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Clarification: What is she hiding?

According to this person's observations, multiple election law violations took place in Grant County during the 2020 General Election.

Here are the observations by an appointed poll worker and later appointed recount challenger:

The 2020 General Election in Grant County also violated numerous other Election Laws, including:

• I observed that there were no video surveillance cameras at the Bayard Community Center Early Voting Polling Location, as required by NM Statute Chapter 1. Elections 1-6-9. Mailed ballots; manner of voting; delivery methods. E. 3) all secured containers shall be monitored by video surveillance cameras and the video recorded by that system shall be retained by the county clerk as a record related to voting pursuant to the provisions of Section 1-12-69NMSA 1978. The Absentee Ballot Box placed at the Clerk's Office during Early Voting also did not have a working camera.2.Spoiled Ballots were not marked 'Spoiled' by the voter at the Early Voting Poll at Bayard or the Administration Center for approximately the first week of early voting. This is required by NM Statutes Chapter 1-Elections 1-12-62 D. Paper ballots; spoiled or defaced. "D. The voter shall mark the spoiled or erroneously prepared paper ballot with the word 'SPOILED' and shall place it in a separate envelope marked 'SPOILED BALLOTS,' which shall be returned to the county clerk."

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Biden Again Uses Defense Production Act to Help Failed Energy Agenda

Washington, D.C. - The Biden Administration announced on Monday that the President would again utilize the Defense Production Act in an effort to rescue his failed energy agenda. This latest move is delivered as American families have faced nearly a month of record gas prices and with the prospect of blackouts looming this summer. The President's decision also coincides with his plans to announce he won't impose tariffs on foreign-made solar panels largely the product of Chinese corporations.

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Power The Future Slams Biden's Saudi Arabia Trip

Washington, D.C. - Today, Daniel Turner, Executive Director and Founder of Power The Future, issued the following statement on reports of President Joe Biden's trip to Saudi Arabia and meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to bring more oil onto the global market:

"Nobody was ever going to confuse Abraham Lincoln with Joe Biden, but the latter's ability to bring America to the brink of demise in a year and a half is nothing short of remarkable. Biden would rather get on his knees and beg someone he labeled a 'pariah' before reversing and undoing the regulatory climate that is responsible for driving gas prices to their record highs. Worst of all, the inflationary pain Americans are feeling right now is poised to get worse, and it's driven largely by Biden and the left's hostility toward domestic energy production that could free us from the clutches of evil dictators who want to do us harm. Move over Jimmy Carter, there's a new contender for the country's worst historical president."

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Latest Record Gas Price in New Mexico Highlights Gas Standard Failure

Lujan Grisham "Cheered" Expensive Gas Standard Less Than Four Months Ago

Albuquerque –  Fresh off the unofficial start of summer, New Mexico's families are once again facing the highest price for gasoline ever recorded in the state. The latest record also occurs less than four months since Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham "cheered" her mandated fuel standard proposal which would have raised the cost of gas by 35 cents a gallon. The potential disaster of the Governor's "Clean Fuel" standard act is further highlighted by three which have passed similar laws: California, Oregon and Washington. The average cost for a gallon of gas in those three states is $5.53 a gallon, with California's families paying a whopping $6.16 price today.

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EPA Latest Contradictory Decision Politicizes Alaska's Pebble Mine

Anchorage, Alaska – The Pebble Deposit in Southwest Alaska contains world-class amounts of copper, molybdenum, rhenium, and gold. Today, the EPA announced it was proposing restrictions that would almost assuredly end development opportunities for the mine.

"The EPA's announcement this morning is a blatantly political move that completely ignores both science and public process," noted Rick Whitbeck, Power The Future's Alaska State Director. "The EPA laughingly stated that science is behind the decision, but it's clear the only science they follow is political science. The EPA was intimately involved with the review process and the Army Corps of Engineers' determination that the mine would not harm the salmon fishery," Whitbeck continued. "The only 'determination' that the EPA has made is to agree to interject itself and further politicize a process that hasn't yet played out. Alaskans should be outraged, as Pebble – based on science – will never impact the Bristol Bay fishery, but will provide hundreds of jobs, along with millions of tons of domestic supplies of minerals needed for renewable energy products. The EPA's decision today takes away the hopes of Indigenous Alaskans, who trust Pebble to deliver on its promises. The decision today is abhorrent, and every Alaskan should demand the EPA stop short of finalizing its proposed actions."

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Biden’s "Incredible Transition" Statement Proves Pain at the Pump is Intentional

Washington, D.C. - As President Biden celebrates two straight weeks of record gas prices, Power The Future Founder and Executive Director Daniel Turner released the following statement:

“Joe Biden finally said the truth out loud: the record high gas prices crippling America right now are on purpose. President Biden’s ability to bring our country to its knees in less than two years has been nothing short of extraordinary. Joe Biden knows that only by crippling the fossil fuel industry will he usher in the radical green agenda he so desires, and if that means causing incredible pain to American families and the overall economy, it’s a casualty he can live with. Joe Biden is on track to go down as the worst president in our nation’s history, and we will all be left picking up the pieces for years to come.”

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Power The Future Slams Biden's Re-Nomination of Richard Glick

FERC Chair placed “unnecessary roadblocks” on American Energy

Washington, D.C. - Power The Future is calling on members of the Senate to reject President Biden’s re-nomination of Richard Glick to lead the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC.) Glick is part of Biden’s army of bureaucrats that continue to fight his war on American energy. Just this year, FERC put a stop to a natural gas project and tried to jam through a rule that would make building future natural gas pipelines almost impossible. The backdoor power grab drew a sharp rebuke from President Biden’s own party as a “reckless decision to add unnecessary roadblocks” to domestic energy infrastructure. Chairman Glick only pulled the rule back because he got blasted for it. He doesn’t deserve another term on the commission.

“If left to his own ideology and devices, Chairman Glick would still be stopping American energy projects today. Thankfully, Senator Joe Manchin had the courage to stand up to his own party and put the brakes on some of his reckless policies,” said Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director for Power The Future. “Joe Biden’s energy agenda continues to deliver nothing but failure to working families and he shouldn’t be able to rely on an army of unelected bureaucrats to continue driving America into the ditch. Chairman Glick has already proved he’s against American energy independence and every Senator should reject him.”

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Editorial about priests and sexual abuse

Does the article https://www.grantcountybeat.com/news/news-articles/72056-lawsuit-alleging-sexual-abuse-of-a-child-by-a-former-silver-city-priest-has-recently-been-settled perhaps put more of a responsibility on parishioners to realize that priests, too, are human, and have personal failings that can cause harm to parishioners who tend to give priests full authority and trust?

The Roman Catholic Church has seemingly swept many such cases under the rug, and too often simply, after attempted rehabilitation, placed the miscreant priests in other parishes to perhaps reoffend.

Maybe  parishioners should more frequently speak out about unusual activity they see by their priests in activities other than spiritual ones.

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