's MLG or the government's job needs a reality check.

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